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The Origin of The Dreamspell Calendar

A dialogue between Lloydine Argüelles and Carl Johan Calleman: The origin of the Dreamspell calendar

Dear Dr. Calleman,

I received this e-mail without any text. So I took that as a moment to write a personal note to you.

I’ve been aware of your work for quite some time now. I have read some of the statements you have published about the source material called Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

As I was co-creator of this production, I have my own knowledge of how our mutual discovery came about. If you’d like to ask some specific questions, I’d be happy to share my experience with you.

I am not a Mayanist. But I did work deeply with the mathematical codes that led to the discovery of the Law of Time. I have an understanding of the radial matrix and the plus one factor that are what I consider to be profound decodings.

Again, we can open a dialogue if you’re interested. I speak from my heart and without attachment to the outcome.

All the best to you,
Lloydine Bolon Iklloydine@lloydine.com

Dear Bolon Ik,

I should start by saying that my personal contacts with Don Alejandro has given me new insights. Particularly into how the Maya themselves have been looking at the encounter with the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar.

In the Popol-Vuh, the gods somewhere say: “May you be accurate, may you honor the days.” to the newly created human beings.

This expresses the insight that for the survival of humanity and the success of this creation, it is instrumental that the true calendar is followed and the true energies of the days be honored.

Without this the divine cannot really be seen and honored.

Hence, in a recent interview with me. Don Alejandro Oxlaj asks regarding your Dreamspell: “What right do they have to change our calendar?

I want you to consider that the consequences of this change from the traditional calendar has been much graver than you thought when you initially invented the Dreamspell calendar.

If nothing else it should be obvious to any thinking person that because the Dreamspell calendar makes jumps on the Gregorian leap days, it is totally subordinated to the latter calendar. And hence cannot be an accurate expression of the continuous flow of divine creation.

For this reason, and because of its unspecified origin, it in fact very often generates “calendar wars”. Such as is the case in Poland today, and maybe in Germany tomorrow. Where the old Dreamspell guard continues to lie to people and claim that Dreamspell is the Mayan calendar.

No explanation is given to why it deviates from the true Mayan calendar.

Hence, the Dreamspell calendar becomes very much the opposite of a calendar of peace. For the very reason that its origin is hidden and not clearly spoken of. Secrets do not promote equality and peace, but belong to the old paradigm of autocratic rule.

I suppose at the time you invented the Dreamspell you felt very much divinely inspired and allowed yourself to overlook some of these consequences that are now becoming apparent. At that time, the nature of the Sacred Calendar and its relationship to divine creation, was not yet understood.

Much has happened regarding the Mayan calendar since the early nineties and the very basis for how a truly spiritual calendar system should be organized has changed.

I do not know if you have read any of my books, but I certainly recommend that you do since they may allow a fresh perspective and an opening to a new holistic theory of how to move towards oneness.

Through my own work, I am convinced that the Mayan calendar has been solved. And you will see more evidence of this as Barbara Hand Clow’s book comes out in a few months. Actually no serious criticism has been waged against the understanding of creation as a climb through nine Underworlds.

To see this all it takes is a basic knowledge of human history and evolution.

The use of the Mayan calendar today needs to reflect this understanding.

And from this understanding it is absolutely clear that the evolution of the divine plan cannot be harmonized with anything but the true Sacred Calendar.

As it says in the Popol-Vuh… If you want to continue a dialogue I recommend that you read my books.

I think anyone working with the Mayan calendar today needs to come to a conclusion for herself as to whether the theories therein are true or not and go from there.

For the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld, May 19-23 2007, there are plans under way for worldwide meditations as part of the Breakthrough Celebration (see Common Passion).

These will include not only the diksha and TM movements. But a focus on the peace manifestations in Jerusalem as well.

I want to invite you to become part of this worldwide manifestation.

And use your influence within the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon community to bring it to take part of this.

This would help bring an end to the calendar wars.

I think the Earth deserves it. And certainly the Maya do after having withstood so much pressure over the years to change their calendar.

I think also you deserve it after having put so much effort out there with an intention of benefiting mankind. Please let me know if such a bridge building role would be of interest to you.

I feel however it would be in the best interest of everyone if the origins of the Dreamspell calendar could be clarified. In most parts of the world this remains a much more widespread calendar than the authentic Mayan. And in that sense it has been a tremendous success. It has for a long time been my sense that your personal contribution to this particular calendar has been very significant.

Hence, I would like to raise a few specific questions that I would very much appreciate your answers to:

  1. At the time when you developed the Dreamspell tzolkin count, were you aware of the existence of the traditional Mayan tzolkin count that is still in use among the Maya?
    If so, did you sense that your own count would have advantages compared to the traditional count. And, if so, what would those advantages be?
  2. How was the Dreamspell count anchored to the Gregorian calendar? In other words, there must have been an energy in your tzolkin count that was set to a certain Gregorian date to create the calculation method for the various kin. It has been my guess that the Dreamspell count was based on your identification with the energy of Bolon Ik-Quetzalcoatl. And that it was this energy that was anchored to your Gregorian birthday.
  3. Why did you elect to omit the Gregorian leap day from the Dreamspell Tzolkin count?
  4. I would be most grateful if you would help to clarify these issues.

All the best
Namaste and In Lak’ech
Carl Johan

Greetings Carl Johan,

I’ve deeply contemplated these issues rather than to write superficially about this.

I believe that what I have to share is my heart’s truth. And that it will be helpful to all concerned. I appreciate this opportunity to dialogue with you and I want to thank Jose Jaramillo for facilitating our connection.

First I would like to address what I feel is at the heart of opening our dialogue. And that is the statement of Don Alejandro: “what right do they have to change our calendar?

We did not change the Mayan Calendar.

The traditional Mayan Calendar stands on its own. Rather than changing the Mayan Calendar, we brought through an alternate ritual count known as the Dreamspell.

I would like to clarify, we did not “invent” the Dreamspell. Rather than an invention, I stand on the principle that it was a Revelation. Revelation is not channeling.

Our process was one of rigorous, systematic analysis and exploration of the mathematical structure animating the Mayan Calendar.

And applying that revelation to create a universal template accessible to all. Numbers are culture-free and devoid of historical context.

The success of the proliferation of the Dreamspell around the planet is a testament to this universality and validity. The Dreamspell count is not exclusive – it does not deny the validity of any other sacred tradition.

In answer to your question, “did you sense that your own count would have advantage over the traditional count?”

We were in no way coming from the mindset of the Dreamspell having advantage OVER the traditional count.

However, I would say unequivocally, yes. I do feel the Dreamspell serves a purpose as a conversion tool out of the disharmony of the Gregorian calendar, into the harmony of galactic culture.

The Dreamspell calendar system is founded on a whole body of work.

And it would be impossible to detail to you in this email its full advantages.

I felt in receiving your 2nd email that you have such a specific agenda, I am even more inspired to address the illusion of confrontation that I feel as a subtle tone coming through your writing. Several statements in your email lead me to believe you don’t understand the underlying harmony and peaceful intention of the Dreamspell.

To reiterate, I have no argument against the traditional count, and no basis to discount it. I simply believe in the co-existence of both systems.

Who is participating in these calendar wars?

Conflict and duality emerge whenever any of us take an absolute position.

To make oneself “right” by identifying someone else as “wrong” is duality in action. From my 34-year path as a Buddhist practitioner, I have understood that the nature of enlightenment is to enter a reality beyond duality where one can embrace multiple points of view simultaneously.

I’d be happy to have more information about the people in Poland to which you refer, as this conflict is news to me, and I offer myself in service to harmonizing these situations.

In the interest of collaborative evolution, I hope this dialogue we’re having intrigues you.and after all, if my memory serves, you were also born on Gregorian May 15th – but I don’t know which year? Do you know your Dreamspell GalacticSignature? I was genuinely moved when I first discovered I was 9 Caban on the Traditional count. Knowing that it was the perfect “Dreamspell analog partner” connected to the planet Uranus – same tone, same Dreamspell earth family.

Speaking of my birthday. I would like to debunk your concept that we created the Dreamspell count based on our birthdays. What are you implying?

I know from my heart that we didn’t do this work as a method of aggrandizing our egos. Quite the opposite.

With regard to the leap day issue.

The reason for neutralizing the leap year day as 0.0 Hunab Ku, is to uphold the mathematical precision of the Earth families and their 52-year solar-galactic synchronization pattern.

In this sense, although the linear count of days may appear interrupted, the radial matrix of synchronicity is intact.

Well, that is a sufficient response for this moment in time … nothing is ever that absolute. I live by the moment, one day at a time. I believe that this creates incredible possibility for change and development.

Thank you for sharing the information on the Breakthrough celebration. It is wonderful to see you contributing another example of our need for peaceful synchronization. Please continue to keep me informed and I’ll continue to follow my heart’s guidance as to how to participate.

Namaste and In Lak’ech
Lloydine Bolon Ik

Dear Lloydine, Bolon Caban,

I appreciate your current views about duality and enlightenment. But the confusion is already out there regarding the Mayan calendar and the Dreamspell calendar.

On a very large scale there is a lack of clarity on this relationship and you created this.

In the vast majority of cases I would say people would drop the Dreamspell if they knew how seriously it deviates from the Mayan calendar. This has already happened in Scandinavia. Here, the Dreamspell is now completely gone for the simple reason that relevant info about it has been available. I think the same development is under way in the Netherlands and maybe the US as well.

Most people do not want something that is not authentic. Especially not if it’s directly contrary to the wishes of the indigenous people that originated it.

I do not think you can reverse this process of return to the true calendar. But I am sure you can speed it up or slow it down depending on what you do. So I feel it is important to see how this situation of confusion, which still reigns in many parts of the world, has arisen.

It seems you have forgotten or don’t know how the Dreamspell count was designed. Peter Toonen, whom I presume you know, says however that he knows this. Even someone who does not read Dutch is probably able to follow his argument in an article in Spiegelbeeld. This was in response to mine about the Hidden Agenda of the Dreamspell.

There he says that the Dreamspell count was designed based on the Codex Perex. And that because of a magical cosmic synchronicity you and your ex-husband from this just happened to become Bolon Ik and have the master numbers.

Peter is, of course, not telling the truth here. He is educated enough about Mayan calendrics to know that the Codex Perex is pre-Columbian, 13th century Palenque. And that it’s based on the true Mayan tzolkin count. Hence, this Codex has no reference to making jumps at the leap days in the Gregorian calendar (which the Maya at the time did not even know existed) to make the tzolkin more harmonious. He also knows fully well that the Codex Perex does not provide some anchoring point for the tzolkin that would make May 15, 1943 [Lloydine Argüelles Gregorian birthday, ed. comment] into Bolon (9) Ik.

Why then is Peter making up this story?

Because for a very long time he and his colleagues in other countries have been lying to people. Saying that the Dreamspell is the Mayan calendar.

Many of them are now making their living from this. And as the true Sacred Calendar is coming around, they are not willing to admit earlier disinformation, but want to stop the tide.

If you sincerely wanted to correct these wrongs against the true calendar you would have a full time job traveling around the world – this time threatening the livelihood of your previous followers.

Why then did Peter not tell people the truth about the Mayan calendar in the nineties since he actually knew already then that the Dreamspell was not authentic?

I think it may have something to do with the fact that in the nineties you were sending out messages like “All of the knowledge in the Dreamspell is unalterable knowledge.” ”If we think to ourselves, I can agree with 98 % of the new knowledge, but the other knowledge I can’t accept, then we must consider how ego can enter and cause distortion of knowledge.” ”All that comes from the fountainhead of Valum Votan [José Argüelles, ed. comment] must be regarded as prophecy.” etc, etc. in which an almost dictatorial mentality was created. I happen to have some of those messages although they were meant for internal distribution.

The Dreamspell calendar was without hesitation presented as the Mayan calendar and not allowed to be questioned.

No mention was then made of the fact that the Maya were not using it. And did not want to see their calendar changed. Considering the unabashed self-aggrandizement evident in them I simply do not believe – in the absence of any suggestion to the contrary – that your count was not based on your own birthdays. In your earlier letter you implied that you would answer me with concern for everyone involved and I gather this is part of what I see at play here. What other reason would you have to avoid answering a straight factual question?

After going to such extremes of taking an absolute position, thus effectively stamping out any knowledge about the true calendar within your own movement, you are now trying to blame those upholding it, in this case me, for duality. Given your history I do not think you are the right person to do so.

Needless to say, I am disappointed with your response. Or lack of response, to my questions.

I was hoping for at least some sign of clarification, self-criticism, humbleness or willingness to moderate the consequences of this earlier aggrandizement, which really few are able to beat.

To me the success of Dreamspell does not validate it and certainly not as a Mayan calendar.

Also Coca-Cola, McDonalds and many American pharmaceutical companies have been very successful with products that sometimes originate from indigenous traditions. This however does not mean that they are better than the originals in any other way than when it comes to the effectiveness of their marketing. Success is not an indicator of quality and authenticity.

As you are pointing out I also have an agenda, but it is not a hidden agenda.

The agenda is to spread the knowledge about the true Mayan calendar, which also necessitates telling people what is not the Mayan calendar.

Those, for instance, that claim that today is not 10 Lamat and that it could instead have any other number and day sign that may have been revealed to them are in effect saying that there is no reality to the sacred calendar energies and that these were just made up by the ancestors.

Because it does not conform to these true energies Dreamspell followers have to repeat daily mantras to try to make its energies real. And by doing so, a dream world of synchronicities is created. This is nothing new. What you focus on expands!

However, I am convinced that the energies of the true Sacred Calendar are real as such. And I am basing my agenda on this, something I share with the Mayan elders. The more places where clarity can be created about this the better.

It still remains to be seen if you are truly willing to contribute to this. Or will you just continue along the old lines maintaining a legacy based on secrecy and absolute positions.

I also want to point out that from my understanding of the English language, wanting to debunk something is not the same thing as actually debunking it. Hence, although you may want to debunk the idea that the Dreamspell count was anchored by your birthday. In the absence of a credible alternative explanation, this has not happened and I will continue to say this publicly.

The gives the birthday explanation more weight now. Because you refuse to answer the question of what the Dreamspell count would instead be anchored to.

This is not a question that can be swept under the rug by sweeping references to mathematics or harmonics. It is a concrete question, which has a concrete answer:

What tzolkin energy in the Dreamspell count was anchored to what Gregorian date and for what reason?

It is also a simple question, which someone with nothing to hide would have answered straight away to avoid suspicion. If you come up with an answer please let me know. And if I am wrong about the explanation I have given I will make amends.

Carl Johan, Hol Ix

Dear Dr. Calleman,

Have you at any point read or experienced the original Dreamspell Kit that was produced in 1990?

Dreamspell: the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 does not even reference the Mayan Calendar.

This Dreamspell was presented as a Galactic Game Plan.

A specific definition of Galactic Culture based on the 13:20 ratio and the 0-19 number code.

When Dreamspell released in 1990, we didn’t intend for it to be called Mayan in any way. Though we always acknowledged the mathematical basis of the 260-day Tzolkin grid. We presented the Kit as a self-contained game, a game of self-divination based on natural time.

And we never charged money for anything that we did. We lived as “Buddha with a begging bowl”. Where we were invited, we travelled. Speaking and demonstrating the Dreamspell Kit.

Dreamspell was presented as a gift. It was not within our power to control the outcome of our work.

I honor that you are a scholar and have your own work to do. However, as a phenomenologist who trusts her own mind… I say to you simply “you to yours and me to mine.” Therefore, this concludes out communication.

In the state of “Oneness” that you seek, there is no enemy outside of the Self. Our own point of view equally enlightens and equally blinds us all.

Peace be with you,
Lloydine Bolon Ik

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