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It’s Time to Hygge and Create Balance

It's time to hygge

As cities around the world hunker down for the next round of quarantines, the thought of being forced to stay indoors may seem unbearable. Looking at it from a different point of view, staying in is almost an art when practicing a Danish tradition called Hygge. The History of Contentment According to the Norwegians who … Read more

How to Change the World by Doing One Simple Thing

As we experience current events, our awareness of low and high polarities becomes more attuned. This is why much of the world seems out of balance lately, and the idea of being able to change the world as an individual feels like an almost impossible task. The Mayan’s holistic understanding of the universe was as … Read more

A Tool to Overcome Fear and Transition into Joy

It’s an extraordinary time on our planet. Humans today are dealing with more stress emotionally and physically than ever before. This affects our way of life, our planet, and all the living beings that call Earth home. Not all is lost though! An important aspect of managing what happens to you is to take control … Read more