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The Hidden Agenda of Dreamspell

Every calendar has its obvious meaning and its hidden one. And, of course, the hidden one is much more difficult to spot. I’ve been studying Mayan Astrology, especially the Mayan calendar, for years. And in this article I will shared many truths about it. This includes the connection between the Mayan calendar and the Dreamspell.

Many tend to call the Dreamspell the 13 Moon Calendar. There are some things that many don’t know. Most importantly, that the Dreamspell can’t be a Mayan calendar. Moreover, that its foundation is a bit controversial and further from the sacred Mayan calendar purpose. 

Together let’s discover what is the real truth is about the Dreamspell!

The beginning of the Mayan calendar

The Mayan calendar was made by the ancient Mayan civilization. Not many people know this, but this calendar is the basis for any other calendar. Even the Gregorian calendar that is so much different has its roots there.

They both recognize 365 days. However, while the Gregorian follows the solar rules, Mayan values energies

Also, when you think about the hidden agendas, you can see that story behind the Gregorian calendar is very different. The linear year counting gives you the feeling of everything being pointless, with no higher purpose. 

Everything comes to an end, therefore people are not very motivated to get the best out of their lives. The daily revolutions and Earth orbiting around the sun give people an endless merry-go-round view of life. This can give life a far more mechanical purpose, rather than a higher meaning. 

The divine plan

On the other hand, the Mayan calendar is all about the divine plan. It is about spirituality, and our unquestionable higher purpose and deeper meaning of existence.

Mayas use traditional tzolkin that sees a year as a 260 days cycle where all days have names, not numbers.

This is where their higher purpose starts. Mayas perceive humanity as an entity with a high goal of mutual contribution to our coexistence. For them, the essence of life lies in the divine plan that gives a more thorough explanation of actions and purpose. 

They have been using the Mayan calendar for thousands of years. Many generations have grown up on their rules. Hence, some would ask: Why Mayas need a new calendar when there one that has already been working perfectly for them?

One of those people is the Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the head of the council of elders of the Maya. He wants to know who gave the right to the Dreamspell founders to make changes and develop a calendar that is claimed to be Mayan. 

I can tell you that Dreamspell is not the Mayan calendar.

And if you want to know why, you can read my other article “Is Dreamspell The Mayan Calendar?”

What is hidden behind the Dreamspell story?

Dreamspell has gained so much popularity in a short time.

And that happened for a reason. It is slightly more accommodated to the contemporary world than the traditional Mayan calendar. And many admirers of the founders, especially the co-founder Argüelles, have accepted it without any further questioning.

I would say that you should always question everything. Being blindfolded is the most unproductive state of mind you can have. It is true though, that there are some variations of the Mayan calendar included.

Rarely someone these days follows the 819-day cycle, or the traditional katun wheel, the Quintana, and the 52-year cycle. However, to me, the Dreamspell variation is the most suspicious one. And I will tell you why now.

The Dreamspell cannot replace the old Tzolkin

The Mayan tzolkin count is a true reflection of the divine process of creation, the exchanges of powerful energies that fuel everything around us. The whole Mayan astrology is based on this, making it even more valuable. 

Due to my extensive research and experience, I can tell you that this is 100% true. That is why I am extremely worried about the Dreamspell community’s intention to fully replace the old Tzolkin

The truth behind this tendency is not as nice as a wide majority of its supporters think. This secret has been kept for so long, but luckily there are people who did a thorough analysis to help unveil the real intentions of its founders.

When you look deeper, you can really find some unreasonable actions. 

But first, let’s take a look at what Lloydine Arguelles stated in Crystal Skywalker Day Report in 1997. You will see a mentality that is very autocracy-oriented, leaving less space for questioning her calendar. 

The exclusion of critical thinking

She stated that: “All of the knowledge in the Dreamspell is unalterable knowledge.” “If we think to ourselves, I can agree with 98 % of the new knowledge, but the other knowledge I can’t accept, then we must consider how ego can enter and cause distortion of knowledge.” 

She officially undervalues all the other Mayan knowledge that is so much older than her. Instead she promotes strict obeying to her new rules while trying to keep her supporters in the fold. Her mentality is certainly pointed toward the exclusion of critical thinking.  

Coincidences raise valid suspicion

My next point is quite tragic and comic at the same time.

It is a coincidence that Lloydine had a final word on the Dreamspell Tzolkin count. In the Dreamspell movement, she was often identified as Bolon Ik, 9 Wind, which represents the ancient Mesoamerican tradition. It implies energy that is connected with the light deity of Quetzalcoatl, known as the Plumed Serpent. 

Therefore, observing the Dreamspell count, her birthday (May 15, 1943) has the energy 9 Wind (kin 22). And this was an anchoring point for the Dreamspell tzolkin count that was yet chosen by the Arguelles. 

That led to everyone identifying her with this deity of light. At the same time, as the leap day was removed, Jose Argüelles’s birthday (Jan 24, 1939) became 11 Monkey (kin 11).

Moreover, not only did he become the Monkey, which is the central day-sign around which everything revolves. They also both got the master numbers which are 11 and 22 for their birthdays. In the same line, Jose Argüelles talks about his number 11 as the “the one designated as Valum Votan (which is a name he uses)”. 

Unfortunately, the more supporters they have, the more their personalities are reinforced and their “god-given work”. Because that is the case, they soak the energy of their followers as every other sign in the Tzolkin count will give them more power, a central role around which they will organize their lives. 

As you can see there are enough reasons for a valid suspicion.

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5 thoughts on “The Hidden Agenda of Dreamspell”

  1. The Dreamspell is not the Mayan Calendar nor does anyone in the Foundation for Law of Time claim that it is…

    Argüelles, in his Cosmic History Chronicles, goes beyond and above any earth-bound calendar and shows the true source for the teachings. He incorporates elements from Tibetan Kalachakra, Dzogchen, Sufi Islam, I-Ching, etc which are not part of “Mayan Calendar” or culture.

    While he may have initially sought to publish solely on the Mayans, it is clear to anyone who has engaged with his literature that it is in fact unalterable.

    By the way, I’m not a member of the Foundation— I’m an Ivy League researcher interested in knowledge. But I will say that it is such a shame to attach your name to such a baseless “hit-piece” whose sole argument is founded upon one quote from a deceased person from over 20 years ago…

    • Thank you for your reply… I initially came to the Mayan Calendar via the Foundation and purchased and used their calendar for several years in fact. And then about 2 years ago I happened upon this website as I was wanting to learn more information and was also quite curious in the differences between these two. For instance, according to the Foundation, I’m a Red Serpent and yet according to Faith (via the report I got here), I’m Water – which coincidentally or by synchronicity, matches my Aquarian nature as the “water bearer”. Anyhow, I digress… I did find this and the several other blog posts to be resemble “hit pieces” and am put off by them, completely. Also, unfortunately I’m now more confused by the 2 variations/differences of the Mayan calendars then I was before. I was searching for real understanding of said differences, not insulting reasons why the Foundation “is not the Mayan calendar”, as was mentioned.


  2. Sorry brother, I find this piece of writing below you… I love your work when you do not indulge in the polarising energy you are getting into here… And I implore you to track your own advice “I would say that you should always question everything. Being blindfolded is the most unproductive state of mind you can have.”
    Perhaps dive a little deeper into Arguelles work, of Synchronotron and the legacy he left. And also explore the ‘colonisation wound’ of ‘divide and conquer’ which I find chronic here and also in all the writings of those that seek to disrepute Jose and his work.
    It is time to evolve forward …

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