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Was December 2012 a Mayan Prophecy?

Do you remember the year 2012? There were many rumors about how the World will come to an end, and that it was a Mayan prophecy.

Mayan Prophecy-Dec-2010

On television, there were many “experts”, talking about the Mayan calendar. One of them was me. I was hosted on a different TV channel almost every night, prior to December 21, 2012. Like a broken record, I was repeating “The World will not come to an end,” “Mayas never predicted such a thing,” and “Let us listen to the Mayas living today.”

Why should we listen to the Mayas today?

My claim that we should listen to the Mayas around us was a big surprise to my hosts. Most people think there are no more Mayans living among us. Therefore, they forget about asking their opinion about the end of their calendar.

Even if they heard, they almost never really prioritized listening to the Mayans themselves.

It is a common practice not to listen to the Mayas or any other indigenous people. And it’s usually because of our common, mainstream scientific minds. We like to filter things through our rational glasses and watch and listen from a distance.

This is called Orientalism, by Edward Said. It is about the western outlook towards Eastern societies, but more to the indigenous societies, maybe even with a wider distance. 

What exactly happened in 2012?

So back in 2012, there was a fear in the mainstream about the world coming to an end, fuelled by the famous Hollywood movie “2012”. It was quite difficult for me to explain that the world itself was not coming to an end, but we are bringing an end to it, with our common industrial and economical practices.

These are well-known by the scientific community. Climate Changes is a fact almost nobody can deny today. But as Einstein so rightly said:

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.

Exactly at this point, we need to hear the Mayas and all the other indigenous peoples of the world.

We need to hear the authentic voice of the people, who have been living in harmony with the Mother Earth, for ages.

Because the Shift of the Ages is happening now.

As the Mayan elder Don Alejandro Oxlaj once said – they were not sure if the end date was in 2012. This knowledge was lost to them.

It could have been 2015, 2020 or another date. But we know it is not far, because we are living in the age of great contamination, which will end with a great purification.

Watch my video to learn more about:

The history of the Mayas, and the hardships they have gone through.  Why December 21, 2012, was not so relevant to the Maya? Who is Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the Wandering Wolf, and what is his mission? The Prophecy of the reunion of the Eagle and the Condor. 

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Also, here is the link to watch the movie Shift of the Ages for free.


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