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Mayan Jaguar Time: The Consultation

Here is Part 4 of Mayan Jaguar Time. In this series, Belit shares her discoveries as she explores her Mayan Jaguar Sign.

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We left off after reading my detailed report. From here I decided that I really wanted to go higher with this learning and I scheduled an in-depth consultation on my Jaguar sign.

So, I set up the appointment for 17 March and we confirmed the meeting on the 16th. I was extremely excited to get this reading.

I connected with Fatih on WhatsApp, which I totally appreciated as my current residence has many challenges with cyberspace and the internet.

Part I – The Introduction

First we spent  some time going over my chart in general.

I learned the flow of the Mayan chart.

We discussed the three life stages – the youth, adult and mature signs. These signs affect your life in a very dominant way. I learned about the 13-year cycles that we go through. We have 13 years in a level and then a 13-year transition to the next phase. These are the rows in your chart.  

The columns represent the Feminine, Masculine and Central energies in your life and compliment the youth, adult and mature signs.

The feminine signs are representative of the internal aspects of your life. Like your home, family and friends.

The masculine signs are representative of more external aspects of your life. Like your social spheres, your public space and your career.

The central energies, to me, are representative of the balance in your life. Like what brings you home and keeps you grounded.

The exact centre of your chart is your Day Sign, and this energy has a major influence on your life.

Another crucial wisdom point is that each of your signs in each category has a Galactic Tone. This brings a numerical energy into the equation.  These numbers range from 1 – 13 and the larger the number, the more intense the energy.

Part II – The Connection

Now for the good stuff, the part I have been waiting for… The Jaguar information and how this interacts with my other Mayan signs.  

I opted to have a combination-reading. This discusses the overall chart and how all the signs interact with each other.

First, we spoke of some of my personal challenges and things I am going throughout right now. I personally have areas of discord dealing with communication. And as the Universe works, this is a central theme in my chart.

There is an overriding theme in my chart relating to communication and the need to be able to express myself. WOW! During the discourse, this just blew me away as this is something that has been prevalent in my life for quite some time. Actually, for as long as I can remember.

Fatih told me that Jaguar is considered to be the ‘Magician’ or the ‘Shaman’ of society.

He told me that Jaguars are extra sensitive. And in real life, Jaguar people carry these traits of the Jaguar – the ones who are sensitive, keep to themselves and are psychic. This is key, as throughout my life I have been easily hurt by others, had others try to rule my life and attempt to shut down my expression.

All of this gelled with my other signs in having this need to be able to express myself, communicate with others and be my authentic me.

We talked about the interaction of my other signs. Particularly Light, Road, Death and Wind – and how they work together to make me a very sensitive individual.  

Part III – The Jaguar

We next began to speak more specifically about Jaguar.

Jaguars have heightened sensitivity, they relate to spiritual rebirth and they can be easily hurt. Jaguars are very spiritual. It is a feminine sign and connects to Mother Earth.

Communication is a challenge for Jaguars. In traditional Mayan society, Jaguars are usually separate from the rest of the tribe. And therefore, one of the key points is that it is essential for the health and well-being of the Jaguar that they have to have THEIR OWN SPACE! 

I know the above is true. As during my life, I have found that I need to be able to just go out on my own and just be on a regular basis to find my own peace.

During this private session, this seemed to be a very important point. We discussed this need for personal space several times. Fatih gave me examples of other Jaguar people he knows who are also Jaguar 7 who benefit from this free time, this alone time. I can definitely relate to this, especially relating to his friend who has his own ‘Jaguar Cave’ for daily relief from the rigours of this dimension.

Part IV – Takeaways

Fatih actually gave me extra time during the consultation. And with this time we were able to bring out some additional moves that need to be made in my life to maintain my peace and cultivate my growth:  

  1. It is imperative that I have my own space.  Be that daily or weekly. There is a great need to be able to regroup and ground myself in a safe, sacred space
  2. To help with the communication it is necessary to be fluent in ‘compassionate communication’ in which the preferred language of speaking with “I/we” is used. This also includes the ability to express it completely. And depending on the situation to be able to scream out loud when possible. Or to at least journal on a regular basis.
  3. Even though I may have been disappointed, do not give up nor give in to those feelings. Despite the fact that those who may have inflicted said pain may be in my intimate/personal space, always maintain positivity and realistic expectations of others.
  4. As Jaguar it is essential to have creative outlets or utilize visualization.

What to do next

So now, equipped with this knowledge, I have some options for what comes after this consultation. This is where we are heading…

See you next time on Mayan Jaguar Time…

Are you a Mayan Jaguar?
If so, share some of your discoveries in the comments below. 

Belit - Contributing Writer at My Mayan Sign

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