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“I find that my Mayan reading from Fatih Keçelioğlu was the most comprehensive and accurate I have seen. The three stages of human development, I was aware of, but had not seen custom readings for that. I found it was so true and fascinating, that I read it twice.

The Hermetic philosophy (Egyptian), believes that we come here to Earth to learn, mature, refine and develop, as a form of spiritual evolution/development and I also believe this.

The Maya/Toltec Tzolk’in Calendar with the 20 Day-Lord signs and the 13 harmonics is the essence of this development and a personal reading spells it out clearly. It also helps a lot to see and know where one is at in the stream of life and be able to navigate with better fluidity. Ignorance is the root of evil!

I thank you Fatih Keçelioğlu for facilitating this information for me and I further thank the Maya/Toltec Elders and Peoples for knowing and sharing such valuable information that I am privileged to receive.

In the Spirit of Appreciation and Gratitude,”

— Robert Shrewsbury

``I have known Fatih for almost 20 years and have been consistently impressed with his integrity, honesty, diligence and wisdom. Fatih and I are planetary citizens who share the deepest secrets and highest truths. Fatih is the real deal.``

— Lewis Elbinger, Mount Shasta

“Thank you for the upgrade. I upgraded mine on the 19th and I was grateful for your work. With the addition of the Youth and Mature female and male signs and with all the added tones my reading is more accurate to the lifespan (Mature) that I'm in. The addition to Youth also had my head shaking yes. I've collected several sources, which included my reading, to confirm my life purpose.
Again thank you.”

— Leslie Davis

“I was blessed to have this website shown to me years ago and have since introduced many others to it for its insightful wisdom. My reading was staggering back then and opened realms of understanding that are the stuff of fantasy… And now… This update of yours soo much more revealed to me. I'm the only person to bear witness to most of the ridiculous divine wisdoms that come to me, my ability to shake things up, absorb knowledge & understand with depth, complex concepts that I observe with awe and gratitude at this magic. I make quite an impact on those around me… You have provided me that understanding of what kind of energy force I am and destined to be. Like reading my own instruction book. You have shown me what I can contribute to the universe in terms of consciousness and evolution with my day sign being Earthquake (Trecana: Death) on the 12th tone, and most importantly what the future holds with my destiny sign being the Snake at the 7th tone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ”

— Thomas Bayden

``Your perception reveals these knowledge with great depth, really an amazing work. I think these wisdom system can benefit our current society to live more harmoniously by understanding ourselves better.``

— Zhe Hui

“So great information, it is actually helped me to realise something and consider a new movement in life!
I am so thankful to you!
Best regards.”

— Diana Clay

“I totally love you work and appreciate what you created with MMS I find my report very useful and re-read it many times, seeking for guidance about my path. It is spot on and I find myself within the signs and within your words.
Thank you.”

— Amir Rahimzadeh

“Dear Fatih,
I am deeply moved and excited by the accuracy of these predictions, with the custom calendar energies not being an exception in slightest. Thank you ever so much for the readings and for what you do.”

— Marcela Dobi

``Combined with what I know about other systems of self understanding, your Mayan astrology reading is a very meaningful and and powerful way to pull all of that together, and it gives a shimmering depth of additional and unique information .
Thank you for your skill-- the reading it is detailed yet easy to understand, and hopeful.``

— Jennifer Spring

``Amazing! I am from California, LA to be exact. I absolutely love your site. I've introduced it to more than a few friends in hopes for them to gain more knowledge. It's the best $14 I’ve spent in my entire life! Thank you.”

— Jamie Garcia

``WOW ! ....I really can't tell you how blown away I am at this moment. To cut a long story short I have been on a profound spiritual journey this year and my journey to finding out about the Mayan Astrology that then lead to your page has been an important part of my jigsaw! Looking back now to where I started it's quite amazing to see the the things I have learnt and the signs I have followed to arrive to this point. Having my ``authentic`` Mayan reading done has proved an extremely important part of my journey with perfect timing.
It is going to be the map and guide that I will use to continue and has given my the much needed direction and reassurance that I needed.``

— Joanne Gibson

``I've been in and out of Mayan Astrology for some years now, trying to understand, but this site brought me Home to it.``

— S. P.

“Hi Fatih
Thank you so much and thanks for the work you are doing. By helping people understand more about themselves, you are making a big positive difference.

— Joyce

``Your readings have moved me and my friends. The depth and accuracy are remarkable. I was never a big believer in traditional Western astrology. While I possess many Taurus traits, my full zodiac reading never resonated and much of it feels disconsonant. The opposite is true of my Mayan reading.
Even more remarkable is how the predictions have stood the test of time. As my life progressed, Jaguar has become increasingly salient and taken on greater meaning for me.
I recently purchased a report for my shaman and mentor. The reading gave me goosebumps. I knew she was magical and the report confirmed just how special and highly enlightened she is. It was like no other reading I've seen.
Typically, I give someone close to me a copy of their free reading and ask them to let me know if it resonates. If it does, I purchase their full report as a gift. Nearly everyone has remarked on the uncanny accuracy of very specific aspects of their life and personality. I feel the same way about mine. ``

— Meadow Linder

“I was very impressed with your mayan reports, it was much more accurate and on point compared to what I have observed so far.”

— Azmeer Hasan

``A friend recommended I learn more about my mayan signs and I was delighted when I came across The paid reports give great detail and insight regarding ones mayan astrology. A lot of what showed up in my reports has been communicated to me by intuitive type people so it was great to have extra validation. Also, I have paid $75 to sit down with an astrologer and roughly $14 to get similar clarity from the mayan reports. The cost of the reports won't make a dent in your wallet and are accurate and can be referenced for years to come!
Many Blessings.”

— William T. Kernan

Management Consultant @ Robert Half Management Resources/Protiviti & Education Co-Chair @ IL Diversity Council

``Hi Fatih! I just want to thank you for my Mayan reading! It is so on target that I am amazed! I appreciate it very much! The Maya people hold a very special place in my heart, and have for many, many years!
Thank you for providing this service!
The reading is amazing and completely 100% accurate!!! It is also very helpful by pointing out suggestions that will help me with the things I need to work on!
Again, I thank you so much! This reading would also make a nice gift for friends and family that are open to it. I have a couple of people in mind already.``

— Cheryl Ludwig

“I love Mayan astrology and will tell as many people about it as I can. I find it accurate and helpful so thanks.”

— Anthony Brodowski

``Cheers 😉 thank you so much ! Some people think I'm mad but I started to rely on my calendar, it really predicts how I feel at certain times , it can prepare me for certain times in advance!``

— Robert Doyle

“Hey how are you? First let me thank you for taking the time to do this report for me as I am at a point in my life where I need some serious answers and guidance.
Coming upon your site yesterday was a blessing for me.
As I was surfing the web for my yearly astrology predictions & reading about Virgos and the Goat in Chinese astrology, I could not exactly relate to anything it was saying to me. Then reading my Mayan astrology, I was blown away by the accuracy. So again thank you so much for this gift.
Yours truly.”

— Perry Anne

``Thank you! Everything in your report resonates with my journey thus far. I appreciate you:)

— Michelle Crowe

“It worked good and I am really glad that ı have read it, it's so who I am and inspiring to read and learn from.

— Juri van de Ven

“For many years I have been walking around with unanswered questions and seeking answers just about everywhere, I would not really describe myself as someone who has always sought objective and reason - oriented response.
But in spite of my zeal to find an explanation to my questions is not yet succeeded me and find good and reasonable answer, in my search I have come across areas I certainly would not think that would search my answers but to my surprise found I have a very accurate and precise description of the `` type`` personality like me in a description in a mayan calculator.
At first I dismissed it as nonsense and superstition but the monsters close and accurate description was that I wanted a bit further, and to my surprise it seemed as if it was a manual on me and my personality.”

— Sonni Brian Hansen

“Thanks for the free reading. Very enlightening to read even though I have read it earlier some years ago. I almost cried when I read my father’s cards. Now I understand all the people more that surrounds me.”

— Marko

``Hello dear Fatih,
I was able to read the report with all the signs in order. Thank you so much!!
This is so far the best contribution to the interpretation of the Mayan Signs that I have seen.
I shared your site with other friends and they are very pleased with your work.
Best regards.``

— Karla Segura Millán

``I want to thank you for providing this information. It has been extremely meaningful and helpful to me. This information provides a beautiful reflective framework for guiding my thoughts inward.``

— Jason C, Thornton

``Your page has given me a lot of insight into the Mayan calendar and I feel very grateful for that ?``

— Johan Keemss

``I must say that your website has helped me immensely.``

— Leopoldo Rivera

“Thank you for your wonderful website I find it unendingly precise and useful for looking up peoples astrology readings.”

— Emma Frances Skemp

“Hi Fatih!

I am deeply grateful for the wisdom you pass on and the preservation of these ancient traditions.
I learned very much from my report and it has cleared up many doubts I had. Words hardly express the gratitude I hold for the services you provide.

I hope to be able to assist you someday if possible. I am 8Deer and my Trecana is Ahau I am excited to see the transformation this 13-day cycle will bring..”