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Is Dreamspell The Mayan Calendar?

I can understand why you would wonder if the Dreamspell is the Mayan calendar. This is the question that I have been asked so many times that I decided to write a blog post about it. In it I aim to help people get rid of this confusion once and for all. 

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Some authors claim that the Dreamspell, called ‘the 13th Moon calendar’ by some, is the latest representation, more like variation, of the Mayan calendar. On the other hand, some experts say that these two are completely different things and the Mayan calendar is the only one. 

Who is right? Let’s figure it out together!

What is Dreamspell?

Dreamspell is another alternative to the Gregorian calendar. It is a dominant calendar in many places around the world.

Dreamspeall also recognizes 365 days in a year and follows the cosmic and solar rules. However, it is also based on the 260 days sacred calendar called Tzolkin, which is yet characteristic for the Mayan Calendar as well.

Even though many associate it with the Mayan calendar, their equivalency is so far from the truth. Dreamspell is only inspired by the Mayan calendar. There are certain similarities, but many more differences. 

Everything started in 1990 when new Age spiritualists and Mayanist philosophers José Argüelles and Lloydine Burris Argüelles created the Dreamspell as a board game. Argüelles interprets the Dreamspell calendar as part of what he named a ‘radiogenetic game board.’ 

This board game is related to both the I-Ching and the 64-unit DNA code. Also, it connects many other “divinatory” systems such as the cosmology of 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and Ibn al-Arabi of the 28 lunar mansions.

You can see that this calendar has many specific components that make it unique and different from the Mayan calendar. However, I will highlight the main difference soon.

What is Number 13th in the Dreamspell calendar?

The number 13 in the Dreamspell calendar is seen as the galactic tone of the daily galactic signature. But it also appears in the 13 Moons of 28 days, the months of the calendar. 

Moreover, the 13 Moons got their names from 13 galactic tones. Those names of the 13 galactic tones are Magnetic, Lunar, Electric, Self-Existing, Overtone, Rhythmic, Resonant, Galactic, Solar, Spectral, Planetary, Crystal, and Cosmic. 

The main differences between Dreamspell and the Mayan calendar

As you might have sensed, my answer is that the Dreamspell and Mayan calendar are two different things

While Dreamspell follows solar system rules and has 365 days like the Gregorian calendar, the Mayan calendar is completely based on the non-physical, in other words, non-astronomical cycles. Therefore, it can be said that Dreamspell is the Gregorian calendar, too.

Mayas created their calendar while focusing on the inherent creative energies of the time itself. Also, Mayas count days differently. Their months can have 29 to 30 days, while Dreamspell makes jumps every 26 July. Even in the Tzolkin useage they differ. 

It is true, they both follow Long Count – the long-term prophetic thirteen baktun calendar. However, while Maya’s traditional Tzolkin reproduces the energies of the time, Dreamspell makes an interruption every four years!

I assume that you will agree now that these two can’t simply be the same, right? Not even that much related.

Written by Carl Johann Calleman

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3 thoughts on “Is Dreamspell The Mayan Calendar?”

  1. You lower your wonderful way with the codes, by publishing this uninformed biased writing…
    The Long Count also follows 365 days with the Haab, 18 cycles of 20 days, and 1 cycle of 5 days, the Uayeb. There are many cycles followed that work with many dimensions in both the Long Count and the Dreamspell…

  2. Beautifull explanation from Mr Calleman. The dreamspell is just another kind instrument, NOT ALIGNED with the spiritual heritage of the real Tzolkin.

    All the people that come along with so called improvements like the DreamSpell never understood the spiritual heritage that lasted and worked for thousands of years.

    Meanwhile the Dreamspell exists only 40-50 years lol.

    But hey everyone that is happy with the DreamSpell enjoy it. I prefer for myself the rhythms of the true count.

    Bless you all, no matter on what point of reflection you are resting – Leif. <3

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