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How to raise your vibration during unbalanced times

The Mayans viewed life holistically. They were aware that what happened to one, happened to all.

Today our world reveals an intenseness that is almost tangible, and all life upon this planet can feel that.

In my last blog, I explained the use of a very simple tool that raises your vibration and can even take you out of fear. In addition to this emotional scale, there are several things you can do to change your perception and thus, your life circumstances.

Some of these deceptively simple techniques are described as feeling through your heart, observing from the position of who you really are, and remembering the fact that your perception manifests your reality.

It’s a straightforward way to help move you to where you may be trying to go.

Move from your head to your heart

When in distress, remind yourself that you are not whatever it is that you have labeled your feelings. Acceptance of this fact lightens your energy and turns on your heart center. The Mayans were well aware of the importance of living through your heart, and would often connect with nature to do so.

When your energy is transferred from the brain, where you will be more apt to do things like create a story, to your heart, your energy softens and becomes permeable only to uplifting change.

By doing this, you will feel better.

Experiencing life through your heart simply entails paying attention to how you feel through your heart center. Because the third dimension is physical, all it takes to surf emotional waves is to focus on the physical feelings these situations give to your body.

For example, if you get shaky when put on the spot, try not to label or give a story to the fact that your hand is shaking. That’s being in your head. Allow it existence and put a non-judgmental focus on the physical effects. Send love to yourself. Your emotions will let you go with love.

Staying out of your mind (no stories, no judgements) is crucial because the transformative power lies in your heart. Using your heart to transform fear is alchemy. It turns lead into gold.

Be the Observer

The second step you can take during these times is to remain in the observer position.

Remind yourself of who you really are: a highly-conscious being here to experience third dimensional reality. Turn your attention inward and without judgement, watch what you are thinking, feeling, and doing.

Practice remaining neutral and unattached to specific outcomes. Perfection is not necessary, just an intention to try. Know and believe that it is for the best possible interest of your soul. 

Because the Universe is eternally unfolding, we are always growing and sometimes that’s difficult. You control how you interact with life and react to situations, so it can be helpful to get more information from the better view you will always have as an observer.

In addition to being continuously expansive, the universe is constantly moving. Remember that everything from an atom to the biggest planet is always changing. Therefore, you are always in a situation that is permeable to your focus. Like the zoom lens of a camera, what you put your attention on enlarges. Because nothing stagnates, our bodies put us in complete control by giving us the ability to consciously focus our feelings.

Like GPS, our bodies converse back to us and reveal answers such as where to go and what to do by physical feelings.

“Unprecedented” is a word I for one have heard enough of when used in description of today’s world. No matter how you label it, life is interesting and can be intense. Whatever it is that you feel, acknowledge it. Try not labeling it, just feel it without judgement so you can let it go. 

Remind yourself of who you really are, and observe.

In this mindset, you can live as Jesus suggested, “In the world, not of it.

Start from wherever you just happen to be and raise your vibration through the power of your heart, gaining the invincible strength with which all humans are born. Take control, you have the capacity to surpass and transform.


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