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Clarifying Confusion Caused by Dreamspell

I felt the need to open up a discussion that would help clarify the confusion caused by Dreamspell.

Dreamspell is not the Mayan calendar

Dreamspell, which is also known as the 13-moon calendar, is not the actual calendar that the Mayas were using.

Instead, this is an invented system by one of the important figures of the New Age movement, Jose Arguelles. Here, I would like to show my gratitude to Arguelles. He is one of the pioneers in the world who drew attention to the Mayan calendar. He is also the first person to reveal the spiritual basis of the Mayan calendar.

As Carl Calleman says

“Argüelles was the first in modern times to systematically work on the deeper meaning of the Mayan calendar. And he presented an alternative interpretation to that of the academic by suggesting that the Great Cycle caused the spiritual evolution of humanity.”

A calendar based on astronomical cycles does not explain the evolution of consciousness

Later on, Arguelles moved away from his spiritual-based time conception and launched the calendar of Dreamspell.

This calendar is based on 13 Moons each of 28 days plus an extra day, July 25th, outside of time (13 x 28 + 1 = 365). As exhibited here, Dreamspell (although it is presented as an alternative to the Gregorian calendar) is a calendar that combines astronomical cycles rather than tracking the spiritual evolution of consciousness alone.

Well, the Maya never combined spiritual cycles with the astronomical cycles. They use the Haab as their solar calendar for agricultural events, however they never linked it to Tzolkin.

A calendar that is based on astronomical cycles, would not explain the evolution of consciousness. Hence, it would not be wise to say that Dreamspell is aligned with the notion of the true Mayan calendar.

The true Tolkin

Furthermore, as Calleman put it:

“There was however a problem with the Dreamspell. Namely that the Maya never used the particular Tzolkin count that it was linked to. Many of the followers of Dreamspell, mostly for lack of knowledge, simply presented Dreamspell as The Mayan Calendar. In practice the result of this was that many individuals have been deluded into thinking that the Galactic Signature they had been assigned was also the one that the Maya would have used.”

The most apparent illusions caused by this are:
a. A false guidance in terms of synchronizing with the cosmic flow
b. A false insight into our own individuality and spiritual mission

Tzolkin (meaning “count of days”) is the true count that has been followed for centuries by the Mayan day-keepers. This count has not been mistaken or missed even for one day over all this time. It is the only true resource to align with the synchronicities and flow of the cosmos.

To follow the true Tzolkin, you can click here. This is a web portal that gathers websites and researches who uses the authentic Tzolkin count.

Final Thoughts

As a final note about the Dreamspell, I want to quote Adam Rubel. He is a co-director of a nonprofit organization based in the US, Saq’ Be’: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies.

Adam Rubel says:

“The Mayan traditions of Guatemala have been the main focus of our organization since its inception more than four years ago. For the past seven years, I have been learning directly from Ajq’ij and elders in Guatemala about that tradition. This is the place from which I speak to you, on behalf of this experience.”

Regarding the Dreamspell and work of Arguelles, tt has been made clear. I think everybody here understands the need to distinguish this system from any relation to the Mayan tradition… This is the wish of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease. The tradition is non confrontational. And has thus not undertaken any efforts to discredit the works of those that advance this system. They have issued warnings. However, and I have heard that the Grand council of Ajq’ij and elders are becoming more stringent. Particularly regarding the release of information and who is claiming to represent the Mayan tradition. Because so many have taken advantage of the people and the tradition … This warning has also been directed at those using the Dreamspell that still promote it as a Mayan system. Dreamspell is not something they recognize or endorse.”

Salaam, Shalom, In Lak’ech,
Fatih Kecelioglu

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1 thought on “Clarifying Confusion Caused by Dreamspell”

  1. I want to start by expressing my gratitude for your site, the freely sharing of your knowledge, insight and wisdom! However, I’m more confused now than ever. I had been using the 13 moon /28 day calendar from the Foundation of Time for 5 years straight – until I started down the path of research and found you. I must be honest and say I miss the guidance and feelings of connectedness that I had using the calendar every day. I had been thinking I was a “Red Serpent” for years… now I realize I am “Wind” with a tone of “10”, not “1”… do you offer a calendar similar to the one I was using or can you please refer me to one that I can purchase? Also, I’ll be emailing you with a different question about a recent purchase for my detailed report, so that I can print it out. Oh and I use Mayan cards weekly, that are in complete alignment with THIS, not with what the Foundation teaches. I’m just wanting clarity and a deeper understanding so that I can live in true harmony and synchronicity – as I have Mayan roots and wish to stay connected to that more on a daily basis.

    Mahalos (thanks + gratitude) in advance.

    En Lak’ech.

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