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Mayan Jaguar Time: Creating Peace & Harmony

Here is Part 6 of Mayan Jaguar Time. In this series, Belit shares her discoveries as she explores her Mayan Jaguar Sign.

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The Journey Begins

Things are getting interesting now.

Jaguars are the magick, the wizard, the magician, the shape-shifter, the silent one, the gatekeeper, and the guardian of sacred knowledge and wisdom. Quite a calling and not one to be taken lightly, as I see it.

Jaguars are, as we all are, chosen for their life mission. The universe, the creator/ess, all that is has given us this opportunity to live up to our potential. But it is not easy. Jaguars are the silent hunters, rulers of the day AND the night. As such we have to live a special style of life to stay in line with our mission.

We are the daykeepers and our duties are many:

keeping sacred knowledge and wisdom, keeping the sacred calendar, the solar calendar and measuring the long count, giving ceremony, creating rituals, teaching, knowledge of astrology, astronomy, mathematics,

What We Need

Time to ourselves

Per my private consultation and researching, we as jaguars absolutely need to have our own space or at least be able to be in a sacred space for a consistent, specific time each day or week. This is crucial to our survival.  We live in both worlds at the same time and this can be taxing on us.

We have the innate ability to guide others, but at the same time, we can absorb the energies and emotions of others. This can wear us down if we do not take time for ourselves. We need this time to not only recharge but to continue to maintain our connection with the divine.

We’re intimately connected with Mother Earth and all that is. We are a great symbol of the feminine and are also deemed as caretakers of the earth. So, we have to maintain that connection which requires us to be able to spend quality time with THE goddess, Gaia, Pachamama…

Time alone:

increases our emotional intelligence, allows us to be more aware of ourselves, connects us with the divine and our higher selves, teaches us about ourselves and allows us to delve into our shadow, increases our concentration and focus, enhances the quality of our relationships with others and increases our creativity.

What we can do:

  1. We can spend just five minutes just being still
  2. Take a few minutes each night to journal
  3. Go outside and breathe
  4. Walk barefoot

Being authentic

The next most important aspect of jaguars is the need to communicate our authenticity.

This world encourages us to be “nice” and “good”. And not that these are not excellent qualities to have, this should not override our own needs. This is not to say that by doing something wicked or evil you can try to rationalize it as something you need to do. But we have rights, we have boundaries and we CAN, and MUST say “NO” whenever we need or want to.

We have to learn to dismiss much of the teachings of society that reinforce our “slavehood” to the system and be authentically us. As jaguars, we are a little different compared to the mainstream. We see what others do not see, feel things that others do not feel, and live things that others do not or will not ever live. We were chosen to protect and guide. As protectors and guides, we have to live in OUR truth.

Do you, be you and live you…

What we can do:

  1. Drop the need to conform. Just because many people may be into skinny jeans, if that is not your thing, don’t do it. Wear your bellbottoms if you want to and wear them with pride.
  2. Stay in the present by being mindful of your thoughts. During the day take a few minutes to check in with yourself and make sure you are OK.
  3. Form genuine relationships with people who have your best interests at heart and share their desire for your future growth and development. Let go of those who do not serve you in truth. 
  4. Love yourself above all others. Take time to get that massage, have that spa day, walk in the park or get yourself something nice. You deserve it!

Creating Peace and Harmony

With these two steps, we can begin to create peace and bring more harmony into our lives.

Next time we will talk about how to set up a sacred space.

See you next time on Mayan Jaguar Time…

Are you a Mayan Jaguar?
If so, share some of your discoveries in the comments below. 

Belit - Contributing Writer at My Mayan Sign

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