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The Mayan Tzolkin and The Dreamspell

We are going through an evolution of consciousness. And there are many spiritually-evolved people looking for a calendar that helps describe this transformation. In this article we’ll explore the Mayan Tzolkin Count and the Dreamspell to help you find more clarity. The interest in the Mayan calendar is increasing worldwide During the past decade interest … Read more

Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Mayan Calendar

Today there are two different calendar systems that are presenting themselves as Mayan alternatives to the Gregorian calendar. One of them is the so-called Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar. And the other is the traditional Mayan calendar system, which revolves around the Sacred Calendar. The Mayan calendar is still in use in certain parts of Guatemala. As … Read more

The Hidden Agenda of Dreamspell

Every calendar has its obvious meaning and its hidden one. And, of course, the hidden one is much more difficult to spot. I’ve been studying Mayan Astrology, especially the Mayan calendar, for years. And in this article I will shared many truths about it. This includes the connection between the Mayan calendar and the Dreamspell. … Read more

A Mayan Horoscope Masterclass


I have been receiving a lot of questions about Mayan signs and how to read a Mayan horoscope. These are some of the most common questions: What do male and female Mayan signs mean?  How do you read Youth and Mature signs? What does the Mayan horoscope chart say about the past or the future?  … Read more

Was December 2012 a Mayan Prophecy?

Do you remember the year 2012? There were many rumors about how the World will come to an end, and that it was a Mayan prophecy. On television, there were many “experts”, talking about the Mayan calendar. One of them was me. I was hosted on a different TV channel almost every night, prior to … Read more

The Directions Of The Mayan Signs

Mayan signs-and-directions

I get many questions from people wanting to understand their Mayan Signs better. So I thought I’d share an article explaining more about their directions. This will give you a lot of information and insight into the meanings behind your “Mayan Horoscope”. Signs and The Four Directions Did you know that each one of the … Read more

Time is Accelerating – 5 Key Takeaways From Hopis

Last night I felt immensely that time is accelerating, and that reminds me about the idea that towards the end of the Mayan calendar, time (better said, the speed of transformation) would be accelerating 18 times. This would mean that the amount of change that would happen in 360 days, would now be happening in 20 … Read more

Coronavirus and The Mayan Prophecies

Covid-19 has highlighted an extraordinary time in the world… And it has certainly inspired many to do a lot more self-reflection. Some are even doing deeper and looking at how it may be related to Mayan prophecies and other ancient wisdom. And so, for this article I’d like to share how this time can be … Read more