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Mayan Elder Speaks Openly About Dreamspell

This is a fantastic interview with Mayan elder, Don Alejandro, who is asked about the Dreamspell and whether it is in fact a Mayan calendar.

Mayan Elder Don Alejandro speaks about Dreamspell calendar

When asked:

In the modern world, new calendars have been invented that are sometimes called ‘Mayan’, like the Dreamspell calendar. What do the Maya think about these calendars?

He responds:

Look my brother… If you want to be a writer, just do a job well done. Because we, as the Mayans, with our calendar, we cannot add a day or take a day out. We cannot change or modify anything.

So other people, when they do things, they just do it without a reason. Just because they want to do it like that. And the result is that they confuse the people.

Don Alejandro continues:

I’ll tell you one thing.

The Maya say that there are some things about the maya culture that only the mayans understand. In other words, the Maya have a reason for everything.

But the other people that don’t know the beginnings or the principles, they try to do things according to what they think is right for them. And what they are doing is just confusing people.

Like one that speaks like this is Mr. José Argüelles.

He came to visit us and he talked to us. And he told us that he wanted to show us this calendar of the Thirteen Moons. And we said to him that he didn’t have the right to change our calendar.

Watch the video to continue. In it, Don Alejandro shares his view of Jose Arguelles, and explains that the Dreamspell is not a Mayan Calendar.


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