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Your Birthday

Your Day Sign


Chuen (Yucatan) / B'atz (Kiche)
Personality: Attractive, artistic, clever and demonstrative with feelings. Have many interests, talkative and very curious

Cute, clever and generous. It is impossible not to notice you in the community. Even though you wish to hide at times, that is not possible. You have a strong character and you sometimes choose to stay distant from people because of intense emotions. You become the center of attention with the speed of light due to your charming character and jokes. Monkey is a natural born artist and artisan [...]

In the simplest way, the Monkey symbolizes the child within us. Innocent, curious, creative, playful and funny. This is the child which paints the walls of the house or play the violin in a new and creative way or anything artistic and creative in his/her free will [...]

As an adult, our task is to protect this child, and in return, we receive the nourishment of inspiration. So remember your childlike dreams, unleash your creativity and free your expressivity [...]

Monkey is one of the luckiest signs and has good luck with marriage, children, money, career etc. There is a net that connects all signs; a bond connecting everything through human creativity and spiritual unity. This net symbolizes the Monkey sign. The Mayan elders say that the marriages and relationships that start at this day will have a strong, lasting bond [...]

Challenge: Not staying focused long enough to learn and be good on one subject
Remedy: Being creative
Appropriate professions: artist, dancer, midwife, physiotherapist, therapist [...]

Celebrities born on this day: David Bowie, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Robert De Niro, Barbara Streisand, Ronald Reagan, Jacues Cousteau, Dustin Hoffman
Signs you get along with: Monkey, Owl, Crocodile and Death
Signs that contribute to your growth: Monkey, Eagle, Storm, Night and the Deer

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The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20-day cycle and this is called the Day Sign. The Day Sign shows your typical attributes. It is also called the Adult Sign. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around 12-13 years of age, so this sign starts to influence you by this time. Before that, it was mostly your Youth Sign, influencing your life.

When you are 26 years old, until 39 years old, your Day Sign will have the maximum impact on your life. And when you are 52 years old, it is the time of the Mature Sign, to take on the stage.

Your life evolves mostly around what your Day sign offers to you. According to the Mayan Dayekeepers, your higher self chooses your Day sign before you are born into this world. You took into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your Day Sign provides you with your life mission, which also brings certain strong and weak aspects of your personality. Naturally, you have no idea about all of these aspects the minute you were born. The purpose of this reading is to hold you a mirror, and remind you about why you came to this life, and why you have chosen this Day Sign, as well as other signs surrounding it. Remember, your Day Sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.

Complementarily, your Galactic Tone and the Trecana Sign also shape how your Day Sign is. There are 13 different combinations of your Day Sign and the Tone you were born tells you, which one you have. Additionally, this Tone determines during which Trecana (Mayan "week" of 13 days) you were born. Your Trecana Sign also has an impact on your Day Sign. It is like the background of your character, influencing about 20-30% of it. Your Day Sign, however, is like the foreground and influencing 70-80%  of your character.

Your Tone


* Patterns
* Work
* Creativity
* Working with joy
* Justice
* Harmony
* Balance realized as substance

From simplicity to eternity, the 8 energy organizes everything that exists. You have strong organizational skills and you weigh all possibilities with clarity before you reach the balance point. One of your strengths is being aware of basic patterns that emerge in life. You are born with a curiosity to understand patterns and systems that underlie the world around us. This makes you quite an intellectual type. You like going deep and wide in any subject you are studying [...]

The main intention you have is to bring balance and harmony into your life. Understanding the patterns and the systems, you can easily weight where the balance is lost, what needs to be adjusted in order to bring the harmony back. This goes for everything in our collective life, as human species on this planet. Understanding the cycle of life and what it entails helps you bring principles, balance, and justice [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Kan (Yucatan) / K'at (Kiche)
Personality: Interested in leadership and performance, active, dynamic and sexual. Influential, with high standards
The Seed represents abundance, sexuality, the potential and the question of awakening it, and last but not least, the sense of ego. Your life is mostly rolling around these themes. Also, your mind is abundant of thoughts, and you like to spread seeds of consciousness, whether they fall on fertile soil, or not [...]

You are organized, energetic and dynamic. Family, sexuality and mysterious awakenings are important in your life. You are very earthly, generally, have good health and carry an energy of abundance. According to the Mayans, people born on the Seed day will be rich and wise. Good luck will come to you if you focus on your life purpose. If you direct your life force towards a business or an art form of your choice, you will become a master of it, get rich and live a life filled with wisdom. Nevertheless, there are potential pitfalls [...]

Sexuality has great importance in your life. You must learn to use your sexual energy in a mature and positive way, otherwise, you may suffer a lot. Heal your sexual complexes and obsessions, if you have any [...]

As being a Net, you are a natural networker and very social. You love introducing people to each other and it is like your job to gather information [...]

Challenge: Being a balanced individual and to mature in sexuality
Remedy: Performance related activities, sweating the details.
Appropriate professions: Doctor, Farmer, Gynecologist and Manager

Celebrities born on this day: Jim Morrison, Syd Barret, Martin Luther King, Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Sheen, Chuck Berry, Bill Cosby, T.S. Eliot, Queen Elizabeth II,
Signs you get along with: Seed, Jaguar, Storm and Water.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Seed, Road, Owl, Light and Rabbit

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