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How to Change the World by Doing One Simple Thing

As we experience current events, our awareness of low and high polarities becomes more attuned. This is why much of the world seems out of balance lately, and the idea of being able to change the world as an individual feels like an almost impossible task.

The Mayan’s holistic understanding of the universe was as a living one, and through that perspective, it certainly does seem as if we are evolving. Perhaps it is time to own our sovereignty. A first step to recognize that what you do and how you do it affects the world. The importance of every action becomes even more significant, creating a circle, a sacred symbol to the Maya, of cause and effect.

For example, if you wanted to change the world to experience more peace and less violence, you would simply be kind. It’s deceptive in its simplistic sound and is not easy for everyone. But, ironically, the more difficult a situation is, to react with kindness is precisely when it’s most effective. 

A step that actually works 

To see tangible results is to feel them, and to be able to feel how good it is when you choose kindness is to visualize it.

Simply practice looking at people with whatever you want to picture as love streaming out of your heart. That’s all you need to do in order to be able to notice immediately that the world seems more agreeable. 

This will not only strengthen your heart chakra, but it will ignite a spark within others. Whether they know it or not, as long as their higher self is in agreement, an act of kindness towards another cannot go unappreciated. Kindness proliferates as each person continues on with their day, and Love grows exponentially.

It’s uncomplicated

We change the world by helping each other get through these times together.

The Mayan’s belief in a connected world means that what happens to one happens to all. This is the holistic view of nature, and because we are all on this planet together, we are interconnected throughout Nature itself.

If we don’t all get through together, we will all fall together. Just be kind. It feels great, and it will help the world and you more than you can imagine.


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