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Mayan Jaguar Time: The Jaguar Trecena

Here is Part 8 of Mayan Jaguar Time. In this series, Belit shares her discoveries as she explores her Mayan Jaguar Sign.

This timing is extra special because we have just entered into the 13-day Jaguar trecena, making the energy of this sign even stronger.

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Trecena of the Jaguar

Ahhhhhh, my favorite time of the 260-day cycle! The Trecena of the Jaguar!  Lovin’ it!

Jaguar, also called Ix, is the shape-shifter. We are back at the beginning of the Tzolkin calendar 260-day cycle, having just finished the Crocodile Trecena, which starts off the cycle.

The beginning cycles are all about connecting or reconnecting with spirit. The number one is all about beginnings, new ideas, new vision, and new you. So, it is imperative that we continue and utilize the power from the previous Trecena and infuse it into the Trecena of the Jaguar.

Just for reference, there are other Mayan and Aztec calendars that may start on a different Day Sign or even have a different order. The Tzolkin calendar we are referencing is the calendar according to the Yucatan Maya.

What is most important to understand is we live and breathe in cycles, there is no beginning and no end, so to speak. So, with this, we are now TIMELESS, time out of time, without the confines of a box. We are OUT of the box. This understanding gives us a level of control in our lives where we follow the rhythms of the planet, the galaxy, and the universe. It brings us back to source and enables us to hear the messages that come from spirit.  

Current society has a continual pull to take us away from one of the most important things we should be doing – “Know thyself” and connect with the divine.

We have so much interference: how we should dress, how we should eat, who we need to emulate, television, social media, work, family responsibilities, and of course the current world situation that has most of us reeling due to all that is tied to functioning in the new world paradigm. 

We have to work extra hard to find a minute to breathe these days. 

Following the natural cycles of Trecena and Day signs gives us the ability to slow down and connect.

First, what is a Trecena?

A Trecena comes from the Spanish word for 13, which is ‘trece’.

Each Trecena cycle has thirteen days, from 1 – 13. As one Trecena cycle ends, the next begins.

There are 20 Day Signs, and each sign goes through a Trecena cycle. So each Trecena will begin on a different Day Sign. Therefore, the 20 Trecena cycles will last 260 days before repeating again.

In some cycles, the lower numbers of the Trecena have a lower energy, the middle numbers have a more balanced energy and the upper numbers have a very high energy.  

What is the Trecena of the Jaguar?

While the Trecena of the Crocodile represents the planting of a new seed in our consciousness as it is the first Trecena, the Trecena of the Jaguar is the nurturing of our awakened consciousness.

These two Trecenas help to establish our connection with source.

In the Trecena of the Jaguar, there are also two days of spiritual activation.  These days are called portal days. On portal days the veil between spirit and physical world is thin and access to spiritual domains is more easily facilitated.

Jaguar Days are days of inspiration, divination, and magick. We should use these days to walk our walk and talk our talk.

Jaguar Days are also days of truth and honor. We use these days to remember our spirituality, acquire wisdom, and sacred learning.  

Jaguar Days are days of balance. Some time should be spent realigning The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine within. On the material plane, so much is not aligned with the rhythm of the planet. We tend to be more focused on doing, rather than being. So much energy and emphasis are placed on chasing things, acquiring things, doing things. While some things we must DO, time must be allotted to just be, to feel, and to ENJOY.

Jaguar Days can be a time when we give back to Mother Earth. We can plant trees or plants, give time to ecological projects or donate to a conservation cause. Spending time in nature, if possible, or just looking out the window is beneficial.

The other thing we can do and perhaps the most important is to express our gratitude. Gratitude for our life. Gratitude for being alive.  Gratitude for love. Gratitude for family and friends. Gratitude for health and wellbeing. Any and everything should be respected and honored.

Jaguar Trecena Days

In the cycle of Trecena, Jaguar follows Crocodile. Jaguar is the 14th Day Sign and the 2nd Trecena.

Each day of our Jaguar Trecena has a special quality that we should honor.

Trecena of the Jaguar represents the balance of the masculine and the feminine aspects of consciousness. Jaguar can teach us how to walk that walk, how to shape-shift between the darkness of earth and the light of the realm of spirit as we lead the way to a new world.

Jaguar Days are also perfect days to pay homage and respect to Mother Earth and women and the work they do. This cycle of our Jaguar Trecena is from 11 February to 23 February. The days of our Trecena are jaguar, eagle, owl, earth, knife, storm, light, crocodile, wind, night, seed, snake, death. 

On the first day, Jaguar Day 1, we should be spending as much time as possible connecting with this sacred energy. Feel the rawness, honor the jaguar and yourself. Jaguar days are days of high magick and divination. They are days of meditation and introspection. We should spend today contemplating our life path and how to achieve it. This first day is superpowered, being the first day of the Trecena and a Jaguar day we have extra jaguar power today. (This is true of all first Trecena days)

Day two, Eagle Day, we should be thinking about our future journeys, but not to the point that we fly away. Meditate on your passion, envision your dreams and plan how to achieve them.

Day three, Owl Day, we should spend looking for and receiving messages from higher sources. While we receive these messages, make sure you stay in the present and do not go overboard.

Day four, Earth Day, is one of the best days to seek spiritual guidance either on your own or with someone experienced in spiritual matters.

Day five, Knife Day, this day gives you the energy to avoid negativity and disharmony. You will be given the energy to see what others may not and avoid mishaps.

Day six, Storm Day, is an excellent day to work on your healing needs.  Today, plan out your health strategy and begin to implement it.   

Day seven, Light Day, is a good day to focus on one plan of action, the best plan of action. You may have many alternatives but this is the day to make a choice of how to proceed. Be strong and go with your intuition.

Day eight, Crocodile Day, is the day to accept the guidance of spirit.  Completely trust your intuition today. You won’t be wrong.

Day nine, Wind Day, is a good day to release those things that you do not need. Let the wind take them away effortlessly.

Day ten, Night Day, is the day of social pursuits. Spend time with friends and loved ones and make sure your partnerships and committed relationships are on track. Honour your partner. Show them appreciation and build your lives together.

Day eleven, Seed Day, this is a day of creativity and fertility. Develop your plans, ideas, and visions.

Day twelve, Snake Day, use this day to remove any clutter or mess in your life. Ask for assistance from spirit to lead you in the direction of the life you have always wanted and go for it.

Day thirteen, Death Day, the end of this cycle is a day for loving self. On this day respect yourself and make ready for transformation into the you that you were meant to be.

What we can do

Jaguar is the most spiritual of all the Day Signs.

Jaguar guards the sacred sites, the temples, and the altars where we make offerings. While we may not be able to visit Sacred Sites and Temples, we can create a special Jaguar Altar. The altar is the place where we show reverence and respect for our totem and ourselves. Since Part II of Creating an Altar is coming, we won’t give away all the goods, but we will just share a few things we can do right now to create a simple Jaguar Altar.  

Traditionally Jaguar is associated with the direction north and the color white. However, modern associations are with the south and the color yellow. For the altar, whichever resonates with you are the colors and directions we can use for our Jaguar altar. It is very simple. We just need a cloth, whatever color you chose, some candles and some incense. You can either set up a special table designated to Jaguar or this can be a portable altar that you remove each day after finishing. 

We should set aside some time to spend with our altar, whatever works for you.  At this time, we should simply light some incense like sage, sandalwood, jasmine, frankincense, or myrrh, light a candle and take a moment to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Focus on you, your breathing, and connecting with Jaguar energy.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Next time we will finish creating our altar.

See you next time on Mayan Jaguar Time…

Are you a Mayan Jaguar?
If so, share some of your discoveries in the comments below. 

Belit - Contributing Writer at My Mayan Sign

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