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Your Birthday

The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20-day cycle and this is called the Day Sign. The Day Sign shows your typical attributes. It is also called the Adult Sign. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around 12-13 years of age, so this sign starts to influence you by this time. Before that, it was mostly your Youth Sign, influencing your life.

When you are 26 years old, until 39 years old, your Day Sign will have the maximum impact on your life. And when you are 52 years old, it is the time of the Mature Sign, to take on the stage.

Your life evolves mostly around what your Day sign offers to you. According to the Mayan Dayekeepers, your higher self chooses your Day sign before you are born into this world. You took into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your Day Sign provides you with your life mission, which also brings certain strong and weak aspects of your personality. Naturally, you have no idea about all of these aspects the minute you were born. The purpose of this reading is to hold you a mirror, and remind you about why you came to this life, and why you have chosen this Day Sign, as well as other signs surrounding it. Remember, your Day Sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.

Complementarily, your Galactic Tone and the Trecana Sign also shape how your Day Sign is. There are 13 different combinations of your Day Sign and the Tone you were born tells you, which one you have. Additionally, this Tone determines during which Trecana (Mayan "week" of 13 days) you were born. Your Trecana Sign also has an impact on your Day Sign. It is like the background of your character, influencing about 20-30% of it. Your Day Sign, however, is like the foreground and influencing 70-80%  of your character.

Your Day Sign


Akbal (Yucatan) / Aq'ab'al (Kiche) 
Personality: Strong, logical, tidy, deep, thoughtful and conservative. Durable, introspective

The Night is the sign of mystery, journey into the unknown and revelation of the true self. Since the expression of the Night naturally reminds us of its opposite, the Day, this sign also is a sign of duality and extremes. Sometimes nothing seems to be happening in your life, and at other times you feel overwhelmed because everything is happening at the same time [...]

You get along well with young people and children. It is almost true that you stay young forever. You enjoy following the development of new technologies. Whatever tools, devices, trends are flourishing in the contemporary culture, you would like to follow and use them and stay always updated [...]

Another name for this sign is the House, which makes you almost obsessed with the feeling of security. In one of the Mayan legends, the Hero Twins go on a journey to search for enlightenment. Just about the time when the night falls, they find an empty house. Since they are on a demanding journey, they decide to sleep in this house. When they wake up in the morning, they feel an expansion of their awareness. Sleeping in this house, gave them a certain awakening and they continue their journey in a more enlightened state. The Night or the House symbolically tells us that the Twins found a sense of security in the unknown that led them to a higher consciousness [...]

The Night is also a very romantic sign, as seen by the Mayas [...]

Challenge: Mental rigidity and problems with sharing.
Remedy: To build systems and search for the basis of everything.

Appropriate professions: Doctor, physiotherapist, writer [...]

Celebrities born on this day: Joseph Campbell, Jack Kerouac, Kevin Costner, Walt Whitman, Donald Trump, Dave Brubeck, Jack Nicholson, Ursula Le Guin, Uma Thurman, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Martin Sheen, T.E. Lawrence

Signs you get along with: Night, Cane, Knife and Rabbit
Signs that contribute to your growth: Night, Monkey, Eagle, Storm and Deer.

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Your Tone



* Mysterious
* Magic
* Beyond the realms of the worlds
* Reflective
* The flow of divinity
* Dreams
* Purpose
* Arrow

The Tone 7, which is right in the middle of the thirteen tones, creates a bridge between the spiritual world; similar to the top of the pyramid that extends to the sky. You are involved in spiritual matters since birth. Intuition and ability to receive guidance through dreams are your strong aspects. The 7 energy is a mirror that divides the light and darkness. It also is a door that opens to dreams, mysteries and the unknown [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Caban (Yucatan) / No'j (Kiche)
Personality: Mentally active, rational, intelligent and practical. Generally, liberal and progressive. Argumentative, and have strong convictions.

For the Mayas, the Earth sign represents everything about the brain and its powers. So it is not so much like the earth element in classical astrology. Earth people have strong and active brains. Intellect, intelligence, strong analytical skills, mental powers, and bright new ideas are all contents of the Earth sign. As a native of this sign, you like to be an eternal student. I would say that your outlook at the entire life is like the one of a scientist, or of a philosopher, or both [...]

Another name for this sign is “Earthquake”. To think of the Earth sign, we can talk about earthquakes in the sense of the mental world or the philosophical world. In the world of ideas, you have a tendency to create some earthquakes and so the collective consciousness becomes ready and evolves towards a new level. Your views are generally liberal, progressive and sometimes radical [...]

If the people around you or society, in general, do not understand your thoughts, ideas, and mentality, you might create tremors of frustration. The Earthquake people in these situations create thought tremors and shake the world to make way for new mentalities. When you lose your balance, you can exhibit extreme emotions or “emotional earthquakes” so to speak [...]

You make an effort to bring back natural order in all levels of life. Remember, you are here to carry your community and humanity to a higher frequency. This is your gift to mankind; strong energy created by a life full of synchronicities and synergy. Mayan see Earth as a sign of synchronicities. Do not be surprised, but rather derive meaning from the coincidences happen to you and use them as opportunities of connection. The connections, either between you and potential friends or between your brain cells for a new understanding. These are your strongest attributes. Come on Earth, it is time to get moving and creating space for the new [...]

Challenge: Carrying out your own life in accordance with a plan.
Remedy: Becoming more flexible and patient.

Appropriate professions: artist, doctor, spiritual guide, mathematician [...]

Celebrities born on this day: Timothy Leary, Hayao Miyazaki, Alfred Hitchkok, Demi Moore, Benjamin Franklin, Pope Francisco (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
Signs you get along with: Earth, Road, Wind and Deer
Signs that contribute to your growth: Earth, Cane, Crocodile, Serpent and Water

Want to go deeper? Full reports give you entire descriptions and analysis of other signs in your Tree of Life. You will also be given which days are best for business, love relationships and spiritual growth.

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