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Cib (Yucatan) / Ajmaq (Kiche)
Personality: Serious, wise, profound, realistic, and pragmatic. Status-conscious, has high standards. Hardened to life. Becomes a counselor by learning life lessons from others.

Owl is a symbol of wisdom, especially the knowledge of the old ones. Mayans say that persons born on the day of the Owl are old souls, reincarnated many times to this life. Old spirits carry the wisdom of ancient times. The energy of the Owl puts you in touch with the other worlds. It brings telepathic abilities that keep you connected to the wisdom of sacred places. Being an old soul obviously brings about wisdom, so much so that Mayans sometimes name this sign Wisdom.

As an old soul, you wish the best for yourself and the people close to you. Nevertheless, you would like to eliminate those who do not fit your high standards. Because of your didactic nature and teacher-like characteristics, you tend to look for high status and authority in society. Old souls are usually attributed to positions of respect, naturally.

One of the best practices I suggest for an Owl person is to visit ancient sites and literally sit and meditate in a temple. You will be surprised. And probably, you will feel at home. Being around ancient temples, archeological sites, or places known to be old centers of energy will give you a lot of energetic experiences and intuitive insights. Reading about and practicing ancient esoteric wisdom traditions will also empower you. That’s because you have a quick and easy connection with the ancient spiritual traditions of our planet, whether it is from Egypt, India, Tibet, the Middle East, Mesoamerica, or Northern Europe.

Mayans believe that the Owl people come to this life to purify and burn a lot of karma from past lives. It makes this lifetime a challenging one. The utmost important point of awareness for you, especially in hostile times, is this: Don’t fret. Being conscious, instead of being pessimistic, is your way out [...]

Mayans say that the type of karma Owl sign needs to clean has much to do with sexual pleasures or addictions. Let me tell you one typical way karma works with you: Honeybee. Yes, it is one of the symbols for this sign. Just like a honeybee tastes honey, you like to taste the pleasures of life. However, if the Honeybee gets greedy or caught up in pleasuring itself too much, it can fall into the honey and get drown. Moral of the story, be very careful with your tendencies for bad habits [...]

Challenge: Overcome issues of self-confidence and self-control.
Remedy: To excel in career and everything you do.

Appropriate professions: Strategist, politician, mathematician, preacher, doctor.

Signs you get along with: Owl, Monkey, Crocodile and Death.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Owl, Road, Light, Seed and Rabbit.

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There are 20 Mayan signs, changing daily. The day you were born determines your Day Sign. It shows your typical attributes, your most dominant characteristics.

You have eight more signs surrounding the Day sign, each explaining a different aspect of your life. It is called a Tree of Life and consists of three columns and three lines.

The central column signs in the center make up the core of your being. They guide you, support and inspire you on your journey throughout life.

The female column signs influence your private life and intimate relationships. Not just the romantic relationships but also the family ties and relationships with the significant others.

The male signs influence your job, career, your power relationships. How you interact with the world and what you serve to the society at large.

There are three main stages in your life: Youth, Adolescent, and Maturity.

Which of these signs will influence you the most depend on your age. The dominant sign at each of the columns will change over the years.

You also have a Galactic Tone and a Trecena Sign, which are complementary to your Day Sign.

To see the complete picture, you can get a Detailed Report describing all of the nine signs on your Mayan Tree of Life.

Your Tone



* Connection to others
* Soft blanket
* Comforting
* Direct connection
* Perspective
* Patience
* Remaining strong

From 1 to 13 is a long journey of evolution, and at the station of Tone 9, we find the power of patience. It is almost at the 70% mark of the journey, where most marathon runners need to go through a particular shift in their minds to keep up the hard work.

Tone 9 brings you a broad perspective on life and issues. Therefore, you know how to be patient. Thanks to this energy, you maturely own your power. The 9-point allows for plans and projects to come into the last completion stage.

Your Trecana Sign


Lamat (Yucatan) /  Q'anil (Kiche)
Personality: Energetic, busy, nervous, intelligent, and playful. Clever but slightly paranoid. Likes to fight.

In general, you are very lucky and have a fortunate destiny. The Mayan sign Rabbit symbolizes luck and abundance, just like in Chinese culture. It has similar characteristics to the Rabbit sign of the Chinese Astrology. Your prominent feature is your comfortable and easy-going way in the "real" world. You can quickly become successful and always fall on your four feet. You have a natural talent to make money and create abundance [...]

The abundance of the Rabbit benefits you mentally as well. You have a mind that never gives up and needs constant stimulation. You like to read, talk and communicate with people about every subject. You attract different people, ideas, and experiences like an abundance magnet.

Your highly developed aesthetic perception, bright mind, and humorous manner allow you to have a joyful life. Your magic secret to a healthy life can keep a light heart and a good sense of humor even at the most challenging times [...]

Rabbit is one of the signs I recommend parenting, whether you are a man or woman. You can be a fantastic parent and probably wish to have many children since you get along well with the younger generations. The blessing of fertility is always with you [...]

You may be a productive person as well as a pleasure seeker. Your tendency to seek pleasure can create an addiction to alcohol, drugs, etc. Unfortunately, this may cause you to deplete your life force. The best way to prevent this is to use your energy productively and avoid laziness [...]

Challenge: Keeping self under control to complete tasks
Remedy: Avoidance of extremes and excess. Choosing friends and lovers carefully.

Appropriate professions: Farmer, philosopher, mathematician.

Signs you get along with: Rabbit, Cane, Knife and Night.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Rabbit, Road, Owl, Light and Seed.

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