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Vajra Fatih Keçelioglu

Vajra Fatih Keçelioglu

Fatih Keçelioğlu was born and raised in Turkey, and he graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a BA in Sociology. Born on February 7, 1978, and being an 8 Seed, one of the passions of Fatih is to connect different knowledge, traditions, and people from different geographies of the world.

Fatih always had a keen interest in traveling and discovering new cultures and their teachings and philosophies. On one of his travels, he found something that changed his life forever – something that opened his eyes and allowed him to see beyond this physical world. Fatih discovered the teachings and wisdom of Ancient Mayans and their calendar.

Since then, Fatih has been researching, understanding, and feeling the Mayan astrology and providing spiritual guidance to whoever was seeking it. In 2012, after guiding more than 500 individuals using the original Tzolkin with, Fatih launched the MyMayanSign website.

Through his work and website, Fatih wants to spread the word about Mayan wisdom and spiritual teachings even further. Fatih's astrological readings carry a tone of trans-personal psychology and Advaita Vedanta. Through them, he aims to provide people with spiritual guidance through the most realistic, reliable, and authentic experiences possible.

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson holds a B.A. in Comparative Religions from California State University Fullerton. He received his Master of Arts in Eastern Studies (with a focus in Classical Sanskrit) from St. John's College, Santa Fe. He is a writer and astrolo¬ger and the author of numerous books and journal articles, including the well-known Mythic Astrology Series (with Arielle Guttman) and Mansions of the Moon: the Lost Zodiac of the Goddess.

His works on the Maya include:

Jaguar Wisdom. An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar Astrology. Mapping Your Inner Cosmos
Jaguar Medicine. An Introduction to Mayan Healing Traditions (with Anita Garr),
The Mayan Prophecies. The Renewal of the World 2012-2072

Ken was initiated as an aj q’ij (daykeeper) in November of 2017. In addition to his work with Mayan astrology, he also practices divination with the tz’ite seeds and Mayan dream interpretation.
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