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Ben (Yucatan) / Aj (Kiche)
Personality: Popular, knowledgeable, successful and talented. A person who fights for principles. Responds to all challenges.

The Mayans define the Cane sign as the body of the Earth Tree. The Cane person stands just like the body of a thousand years old tree trunk. You have a strong character with unshakeable confidence. This self-confidence comes from knowing thyself and personal power. Hardships of life make you stronger and you grow from it because you learn lessons from all mistakes and defeats. Besides your tough outlook, you have compassionate and healing aspects.

You like to educate yourself in the best way possible, or you were blessed to have it, thanks to your family. Excellence, inner strength, strong logic, and leadership are some of your wonderful qualities. You are intelligent, brave and productive, with strong principles. You are a risk taker and a pioneer. You have a gift for public speaking and you deal with the results. Even though you like to relax and have fun, you are a disciplined hard worker.

You are the spiritual essence, protector and guiding light of the home and family. Courageous and selfless, you demonstrate a typical fatherly figure. With strong leadership qualities, you carry a mission to direct the community you live in new directions. You may be an important figure in your community, as well as a good parent.

As the trunk of a big tree is large and strong, it has a weak point. You most often lack flexibility with your views and attitudes towards people. Be aware that you can create problems at work and in marriage life if you are not flexible.

Challenge: To overcome being stubborn, tough and bossy.
Remedy: Learn about the human nature.
Appropriate professions: artist, consultant, educator.

Signs you get along with: Cane, Knife, Night and Rabbit
Signs that contribute to your growth: Cane, Earth, Crocodile, Serpent, and Water

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There are 20 Mayan signs, changing daily. The day you were born determines your Day Sign. It shows your typical attributes, your most dominant characteristics.

You have 8 more signs, surrounding the Day sign, each one explaining a different aspect of your life. This is called a Tree of Life, consisted of 3 columns and 3 lines.

The main column signs in the center, make up the core of your being. They guide you, support and inspire you on your journey throughout life.
The female column signs influence your private life and intimate relationships. Not just the romantic relationships, but also the family ties and relationships with the significant others.

The male signs influence your job, career, your power relationships. How you interact the world out there, and what you serve to the society at large.

There are 3 main stages in your life: Youth, Adolescent and Maturity.
Which of these signs will influence you the most, depend on your age. The dominant sign at each of the columns will change over the years.

You also have a Galactic Tone and a Trecena Sign, which are complimentary to your Day Sign.

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Your Tone



* Decisions
* Defiance
* Facilitating Change

Tone 2 is very mysterious. You feel separate yet you desire to unite with all. You are learning to walk with balance on your journey while you are making decisions about your life; balancing the duality such as light/darkness, masculine/feminine, good/bad, Ying/Yang. To experience the difference between one thing and another is an important goal of your life [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Eb (Yucatan) / E' (Kiche)
Personality: Relaxed, courteous, thorough and useful. In addition, sensitive, touchy and easily hurt. Ambitious and hard working. Traveler.

Mayans say the Road sign is an empty container. You are an empty vessel for the divine inspiration to fill, in service of helping humanity. This is the source of your humility. The less you are, the more you could be of service.

The Road symbolizes the spiral of life that is called “the stairs that lead to heaven.” This holy energy path is in the shape of two spirals that come from the sky, traveling through the spinal cord down to earth and then go up to the sky again. This “Stairway to Heaven”, so to say is the path which the Divine Consciousness walks down to the earth, step by step. You’re that stairway itself, which reflects another metaphor for humility of this sign.

There is a saying "Who knows more? The one who reads or the traveler?" The best is to do both, but when it comes to the Road sign, being a nomad is the right choice. Being on the Road symbolizes being on a spiritual journey and growing, as well as traveling and learning. Interestingly, as a Road sign, you discover your potentials outside the boundaries of your country.

You are very delicate and extremely sensitive. Mayan people say that the Road people will be thinking about seven generations ahead. In a way, you are very aware of the Karma yoga principles and you will be very careful to act upon something. It is very common to see Road persons in positions of voluntary work, dedicated to improving the social and ecological life or any other humanitarian and social service.

Challenge: suppressing anger to avoid poisoning yourself
Remedy: Letting others know how you feel.

Appropriate professions: Merchant, administrator, mathematician, banker.

Signs you get along with: Road, Earth, Wind and Deer
Signs that contribute to your growth: Road, Owl, Light, Seed and Rabbit.

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