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The Directions Of The Mayan Signs

I get many questions from people wanting to understand their Mayan Signs better. So I thought I’d share an article explaining more about their directions. This will give you a lot of information and insight into the meanings behind your “Mayan Horoscope”.

Signs and The Four Directions

Did you know that each one of the Mayan Signs – 20-day signs of Tzolkin – is located in one of the four sacred directions?

The Mayan signs in the same direction have a strong potential to guide and empower each other. Therefore, if you and your partner go in the same direction, that must mean that you two are a perfect match!

Western-Eastern signs help each other with their spiritual evolution and Northern-Southern constitute the other group.

However, a Northern sign with a Western sign or a Southern sign with an Eastern sign will create polarity for each other and this will be an attractive situation that is also good for partners. Being attracted to your loved one can mean only happiness!

You can check which Mayan Sign you are easily by using our FREE Mayan Sign calculator. Of course, in case you haven’t already done that.

Fell free to use it and then come back to learn about the meaning hidden behind your sign.

The Mayan signs of the east are initiating and forceful. They are born leaders and will do anything to make something happen. If these sound like your characteristics, then you are probably an East sign.

Mayan signs of the west are cooperative and compromising. I would say that these people have good teamwork skills and can solve any problem easier than others.

Mayan signs of the south are emotional and reactive. These lovely souls are good listeners, but can also be impulsive nature.

On the other hand, the mayan signs of the north are intellectual and critical. Thus, people born with these signs are good to have in the scientific and artistic fields.

Have you found your category, yet?

List of signs for each direction:

Here is a list of each of the directions and the signs so you can confirm your category better:

1. Eastern






2. Western






3. Northern






4. Southern






The Mayan Signs

Below you will find an explanation of the signs’ spiritual relationships to each other, in accordance with the directions. For each direction, one color is assigned by the Maya.

1. Red Colour Signs

  • Fire, Birthings, East – Red
  • Guide/Empower – Red to Red
  • Support/Comfort – Red to White
  • Challenge/Strengthen – Red to Black
  • Surprise/Mystery – Red to Yellow

2. White Color Signs

  • Air, Mind, North – White
  • Guide/Empower – White to White
  • Surprise/Mystery – White to Black
  • Challenge/Strengthen – White to Yellow
  • Support/Comfort – White to Red

3. Black Color Signs

  • Water, Endings, West – Black
  • Guide/Empower – Black to Black
  • Support/Comfort – Black to Yellow
  • Challenge/Strengthen – Black to Red
  • Surprise/Mystery – Black to White

4. Yellow Color Signs

  • Earth, Body, South – Yellow
  • Guide/Empower – Yellow to Yellow
  • Surprise/Mystery – Yellow to Red
  • Challenge/Strengthen – Yellow to White
  • Support/Comfort – Yellow to Black

The Meaning Of Colors

Everything originates from nature. The colors are taken from there, too.


The idea, the path that lights the way, the sun, the blood, the fire, the force, it is the red corn. When we get up, as an anthropological attitude, we always look eastward at the sunrise, our first impulse is to see the sun.


It is compared to the black corn, it means darkness, death, bad ideas, meaning the night and also it means the time rest. It’s used to regain/recover energy, that’s why it means hope, to recharge one’s batteries worn out during the day. It gives hope for those actions you were not able to fulfill during the day, for you finish them tomorrow, giving you a sense of continuity, no ending.

And in our body, black can be found in moles, in the black of our eyes, our black hair. One explanation is that a black candle goes out quicker than the others, due to its black paint, this being a natural phenomenon since black attracts more heat and burns out faster.


Compared with white corn, it represents purity, the color of life, the color of semen, egg white, the seed, the air, the breath of life, the bones, the white of our eyes.


Is Q’anil, maturity, being the core, the seed, wealth; illness, if the seed does not germinate it is sterility. One must make payment to the Q’anil for reproduction to happen. Yellow can be found in the skin, in the muscles.


It’s the environment, plants, nature and that’s why one has to ask permission for everything that takes place. There are many values that we have lost resulting in what we are suffering now.


The atmosphere, the water, the air.

Taken from Saq’ Be’ website.

Now you understand your Mayan sign better!

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