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Etznab (Yucatan) / Tijax (Kiche)
Personality: Skillful, well-organized, and technical-oriented. Social, but has difficulty in intimate relationships. Conciliatory and self-sacrificing, but suppressing anger.

Mayans name this sign after the legendary Obsidian stone. Pointed and penetrative, also reflecting reality with its sharp surface. This stone has been a mirror for the Mayas for thousands of years. Mirror is another name for this sign; natives of this day are known for being a good mirror for people around them, potentially making this a challenging sign. Interestingly, Knife people are beautiful women or handsome men with sharp facial attributes.

When we look at the symbol of the Knife sign, we can see a duality separated by its razor-sharp edges. Being a Knife means having a competent perception of the dualities of life. As a Knife person, you tend to see the world as black and white or, more dramatically, good and evil. You can slice reality into perfectly accurate pieces and reveal what is true and what is not. Indeed, you have a deep passion for truthfulness in your heart.

Recognition of contrasts means seeing the world as an arena of conflict. Going into clashes like a warrior is something common in your life. You often find yourself choosing one reality over another. Such awareness is painful, making this sign a potentially difficult one to live with [...]

You are usually in a dilemma because of your way of speaking. Holding your tongue means keeping the truth to yourself, but you may lose some friends here and there when you are blunt with people.

Yes, in most situations, you give the bitter medicine for most people. Truth hurts, but it also heals. When we look at the plant medicines of the indigenous world, we usually see that they are bitter and not easy to digest, whether it is Ayahuasca, Peyote, or Kambo. The energy of this sign act in a similar way. Your bitter medicine can be very healing if people can swallow the truth pill.

If you suppress your honesty, you will lose all the potential from the Knife sign. You were born to express the truth as much as you know it. Remember, there is nothing wrong with that. But keep asking yourself, what is the more profound and ultimate reality?

Mayans say that the Knife people are healers, and this sign has curative qualities. A knife can be a weapon to kill, but it can also be an instrument of healing in the right way. Just like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon, that is unlike a knife that injures people. Surgeons can discern what to cut out and what not to. They aim at the cancer cells, not the patients themselves.

Talking about surgeons, you can be a good one, a medical doctor, or a healer. You are excellent with technical subjects and may have a career in engineering or information technology. You can use your hands very well and achieve virtuosity with a musical instrument [...]

Even though you are generally fair and sensitive in intimate relationships, you may overreact and finish the relationship abruptly. If someone wants a long-term relationship with you, they will have to accept your dominant side [...]

When you find yourself too judgmental of other people, ask yourself, maybe you are bound by a dualistic and limited understanding of life? Gautama Buddha says, "There are two kinds of people. Ones moving from light to dark, and those moving from dark to light." The science-fiction classic "Cloud Atlas" gives another perspective on this, in which being good and evil are interwoven into each other. We are all having our own unique stories. Remembering this will bring a feeling of lightness into your heart [...]

Challenge: Being stuck between thinking about self-interest or sacrificing self.
Remedy: Allowing others to take the leadership

Appropriate professions: doctor, gynecologist, surgeon.

Signs you get along with: Knife, Cane, Night and Rabbit.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Knife, Jaguar, Wind, Death and Dog.

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There are 20 Mayan signs, changing daily. The day you were born determines your Day Sign. It shows your typical attributes, your most dominant characteristics.

You have eight more signs surrounding the Day sign, each explaining a different aspect of your life. It is called a Tree of Life and consists of three columns and three lines.

The central column signs in the center make up the core of your being. They guide you, support and inspire you on your journey throughout life.

The female column signs influence your private life and intimate relationships. Not just the romantic relationships but also the family ties and relationships with the significant others.

The male signs influence your job, career, your power relationships. How you interact with the world and what you serve to the society at large.

There are three main stages in your life: Youth, Adolescent, and Maturity.

Which of these signs will influence you the most depend on your age. The dominant sign at each of the columns will change over the years.

You also have a Galactic Tone and a Trecena Sign, which are complementary to your Day Sign.

To see the complete picture, you can get a Detailed Report describing all of the nine signs on your Mayan Tree of Life.

Your Tone



* Knowledge
* Learning
* Continuity of wisdom
* The big Library of knowledge
* Dynamic
* Understanding
* Ideas

Tone 12 is all about understanding. This can be understood in a few different ways. One of them is about compassion. You have a compassionate heart that accepts all differences and other scenarios. In your presence, people find comfort and relaxation, knowing they are received as they are. This creates a very healing atmosphere.

Another meaning of Tone 12 is about understanding in the sense of knowing. Your soul is understanding. You have an account of wisdom which also brings about tolerance. These aspects can make you a good teacher who does not get caught in ego, title, and competition [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Manik (Yucatan) / Kej (Kiche)
Personality:Peaceful, generous, cooperative, artistic, and inspiring. Also, nomadic, outspoken, and individualistic. Needs companionship.

You have a calm appearance, but you have an overwhelming, strong character on the inside. Friendship and camaraderie are essential to you. Your social circles become like a family. Generally, you are talkative with a peaceful nature. Nevertheless, you speak courageously and daringly, based on your strong “gut feeling” and reasoning skills.

You prefer relationships with deep love, devotion, and loyalty. You may get hurt sometimes, but you know how to recover quickly and move on. Even though you are a dominant figure, you seldom wish to be a leader.

Being the guardian of the four directions and holding the staff of power, you have a natural talent to act as a lighthouse and be a spiritual guide for people. You are a natural-born life coach, and if you could, you would spend most of your time advising people on how they can become successful in life. Awakening others to their full potential makes you feel terrific [...]

You have a deeply spiritual side to you, but you may not always choose to show it. At times you might be perceived as someone weird or even a little bit crazy. This is because of the energy you carry within. My best advice to you, be at peace with your weirdness. Mayans would see the Deer as a holy animal because they would follow the footsteps of the Deer [...]

You have an enhanced perception of aesthetics and beauty. Therefore living with art is perfect for you. Mayans believe that Deer people have very skillful hands, as shown in the symbol of this sign. So you can be very good at any manual work. You can be content by living away from society and just doing art. Being close to nature is very important for you, as it will help you stay in touch with your true self [...]

Challenge: : Being safe, free, and independent in relationships.

Remedy: Having confidence in one's individuality and personality no matter how strange it may be.

Appropriate professions: Sociologist, judge, psychologist, mathematician.

Signs you get along with: Deer, Road, Earth and Wind
Signs that contribute to your growth: Deer, Monkey, Eagle, Storm and Night

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