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Let’s Unite Forces with Group Meditations

We have recently gone through a super rare event, and this has inspired in me a collective group meditation.

Summer solstice took place on June 20th at 11:43 pm CET (Central European Time). And on June 21st, from 5.45 am to 12.35 pm CET, with its peak at 8.34 am, a ring of fire solar eclipse happened.

I do not remember ever having witnessed such a coincidence in my life.

Actually, this is the first time since 1982 that the annular solar eclipse and the summer solstice have fallen on the same day. The next time these two events coincide will be on June 21, 2039.

A few days ago I felt like this was the perfect storm for a collective group meditation, and I reached out to my good friend Stephan Oesterreicher. He was of course open to a collaboration, and he opened his amazing online meditation room for this event.

We met in Zoom on Sunday, June 21st from 8 am to 9 am (CET). It was such a nourishing experience to join together for a group meditation, and I encourage you to go to his room and join the ongoing meditations, which will be open 24/7.

Why a collective group meditation now?

2020 has been a crazy year so far, don’t you agree?

It started with Australian fires, and then coronavirus took over. And then, a huge politicisation. Where everybody’s involved in world politics somehow, not just their own country. There are discussions around whether COVID-19 lockdowns are helpful or not. And some people think that Black Lives Matter has come with another agenda that is artificial.

So there’s a lot of interesting events going on.

But I think this solar eclipse that happened in the summer solstice is a kind of a wake-up call for just stopping whatever we are doing. However, we are thinking and seeing with a different perspective.

Even thought it has passed, its energy is still here to encourage us to form a new way of being.

I suggest that you take out some time in your day to disassociate with yourself – with your mind, your thinking, your ego, and your political stance. If you were happy with it you can go back to it. I just suggest taking a look at yourself from the outside. Maybe you will see some opportunities to raise your consciousness, and become more aware of some new things.

There are a lot of people who assume that the 2012 Mayan calendar energy is actually happening now in 2020. And that this solar eclipse is triggering like a shift of the ages. I even see some posts in this direction on social media. Although I have been studying and working with the Mayan calendar for a very long time, I’m skeptical about these claims.

We can make the shift happen

But the more important thing is, we can make it happen.

Imagine, so many conscious people focus their energies collectively on one thing, and that is raising the consciousness of humanity. If we can just do that, then, just think about the consequences. We make it happen. We make the shift happen. It happens through us.

I’m not saying this to do a spiritual bypass. All the problems of the planet are real. All the political, ecological, and economical problems are real. However, we can transform this pain and suffering into a lesson, into a point of awakening, a point of awareness. And that requires some conscious effort. I think this solar eclipse is giving us this the opportunity for conscious effort.

Of course, meditating just for one day might not be enough. That’s why my friend Stephan is opening his meditation room online on Zoom. This virtual space is evolving into a 24/7 meditation room giving you the opportunity to join in whenever you feel like. You can simply join the Zoom room and do a 10 minute meditation or a 20 minute meditation. Or even longer, if you have time. You cold even make it a daily habit.

This is a wonderful space to offer, especially during this challenging time in the world. And because it is virtual, it is accessible to people from all over the globe, and bringing uniting our energies.

Stephan is doing a great service in that direction.

Raising the consciousness of humanity

I feel now it’s time to speak less, think less and criticize less.

I mean I’m not against the expression of any energy like anger, hatred against racism, for instance. But let us do just it more consciously.

I honestly believe that we have been manipulated as humanity. I don’t think whatever we see on the media is the absolute truth. There is some conspiracy going on. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but let us focus on the real pain of the planet.

For example, if Black Lives Matter how about the black lives in Africa? Millions of Africans have been disadvantaged for centuries. It’s not just African Americans who are suffering.

The African Africans are also suffering. And so are the indigenous cultures like from South of South America, from Chile to Canada. All the Native American tribes had been disadvantaged. They have been suffering in this or that way. The Aboriginals of Australia, basically, indigenous tribes all over the world.

Let’s unite forces with ongoing group meditations

I think this time is providing an amazing opportunity to realign with our true selves, with our spirits. An opportunity to just pray for something beautiful for humanity, for a shift of consciousness. I believe our efforts will be appreciated, and the universe will give us a beautiful boost of consciousness.

So let’s join our hearts and our souls together for ongoing group meditations.

You can also visit the website and join the Facebook group. And you can even visit the live recording of our group meditation on the 21st June, and do your own meditation, with as much time as you have.

Now is the time to unite forces. And these ongoing group meditations are a beautiful way to do this. Looking forward to having your energy in the room.

With love and blessings,

Apart from group meditations, if you’re looking for another meditation to try yourself, have a look at this post: Mayan Prophecies and True Spiritual Evolution. It that includes a meditation of compassion which a powerful practice of humility that can potentially help us rise above our own illusions.

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