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Why are Mayan Signs Different on Some Websites?

When you’re looking up your Mayan Signs online, it can get confusing when they are completely different on some websites. And I wanted to help you understand why, so that you can find clarity moving forward.

The “Dreamspell count”

When you’re finding different Mayan Signs, you are probably on a website that uses the “Dreamspell count” of the Tzolkin.

The Dreamspell count was generated by Jose Arguelles in late 1980’s. He uses the exact same Tzolkin structure of the Maya, in terms of the order of the 260 days being exactly the same.

However, in terms of which day we are at today, has different answer in these two counts.

The “authentic count”

On our website, we use the so called “authentic count”, which the Mayan day keepers have been following for about 2500 years without interruption.

Here is an example to demonstrate the difference:

If today is 10 Serpent in the authentic count, the Dreamspell count will say today is 4 Monkey. So it is like asking “is today 16th of October
2018, or 5th of May 2018?”

The confusion goes even deeper when one considers your Mayan Sign. It’s like asking “was I born on a 10 Serpent day or 4 Monkey day?”

Dreamspell is creating much confusion

To make things even more confusing, sometimes one of the signs in the four directions will be the original sign in the other count.

So people can still feel there is accuracy in the reading they got.

However, this is even deepening the confusion. Because each sign has a certain influence on a certain position in the Tree of Life.

To further this confusion, Arguelles also changed the structure of the signs that come up in the four directions.

Final thoughts

But, what is his claim about being such an authority on the Mayan Tzolkin?

He claims himself to be the reincarnation of one of the Mayan Gods.

Regardless of any such claims, the “authentic count” is the logical one to follow. After all, as mentioned above, this is the one the Mayan day keepers have been following without interruption for about 2500 years.

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