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Mayan Jaguar Time: This is who we are

Mayan Jaguar Time - This is who we are

Here is Part 11 of Mayan Jaguar Time. In this series, Belit shares more about her discoveries as she explores her Mayan Jaguar Sign. You’ll find links to all previous articles at the end of this page. Who we are. Jaguars. We are the dark and the light. We are the Sun and the Moon. We are … Read more

Time is Accelerating – 5 Key Takeaways From Hopis

Last night I felt immensely that time is accelerating, and that reminds me about the idea that towards the end of the Mayan calendar, time (better said, the speed of transformation) would be accelerating 18 times. This would mean that the amount of change that would happen in 360 days, would now be happening in 20 … Read more