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Maya Book: Soul Kin Journal by Carlos Cedillo

The following is an excerpt from Carlos Cedillio’s Maya book called Soul Kin Journal. He is a friend of Carl Calleman and I think you will love what he writes…

“Thank you oh Great Spirit for bringing me to the place where I can write these words. Blessings to all my new friends who have picked up these pages and have added the new dimensions this book is meant to open.

Thank you to all of the beautiful Light Beings who have accompanied me at all times throughout the days of the previous ages. Blessings to my Star Family who also watched me through the times when there was separation and duality.

Here is the fruit of all the teachings and the final great unfolding of the mat of time. We have all been invited to participate.

Homage to the ancient Maya, Kulkulkan, the Moon Goddess, the Mothership. May your counting of the days lead to final Enlightenment, remembrance of your stellar origins, Heaven on Earth, and Universal Brother/Sisterhood.

Here is the count of days as I have understood them:

Imix – Crocodile, Alligator or Turtle

This is the bare Earth. But there is nourishment ready. Earth rose from the waters and Earth faces the Sun. Earth gives birth and Earth swallows the dead.

Ik – Wind

The Buddha once told of the origins of Life. After there was Earth, the Spirits tasted it and loved to devour so much of it that they soon became forms. Thus the spirits transform the Earth and Life begins. Look up at a Full Moon. Study the shape of the Moon Goddess holding her rabbit with outstretched arms. On her nose is the “T” shape used by the Maya for this glyph signifying the breath of the Goddess.

Akbal – Night, the Hearth, Foredawn

As the spirit moves, so consciousness is created. Dreaming begins. We are still only a potentiality. Which dream will we follow? “Am I dreaming I am a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man?” We are One Earth dreaming six billion dreams.

Kan – Lizard, Net, Seed

Self-contained! The Lizard meditates in the Sun as he guards the ancient temple grounds. Like a net gathering shrimp or the seed just planted in the ground, there is great fertility and primal urges.

Chicchan – Serpent

Kundalini rising. The root breaks the shell of the seed and like a tongue sticking out soaks up the delicious nourishing Earth. We all desire to taste of the Earth. We are light beings full from devouring, we want more and we are passionate in love and lust.

Cimi – Death

The ultimate transformation we all must go through
Understanding that there really is no Death because we are Light Beings brings great healing and peace.

Manik – Deer

Graceful, protective, psychic. The peyote is the footprint of the Deer. After tasting Death and getting a glimpse of the afterlife, we develop compassion, our strength is renewed. We practice patience and toleration. There is a sense of past and future melding into the now.

Lamat – Star, Rabbit, Venus Incarnate

Strong feminine energy. Rabbits live in a burrow, so look deep within yourself, connect to your solar plexus chakra. Give thanks to the source of all that is!

Muluc – Offering, Water, Moon

In the Popol Vuh, Tojil is the god who bestows fire to the human race, but it comes at a price… In exchange for the power of fire, Tojil demands humans let him “suckle” them. So, in other words, there must be a blood sacrifice, an offering. The Moon Goddess is offers a rabbit. There is great emotional strife if we don’t let go and let it be. When we are free of our obligations there is equilibrium and calm.

Oc – Dog

Love, companionship, loyalty, wolves in sheep’s clothing, random f*#&ing in the streets are all characteristics of Dog. If we are with a partner, these can be great days, for loners there is little recourse. Dog is our companion in life and our guide down the Saq Be when we cross over.

Chuen – Monkey, Raccoon

Tinkering, trying new things, making practical jokes or life generally going haywire mark the days of the Monkey. In previous eras of creation Monkeys were like humans but the gods allowed them to degenerate back to monkeys because they failed to give thanks to their creators properly. Monkey begins the second half of the Uinal (20 day cycle).

Eb – Road, Grass, Human (sometimes Tooth)

Finally, personhood is achieved, but we must remain humble before the Creator and the universe. There is much to see and to do so we must move on down the road. We are also fruitful and multiplying like the grass upon the Earth.

Ben – Reed

The staff of the patriarch, the beam that holds the roof of the house. A reed flute takes the wind and creates beautiful sounds that move our heart, so in that way a reed is like a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Ix – Jaguar

The Shamanic clan with knowledge of Earth’s magic. Cool like the cats they are, jaguars totally rule! Highly tuned intuition, graceful, and independent…Give a jaguar some catnip!

Men –Eagle

Warriors of the highest order! Eagles are visionary and Neptunian, escapists, scouts, though somewhat delusional.

Cib – Owl, Vulture, Incense, Wisdom

After having the visions of the Eagle, we gain the Wisdom of the owl. Vultures also are wise, they know we will all lay down and die if they are just patient enough! Incense is known as the “Brains of the sky”. It is a very good suggestion to go out and sit on a rock on Cib days!

Caban – Earth

Earthquakes! Bees and their honey. Rock and Reggae! Feel the Groove, Man! Let’s get those tectonic plates moving, it’s Earth-day! The crocodile that was cold hard, dirt, reality has found its self-awareness and is celebrating.

Edznab – Flint, Mirror, the Obsidian Sacrificial Knife

After we are self-aware, we look around and see the same thing happened to all of us together. We are one being reflecting upon itself to infinity.

Kawak – Rainstorm

The April showers that bring May flowers. Since we are One being having an infinite experience of itself, all must be nourished equally. “In every life a little rain must fall.” I personally know many beautiful Rainstorms; they are joyful and passionate about living life to its fullest. Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain….

Ahau – Sun, Light, Lord, Flower

All things must pass; we are all the Light. The fruition complete, we can simply Be. “Live simply that others may simply live.” “Do unto others….” “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” “Be a lantern unto yourself.”

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