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Concession to Conquer the Yucatan: Incomprehensible Languages (Part 1)

Here is Part 1 of a fantastic 5-part series by our contributing writer Michal Pawlus, describing in more detail the concession to conquer the Maya Yucatan. You can find the full series linked below. Concession to Conquer the Yucatan: Incomprehensible Languages (Part 1) Antonio de Ciudad Real wrote in 1588 that when reaching Yucatan they … Read more

Mayan Jaguar Time: This is who we are

Mayan Jaguar Time - This is who we are

Here is Part 11 of Mayan Jaguar Time. In this series, Belit shares more about her discoveries as she explores her Mayan Jaguar Sign. You’ll find links to all previous articles at the end of this page. Who we are. Jaguars. We are the dark and the light. We are the Sun and the Moon. We are … Read more

Connecting the Dots for Our Soul’s Journey: Lizard/Seed/Net

Mayan Sign Lizard Seed

In this series, our contributing writer Duru Yücel-Tofei will be looking at how we can connect the dots of our soul’s journey using insights for each of the Mayan sign’s directions of Past/Support/Youth, Adult/Day Sign, and Future/Maturity/Guide Sign. The content of this series will be taking into account only these directions with an aim to … Read more