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The Ring of Fire: June 21 2020 New Moon Eclipse

Cheyenne - June 30, 2020 - 0 comments

The Ring of Fire: June 21 2020 New Moon Eclipse

The Ring of Fire

Recently we went through a very rare astrological event with a summer solstice on June 20th, and a new moon solar eclipse on June 21st. Although not a total eclipse, you could see some of the sun radiating out from behind the moon, creating a beautiful effect we call a “ring of fire”.

Here is a article by one of our contributing writers, Cheyenne Jahn – an energy interpreter and astrologer – sharing insight into what this means for us and the Earth collectively (see Bio below)

0° Cancer Sabian symbol 

This specific eclipse’s Sabian symbol is 0° Cancer Sabian Symbol 

“On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One”

What this symbol means:

  • An internal change of allegiance.
  • The point of no return.

A critical turning point

This lunation cycle brings forth a critical turning point collectively and individually.

Where this degree shows up in your chart, is the area of life where this seed of initiation is occurring.

For the collective on Earth, the timeline is shifting. In the Northern Hemisphere the ego energies are at their peak, and from here on will begin to wane. The opposite is true for the Southern Hemisphere where the subconscious realms and inner cycles have been ruminating. 

Wherever you are, the Sun and Moon are conjunct with the North Node of the Moon, a springboard or cosmic wind moving us into a new way of being at its most foundational level.

This is a thing of beauty. We are being observed and watched by other beings in our universe at this major shifting point. 

The ring of fire

When a child is born, the mother goes through a moment called the Ring Of Fire as the head makes its way out of the body. This tremendous pain leads to an overwhelm of relief and recovery. 

This is the human archetype of transformation, of new cycles and the birth of new creations. A new way of existing for the mother or creative self. And a new life full of value and fulfilment for the child or desire.

Where can we nurture ourselves during this enormous shift?

Where can we become vulnerable?

What have you been clinging to out of fear?

These are questions we can ask ourselves.

When we tighten our grip we create the belief of duality, forgetting that our desires are attracted to us when we become what we seek, instead of wanting everything outside of us to change first. To embrace this energy, dive into the inner feminine part of the Self – the receptive and open, in-the-body-feeling, flowing side. 

A cluster of planets are still retrograde with the addition of Mercury. This is an inner experience. Inside ourselves the most glorious change is happening – feeling disconnected from the body or your purpose is natural.

Release built up cellular memories and limiting beliefs with every New Moon cycle and allow a realignment to take place.

Remember, if it’s not a strong yes, it’s a firm no.

My Mayan Sign Contributing Writer Bio Cheyenne-Jahn

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Energy interpreter and astrologer specialising in reality overlays and multidimensional weaving. Offering private readings, you can find me on Instagram as plutosflower.

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