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Book Review: The Mayan Codex

The Mayan Codex

For all of its fascinating history, Mayan culture has produced relatively little in the way of modern pop culture, literature, or entertainment. Nearly eight years ago, however, novelist Mario Reading published a book titled The Mayan Codex –– a rare fictional foray into the histories and cultures of ancient Central America. In the real world, the notion … Read more

My Journey of Self Discovery with Palm Leaf Libraries

Many years ago I first learned about palm leaf readings, and recently I got my first proper reading. It has been a special experience and I wanted to share it with you. The first time I heard about the palm leaf libraries was over 10 years ago My yoga/tantra master was talking about it during … Read more

How Mushrooms Can Save the Planet and Keep You Sane

Recently I’ve been fascinated by mushrooms. This seemingly simple living organism is creating miracles on our planet. And there are so many important ways mushrooms are involved, that we have no clue about. Recently I’ve been hooked on Paul Stamets, who’s famous for his TED talk about how mushrooms can save the world. Please take … Read more

6 Strategies to Help You Stay Sane in 2020

These days are pretty crazy, huh? 2020 has been an insane year so far, and it’s difficult to stay sane for such a long and challenging period of time. So today I want to share some of the strategies that I’ve been using to keep my sanity. They really keep me feeling more awake, alert … Read more

The Sun’s Position at Time of Birth in Maya

Recently we were asked why we removed a question regarding the position of the sun at the time of birth. In this article I’d like to explain why. Some background information First of all, I need to explain the background of the situation a little bit. Due to different factors, the Mayan culture has many … Read more

Why are Mayan Signs Different on Some Websites?

When you’re looking up your Mayan Signs online, it can get confusing when they are completely different on some websites. And I wanted to help you understand why, so that you can find clarity moving forward. The “Dreamspell count” When you’re finding different Mayan Signs, you are probably on a website that uses the “Dreamspell … Read more

Let’s Unite Forces with Group Meditations

We have recently gone through a super rare event, and this has inspired in me a collective group meditation. Summer solstice took place on June 20th at 11:43 pm CET (Central European Time). And on June 21st, from 5.45 am to 12.35 pm CET, with its peak at 8.34 am, a ring of fire solar … Read more

Maya Book: Soul Kin Journal by Carlos Cedillo

The following is an excerpt from Carlos Cedillio’s Maya book called Soul Kin Journal. He is a friend of Carl Calleman and I think you will love what he writes… “Thank you oh Great Spirit for bringing me to the place where I can write these words. Blessings to all my new friends who have … Read more

Clarifying Confusion Caused by Dreamspell

I felt the need to open up a discussion that would help clarify the confusion caused by Dreamspell. Dreamspell is not the Mayan calendar Dreamspell, which is also known as the 13-moon calendar, is not the actual calendar that the Mayas were using. Instead, this is an invented system by one of the important figures … Read more