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Etznab (Yucatan) / Tijax (Kiche)
Personality: Skillful, well-organized, can be a mechanic. Social, but has difficulty in intimate relationships. Conciliatory and self-sacrificing, but suppressing anger.

The knife is the mirror of reality. You create the sparks of divine intelligence, just like a flint stone. You are social, brave, skillful and hardworking, filled with divine intelligence, talented and have great ideas. You are known to be polite, accommodating and selfless. The ability to separate emotions from reality, like slicing with a knife, is your innate ability. Since you are very detailed oriented, again like cutting with a knife, you are more interested in technical subjects. You are skillful in solving mechanical problems as well as you could be a good craftsman. You can even be a virtuoso for musical instruments because you can use your hands very good.

Being a Knife, you have a competent perception of the dualities of life. You tend to see the world as black and white, or true and false.. Truth is something you have a deep passion for. This will bring about a strong sense of truthfulness in your heart. To be aware of contrasts means to see the world as an arena of conflict. To choose one reality over another means going into a conflict and being a warrior. This painful awareness makes this sign a potentially difficult one. One of your positive features is; your approach to seeing things as right or wrong results in looking at and correcting yourself first.

On a negative tone, because of your honesty and bluntness, you can be hurtful at times. You might often hear from people around you, or even your loved ones, that you are violent, unkind, or too much straightforward. Your voraciousness may not be digested well by those who listen to you.

The Mayans say that the Knife people are healers and this sign is related to healing. A knife can be a weapon to kill but it can also be an instrument of healing in a healer's hand. So the solution is to become the scalpel in the hands of a surgeon instead of a knife that wounds people around you. In order to do this, you must know what to cut and what not to cut.

Challenge: Being stuck between thinking about self-interest or sacrificing self.
Remedy: Allowing others to take leadership

Appropriate professions: doctor, gynecologist, surgeon.

Signs you get along with: Knife, Cane, Night and Rabbit.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Knife, Jaguar, Wind, Death and Dog.

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There are 20 Mayan signs, changing daily. The day you were born determines your Day Sign. It shows your typical attributes, your most dominant characteristics.

You have 8 more signs, surrounding the Day sign, each one explaining a different aspect of your life. This is called a Tree of Life, consisted of 3 columns and 3 lines.

The main column signs in the center, make up the core of your being. They guide you, support and inspire you on your journey throughout life.
The female column signs influence your private life and intimate relationships. Not just the romantic relationships, but also the family ties and relationships with the significant others.

The male signs influence your job, career, your power relationships. How you interact the world out there, and what you serve to the society at large.

There are 3 main stages in your life: Youth, Adolescent and Maturity.
Which of these signs will influence you the most, depend on your age. The dominant sign at each of the columns will change over the years.

You also have a Galactic Tone and a Trecena Sign, which are complimentary to your Day Sign.

To see the full picture, you can get a Detailed Report, which describes all of your 9 signs on your Mayan Tree of Life.

Your Tone



* Healing
* Understanding
* Contemplation
* Stability
* Comfort
* Form
* The most stable one in all forms
* Calm energy
* Reflective energy
* Balancing
* Listening with tranquil energy before making a decision
* Thoroughly thinking
* Regrouping
* Allowing

4 is the Tone of stability, balance, and harmony. Think of the four sacred directions in Mesoamerican spirituality, or the four elements in astrology, yoga. You bring stability and endurance to human life just like a table standing strongly on its four legs, or a car going on its four wheels. There is healing found in stability. If someone is sick, the healing will take much longer time, if they keep moving around [...]

You have the power to become a good healer and use your abilities to heal yourself and others [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Men (Yucatan) / Tz'ikin (Kiche)
Personality: Independent, ambitious and runs away from reality. Skilled in scientific and technical subjects, critical and meticulous. Have unique ideas about life.

The main quality of the natives of this sign is about rising above the difficulties and seeing the big picture. Just like an Eagle flying high, you see everything from afar, from a wide perspective, with sharp intelligence and intuition. As someone born on the day of the Eagle, you have very clear awareness and know what is going on, almost to the extent that nothing can be hidden from you.

You are a natural born visionary and you like to inspire people around you with the visions you have. The little details people see springs you into action and you have a mission to help others to gain a good vision too. You do not appreciate getting stuck in details, although you are aware that they are part of the big picture too. If you have problems with your eyesight, or you are using spectacles, this might be a sign that this aspect of the Eagle is blocked within you.

Eagle is an intermediary between the earth and sky. You are strong in the material world as much as in the spiritual world. You know how to get what you want, thanks to your strong spirit and high motivation. There is a passion in your heart for being successful in society; which prepares the fertile soil for becoming a good businessman or merchant. The Mayans say that the Eagle person will have good luck and fortune for material things. The money needed will always come to you.

We can also say that you are lucky in love and like to live in intense relationships. It will be advisable for you to marry when you reach a mature age because you can be described as a “free spirit” who loves to party. Loyalty is an important and challenging lesson for you to get.

Challenge: To accept the unusual relationship patterns
Remedy: Knowing human nature.

Appropriate professions: poet, sculptor, painter, priest, scientist, merchant.

Signs you get along with: Eagle, Light, Serpent and Dog
Signs that contribute to your growth: Eagle, Monkey, Storm, Night and Deer.

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