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Discover Yourself Through Your ‘Mayan Zodiac’

Most people know their traditional horoscope and zodiac signs. And when they find an interest in the Mayan Calendar, it’s only natural that so many are searching for more information using the search terms “Mayan Zodiac” or even “Mayan Astrology”.

Understanding that the Mayan Calendar is not based on Astrology.

Before learning more about the “Mayan Zodiac” as many new discoverers refer to it, it’s important to understand that the Mayan calendar and its symbols are not based on astrology, and are therefore not part of a zodiac system.

The meaning of Astrology is:

The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

The meaning of the word Zodiac is:

A belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

The Zodiac, therefore, contains these 12 Zodiac Signs, which have become the most well-known and popular classical astrology symbols.

For most of my life, I’ve been into the classical astrology, with my zodiac sign being a Gemini. When I discovered that there were other forms of astrology like Vedic astrology, my mind was opened. And then, much later, discovering ‘Mayan Astrology’, my mind opened even more.

It’s not to say one modality is better than the other, because they can each teach us something. And when you open your mind to more of them, you only expand your growth potential.

The ‘Mayan Zodiac’ is not correct, but it is convenient as an introduction.

And so, because people are so used to the classical astrology and zodiac symbols, it’s not surprising that so many people are searching for more on their Mayan signs using terms like “Mayan Zodiac”.

The Mayan Tzolkin calendar contains a set of different symbols like the zodiac signs, so it’s a natural association.

However, the Mayans didn’t focus solely on the planets and stars. Their methodology was all-encompassing, taking into account many aspects. And so this calendar and its symbols run much deeper.

This is very important to understand.

The Mayan Sign System aka The Mayan Zodiac

And so, let’s get into the basics of the Mayan Sign System so that you can discover more about your Mayan Zodiac.

The Ancient Mayans were an incredibly intelligent and advanced civilisation. So, if you’re new to it, their calendar system can feel rather complex. But, what’s great about it is that you can actually keep it quite simple, or you can choose to go much much deeper into it. It’s completely up to you.

The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar

The Maya Calendar contains several cycles, which are often referred to as ‘counts’. And the 260-day cycle is known as the Tzolkin.

The Mayan Tzolkin calendar forms an integral part of this calendar and is often referred to as the sacred master calendar, as all the others revolve around it.

This calendar has been running for over 2500 years.

The Mayan Tzolkin calendar is based on a 260-day cycle and each day has a unique energy combination.

As mentioned, this calendar is not focused on astrology. It’s based around Shamanic trance states, the flow of spiritual energies and metaphysical cycles.

The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar (which this website is based on) is a guidance system for the individuals, which offers a simple yet profound spiritual guidance. What we call here ‘Mayan Astrology’ is the sign system of the Maya, not based on planets or the constellations, but based on Tzolkin, which indeed follows the internal spiritual time.

Mayan Astrology Basics

The Mayan Uinal

In this 260-day calendar are 20-day cycles called Uinals.

This 20-day cycle, known as a Uinal, therefore repeats itself within the 260-day calendar 13 times.

If you’re new, stick with me.

Mayan Nawales aka Zodiac Signs

Each of the 20 days in this Uinal cycle is ruled by a different god/deity. And these are the 20 signs that are often referred to as “Zodiac Signs”.

The Mayans call these day signs “Nawales”.

Trecena and Galactic Tones

Also, within the Tzolkin Calendar are 13-day cycles called Trecena, which also repeat.

Each day of the Trecena has a unique vibration, just like in the Uinal. Similarly to the musical tones, energies of the 13 days are called “Tones.” Since a 13 days cycle is also not observed astronomically, they are called Galactic Tones or according to some other experts, Cosmic Tones.

Mayan Astrology Basics
13 Galactic Tones for each day of a 13-Day Cycle (Trecena).

A Basic Summary of the 260-day Tzolkin Calendar

The Tzolkin Calendar has a 260-day cycle, which repeats itself.

Using the image below as a reference you will see the different cycles that this 260-day calendar contains.

The outside ring is the 20-day cycle (Uinal) which contains the 20 different Mayan signs (Nawales) that many refer to as the ‘Mayan Zodiac Signs’.

The inside ring is the 13-day cycle (Trecena) which contains the 13 different Galactic Tones.

As these two rings move around, different combinations are created. This forms a unique combination for every day of the 260-day Tzolkin calendar. For example, a day could be 1 Serpent, 5 Owl or 7 Light.

Trecana and Uinal wheels

We actually have a page on this website where we share the day’s unique combination in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. If you’d like to see today’s unique combination visit Today in Tzolkin.

Your Unique Combination at Your Date of Birth

The specific day you’re born therefore has one of these combinations which as a unique and special influence on your character and life path.

And if you use our free Mayan Calculator, by entering your birthdate, you can easily discover what your special combination is.

When you use our free calculator, you’ll see your Mayan Tree of Life show up on the right, with your Day Sign in the middle. As an example, below you will see my Mayan Tree of Life, with my Owl Day Sign in the centre.

Based on their observations, transferred from generations to generations, Mayan daykeepers concluded that the birthday of someone brings the best-supporting energy for the life purpose of this individual. Each of us is born on the day that is ruled by a specific Day Sign, which supports us in the best way on our purpose in this life. Every one of has a Higher Self that chooses the date of birth to come into this life before incarnation. Following up on this wisdom, understanding the influences of the energies of the day that one is born, will help to recognize what kind of a life purpose one has. To be able to attune with your individual life purpose, it is best to align yourself with your Day Sign, the primary energy that was ruling when you were born.

Mayan Astrology Basics

Discover Your Mayan Tree of Life and Inspire Your Spiritual Evolution

Using the calculator and getting your Mayan Tree of Life reading is basically like your ‘Mayan Horoscope’ or ‘Mayan Zodiac’ reading. And this is the best place to start your journey.

You’ll see your Mayan Day Sign in the center of your Mayan Tree of Life. This is your primary sign with the greatest influence on you.

To quickly start learning more about your Day Sign, I’d definitely recommend you visit Fatih’s Youtube Channel (Fatih is the founder of this website). On his channel he has created a series of separate videos for each of these 20 signs, sharing great insight into each:

  1. Crocodile
  2. Wind
  3. Night
  4. Seed
  5. Serpent
  6. Death
  7. Deer
  8. Rabbit
  9. Water
  10. Dog
  11. Monkey
  12. Road
  13. Cane
  14. Jaguar
  15. Eagle
  16. Owl
  17. Earth
  18. Knife
  19. Storm
  20. Light

And, if you want to learn more about how to read your Mayan Tree of Life, check out this Mayan Horoscope Masterclass – It’s a short blog post with a great video.

Final Thoughts on the ‘Mayan Zodiac’

I hope you found this article useful.

If you’re new to ‘Mayan Astrology’, I hope you understand why it’s not actually a form of astrology or a zodiac system. And that we simply refer to it this way for convenience.

I also hope that you’re going to use the free Mayan calculator to determine your Mayan Tree of Life and Signs. It is such an interesting system to explore. And as you learn about your sign, it’ll encourage so much self-reflection and growth.

I’d love to know in the comments – What is your Mayan Day Sign? And what have you discovered about this sign that resonates with you?

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