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Connecting the Dots for Our Soul’s Journey: Lizard/Seed/Net

In this series, our contributing writer Duru Yücel-Tofei will be looking at how we can connect the dots of our soul’s journey using insights for each of the Mayan sign’s directions of Past/Support/Youth, Adult/Day Sign, and Future/Maturity/Guide Sign.

The content of this series will be taking into account only these directions with an aim to interpret the transitions of our soul in the context of a human’s life stages; past, present, and future.

If you’d like to read about other signs in this series, you will find all articles linked at the bottom of this page.

The Mayan Sign Lizard/Seed/Kan/K’at

It’s important to understand the past we’ve come from and been through and also the transformations we go through with regards to understanding our current and future selves. Thus, it’s meaningful to talk about why certain signs have specific “Past/Youth/Support” signs and “Maturity/Guide/Destiny” signs.

We can explain the reasons for these alignments in the mathematical sense within the Mayan Calendar. However, for us to really understand what they mean, we need to grasp the deeper truths regardless of whether the meaning contained in them led to these mathematical and systematic alignments or the other way around; the mathematical/systematic alignments led to those deeper truths.

The necessity comes in understanding what we signed up for as a soul when we chose to exist.

Thus, we can take better advantage of our “stories” and even have the chance to “choose our battles” and pick much better-suited, truthful aspirations and goals during our specific journey here on earth. This understanding can directly help us deal with our challenges in a much wiser way as well. 

Lizard/Seed/Kan/K’at is the fourth sign of this series. Here, you can read Part 1 on the Crocodile Sign, Part 2 on the Wind Sign and Part 3 on the Night Sign.

Lizard/Seed/Kan/K’at – Past, Present and Future:

The Past/Support Sign ~ Owl/Cib/Ajmaq 

Owl is dominant till the age of 13. After that, in decreasing effect, Lizard/Seed people will continue to feel this sign’s presence and support till they hit 26.

For Lizards, Owl brings a seriousness that is hardly matched by any other Mayan sign and creates a serious childhood environment too.

Their inherent stiffness brought by this serious lens can bring in and of itself an inability to enjoy life. Always taking things from a rigid reality-based perspective creates hardships in letting go when there is a need to do so. The childhood period, which is naturally a great learning, expanding, adapting, and experimenting phase, does not really go well with this quality. Even from an early age, they might come off like a worn-out ‘’old-soul’’ who gives the impression of a ‘’know-it-all’’ and ‘’been-there-done-that’’. They might feel mature and in touch with what is really going on much more than their parents/caretakers and teachers. When their friends are having fun and playing games, they might stay more occupied with ‘’what works’’ for that game in a serious manner instead of simply being in it and enjoying the moment. This can also bring a type of loneliness among their friends and even family members because they feel like nobody is in control of the situation and nobody really cares as much as they do. I know an example of a Lizard/Seed person who says that from the moment he opened his eyes to this world, he immediately felt like he needed to protect and lead his parents rather than them leadings and protecting him. 

Therefore, the biggest lesson for an Owl is letting go of their need to constantly control themselves.

Owl can create a state of being stuck in literal and figurative ways more than a child’s fair share during the childhood of a Lizard/Seed/Net. Interestingly, despite knowing what works in any given situation, they might make mistakes in interpersonal relationships and important life choices because of not letting the flow of love inside their beings. Instead, they can carry a fear of people as a result of their fixation on control and holding their ground.

These ‘’mistakes’’ will teach them important lessons of not overly emphasizing their logical, calculating side and their own perception of reality. The more they open up, learn to let go, let softness and warmth in their hearts, the better their decisions, actions, and relationships will be.

Their life experiences are there to show them that life is much more than end results and getting things ‘’right’’. They’ll understand that it’s about developing an ever-expanding perspective, embracing the totality of their own and others’ beings, seeing also the gains of all the experiences with an acceptance of the fact that all of us and life itself is ‘’fragile’’ and that there are hidden treasures in this understanding. 

Owls are generally good at stability. Order is something they need in their lives. They might even become extremely fixed in their ways. Owing to the fact that they have a lazy streak, they might generally choose to stay physically inactive. There is a love of luxury without the will to work for it.

Another result of having Owl as a Support/Past sign might be getting stuck in status consciousness and this is one of the main qualities of Owl. Although nobody can deny that ‘’status’’ is an integral part of the systems and civilizations we’ve built so far as humans, it can still be dangerous if we are making decisions and shaping our identity on the basis of this fact.

Here lies the threat: Instead of searching for what they value and prioritize, they might constantly look at the standards built by the media, systems and the corporate world we live in to determine what they BETTER BE wanting, needing, feeling, doing. As a result of not really being in touch with their inner world, their unique emotions, always looking for validation for what is wanted and desired by ‘’others’’, they can fall victim to the status quo – the media, fashion, classical educational system, societal expectations etc.

Owl carries immense wisdom having access to ancient knowledge which makes her/him a creature of the spirit realm, so, comes along a paradox with this way of being/living as he/she becomes materialistic and too worldly. Material worries and tightness around these issues can result in other outcomes. Remembering their spiritual gifts, they can balance their materialistic orientation as they’ll manage to stay connected to their inborn depth this way.

‘’Less is more.’’ can serve them as a life motto, enabling them to focus on the actual value of things while offsetting the tendency to become a hoarder. 

The Child With An Old Soul 

Another interesting combination of factors is that although they might come off as cold, unapproachable, distant and even somewhat hard-hearted, thanks to their high standards, they always want the best for everyone as much as for themselves. This contrast of wanting the best for everyone yet being quite status-conscious also shows itself in the fact that they might feel more secure when they are physically alone. This mainly results from a lack of ‘’inclusive’’ love for all as Owl is known to be ‘’rejecting the things/people outside of or ‘below’ their standards’’ and because of that, they might look down on people. And the ones that are ‘’accepted in the club’’ soon find out that Owls have an impenetrable quality to them. They can be beneficial friends when it comes to giving sound advice packed with ‘’high-quality’’ wisdom.

They can hear the necessary wisdom when their minds are calm and when they are connected to their inner voice. They can foresee things too. 

During childhood, Lizard/Net/Seed people might be much more stubborn with the Owl influence and lack fluidity, but this can make them firm and solid in sticking to their decisions and the things they deem to be right to do.

There’s also a high possibility of being surrounded by considerably older people more often than their peers. 

The Day Sign/Adult Sign/Present ~ Lizard/Seed/Kan/K’at

Starting from the age of 13, with growing effect, Lizard/Kan takes the center stage as their Day Sign.

Owl’s heavy and serious side softens and gets replaced with a simpler, much fresher attitude. Owl is an ‘’old-soul’’, so, Lizard people choose Lizard as their Day Sign (as Mayans say, we choose our Day Sign for our evolution before we come into existence, but after birth, we forget that choice on a spirit level) to become a lighter, much of a ‘’young at heart’’ type of person who is open to newness.

Owl can be an advantage helping them know what works and they can use it when they need to solve any type of problem since Lizard/Seed/Net/K’at is mainly a problem-solver.

They are meant to untie the entanglements of human life, especially of practical and tangible aspects. Their “Owl” years might be characterized by a static energy but once they start to embody their Day Sign, they come to know a dynamic nature with a need to apply itself to things. And rather than being wise, and watching and judging how things and people should best be/do, they find a volcanic energy waiting inside them to be expressed. They continue to maintain their high standards but in a different fashion than Owl. Now, it’s less elitist, one can say, and more practical and solution-oriented which, in other words, is more like simply working in their highest capacity with regards to the practical aspects of life with a view to better themselves and situations around them. They move with their energy and make things happen. One of their main traits is ‘’working up a sweat for the details’’ and they are definitely going to be doing that naturally as they are drawn to taking care of bits and pieces of whatever they do. 

They find themselves to be sexual creatures too! Their sexuality is more of an embodiment rather than the activity of it. They will want to act upon their sexuality too, but regardless of their sexual activity, they’ll find themselves to be quite sexual simply by being themselves.

They need to be selective in their sexual encounters as they might have to deal with sexually transmitted diseases. Especially their first years of sexual discovery might be characterized by simply following their urges and approaching sex in a very ‘’practical’’ way, so, they simply might have sex with much less care or discernment when it comes to who they do it with and how. They can help themselves by remembering their attitude of high standards and not accepting anybody to share their sexual energy. 

As they mature, they mature as sexual beings too. They will have the wisdom and solutions derived from their own experiences to show the way to others with regard to sexual problems.

They need to remember that the abundant and volcanic energy they feel inside belongs to them but needs proper care. Otherwise, they might become reckless and even self-destructive as a result of using it only in pleasure-seeking ways and without any discrimination. Their sensuality and senses are overly-developed and they need to take care to not let the material world and pleasures of the flesh get the best of them. Instead, they need to remember to use it wisely and productively so that their lives and themselves ‘’flourish’’ as they are the ‘’Seed (another name of Lizard)’’ of their own life. This will also help them have much better, multilayered, multidimensional, and deeper relationships with their partners as they won’t just be putting their need for sexuality to the forefront and make their relationships mainly about exchanges of sexual pleasures.

Mastering The Volcanic Energy 

Sports, working with hands, even practical activities like cleaning the house, cooking, running errands, completing their ‘’to-do lists’’ are some of the more constructive ways of channeling their energies.

They can highly benefit from certain practices (spiritual or otherwise) to show them how to work specifically with their sexual energy so that they become the masters of it rather than their sexual energy consuming and entrapping them. This is one of the biggest lessons for a Lizard/Seed person. On the other hand, this energy can turn inwards and create an unbalanced and internally angry person if they choose to willingly or unwillingly suppress or deny their sexual nature. Sometimes the environment they grow up in or the religion and the society they are born into doesn’t serve them well. If that is the case, they need to find healing methods to understand at what point and why they unconsciously or consciously chose to bury their sexual energy inside.

They need to liberate themselves sexually without suppressing their own nature while learning how to be responsible and wise about embodying and using it. This is the key to their full potential when it comes to any aspect of their life including abundance on all levels since Lizard/Seed has the ability to lead a prolific and fortunate life with wisdom.

Owl, as their Past/Support Sign, can help them with its wisdom. Jennifer Lopez, a Lizard Day Sign, is a good example of embodied sexuality and creating abundance with inherent volcanic dynamism while always pushing herself forward thanks to her high standards

That is what their coming into existence as a Lizard/Seed is about with regards to their inherent accumulated knowledge of Owl which is much more static and generally opposed to change, movement or novelty. Lizards are here to bask in their powerful, demanding, internal sexual energy and use it in ways that result in abundance, change, renewal, getting rid of the old, breaking new ground, simplicity of life, and a lightness of being. They will shed the heavy load of Owl’s karma, ways of being, and living, both in material and emotional ways. And once they start doing this, seemingly magical and rapid improvements will take place in their lives. They will not only be able to liberate themselves from the ‘’old debts’’ of karma but also help others to do the same. Talking about debt, Lizard/Seed people need to be careful to not welter in actual monetary debts.

Using their sexual, vital energy with wisdom is truly interconnected to avoiding insurmountable debts, just as it is interconnected to managing every aspect of their own life and existence.

After all, money is just energy in another form. It’s not a coincidence that another Lizard/Seed person, the founder of this blog, Fatih Kecelioglu, focuses on sexuality while sharing his experiences with a view to helping others and has chosen to also become a Tantric teacher and a masculinity coach. He is an example of using this unique dynamism in a focused and meaningful way. 

A Simpler Handling Of Life

Lizards are said to have a simple approach to life as they possess ‘’a simplistic mind’’. Their mind can help when focusing on one very important thing: Mastering their sexual energy, which looks like a single issue but actually it is a multifaceted aspect of their life. On the other hand, the pitfall of having such a mind is taking things too lightly or skipping the issues and overlooking the important things as the problems remain unsolved or worse, unseen in some circumstances.

This type of ‘’skipping’’ is also connected with their need to face their own ‘’selves’’ which is a major issue in Lizard people’s lives and they’ll need to go through some lessons to be able to do that. However, these lessons do not have to be hard learned ones if they consciously choose to see through their actions with honesty and integrity.

From the outside, they can appear to be closed-off, self-absorbed, and ‘’in their own world’’. This happens when their energy is stuck and they need to untie those energetic entanglements to open themselves up energetically and to partake in things outside of themselves.

One of the significant things about this sign is their expression of truth through their being, according to the ‘’self’’. They don’t always actively demonstrate what is the reality to them or speak about what they call truth but they certainly and mostly ‘’carry’’ their version of truth or reality as they’re rather an embodiment of it. Although this can help them hold their ground and be determined, on the negative side they might not be wanting to acknowledge any other alternative opinion about something which they believe is true or to be the truth. They can be narrow-minded sometimes. They need to learn to let go of a type of ‘’intellectual monopolism’’ and expand their minds and stretch their attitudes as this reflects itself on the material plane too, making them ‘’monopolize’’ partners, friendships, jobs, positions, belongings and etc.

They need to remember to ‘’have but not to hold’’ – meaning that they need to enjoy things, status, ideas, people, and material things in a liberating fashion, just like the liberators they already are! Otherwise, they can block the flow of abundance and might even lose what they are ‘’holding so tight’’. Remembering that nothing really belongs to anyone, all is ephemeral and death is an ever-imminent reality that can serve them well. 

The Future Sign ~ Road/Grass/Eb/E’

When it comes to Lizard’s future, what is very important is a remarkable ‘’expansion of consciousness’’ coming into their life.

Lizard/Seed/Kan/K’at people will definitely be coming out of their cocoon when it comes to their awareness. They will become less self-oriented and self-absorbed. They’ll manage and organize their lives from a wider perspective. Hence, their choices will be much more prudential, bringing them higher rewards and results in all aspects.

Lizard/Seed people need Road/Grass as their Mature/Future/Guide sign because of the parts which need ‘’completion’’ within themselves to become well-rounded, developed people. And it’s not a coincidence that after years of monopolistic attitudes, forging ahead with their primal energy without any forethought or concern for the consequences and just ‘’wanting whatever they want’’ will slowly but surely be replaced with them becoming a much more circumspect, wise, sensitive and benevolent person, especially after 52-53 years old, since these are very prominent qualities of the sign of Road/Grass. 

They’ll understand the value of ‘’win-win situations’’ in the perfect sense as they’ll be inclined to create these types of scenarios. They’ll come to know what it means to effortlessly think about everyone and all the aspects involved in a situation rather than only their standpoint and interests, because of the fact that simply they won’t feel like ‘’winning’’ unless it’s a ‘’win-win’’. Interestingly, this will also help them become the Lizard/Seed/Net they already are since they’ll be able to untangle the situations and solve both their own and other people’s problems with much ease when an expanded consciousness will be one of their prominent traits thanks to Road/Grass. As we all know, problems and entanglements are much better-taken care of when we include all the aspects and everyone involved in them.

At this stage, they’ll also let go of the monopolistic attitudes towards the ownership of things, situations, people, etc. and they’ll have a much more commune-oriented approach to ownership. They’ll easily give and take with less ego attached to those exchanges. 

Liberation Through Service And Wider Perspective 

Lizard/Seed/Net people spend their years with a much bigger preoccupation with their own needs, desires, goals, and passions. But, starting with their forties and then with full impact in their fifties, they’ll be focusing on what can benefit the society, the family, the groups, the country, the environments they are living and involved in.

Their focus will turn into selfless service with regards to giving their time, care, energy, skills, and talents to the things, situations, people they want to support and improve.

They’ll find the true joy of humble service and making things happen. They’ll be able to impart their accumulated wisdom of Lizard/Seed/Net years and show the way to everyone – especially the younger generations – towards betterment. Road/Grass people have a way of acting with a concern for the impact of their existence and actions for the many generations ahead and their ever-expanding consciousness definitely serves them.

As they progress towards Road, a big benefit will come to Lizard people as they’ll feel a release from the self which can be too demanding, tiring, even boring, and suffocating at times. Since the self is ‘’limited with’’ endless needs and desires which are not only impossible to completely fulfil but also stifling at their best, very easily creating a constant dissatisfaction and not feeling contentment no matter what.

Road, being a service, community-oriented and hardworking sign can definitely make Lizards feel both liberated and enriched at the same time. They’ll find that the more they’ll give themselves to the wider perspective of their Guide/Mature Sign Road and let go of the self, the richer, luckier, and more expanded and complete they’ll become. Road is described as an empty, open vessel or cup. So, the more they become “empty and open”, the more their “vessel/cup will be able to be filled”. This is important to understand and they can have the help of their Male/Outer sign ‘’Knife/Mirror’’ in integrating this seemingly paradoxical approach within themselves. 

With the sharing, hardworking, selfless, humble, spiritually strong, and foreseeing traits of Road, Lizards can become much more influential and effective, adding value to their place in the world. Their intuition will be guiding them on the ‘’road’’ and they better listen to it every step of the way. They can use it not only for themselves but also for others and be very sought-after thanks to their guiding quality.

“Roads” literally meaning “travel”, will also be a beneficial factor in their lives and they’ll find themselves getting to know the world much more than before. They’ll have luck in foreign lands and travel in general. Travel enhances their life in both material and spiritual ways and teaches them many things which in return makes Road people enrich their society with what they ‘’bring back home’’. 

On the negative side, Road can bring melancholy and bitterness of anger and resentment as a result of their sensitivity and vulnerability but also from the huge responsibility they feel towards life and people. When this is the case in their maturity years, Lizards can always remember to call for their “well-known” qualities which are liveliness, dynamism, being full of themselves, and then take their focus from over-responsibility and sensitivity towards the outside to the ‘’self’’ to be able to take action in order to resolve those resentments and to look for practical ways which they might move forward. Once they succeed in this, they can beautifully combine leadership and problem-solving qualities of their Day Sign with the selfless and service-oriented qualities of their Future/Mature sign Road/Grass to become a ‘’selfless leader’’. This way, they’ll have a much luckier life journey as both Road and Lizard are lucky signs in different ways. 

Possible Career Choices

The areas of work for Lizard/Seed/Net people can be anything ranging from performance-related careers to actively being in the forefront of service to humankind in varied forms.

When choosing a career, it’d be good to follow where their volcanic energy is pulled towards, as that can show them where they’ll be most productive.

They are also sociable people, so, anything that is society and relationships based will also be good. They can be excellent caretakers and hardworking founders of NGOs or different organizations. The careers where a strong stamina, seeing the big picture, an unshakable work ethic, devotion, teamwork, details, wider goals, and aspirations are needed will suit them best.

Anything involving people, service and frequent traveling is very good too. 

Health & Exercise 

As long as they keep their dynamism and use their explosive sexual energy in a constructive way, they’ll have healthy bodies and psychology.

They should not let their energy bottle up inside and they should always make room for exercise or various other physical outlets. Especially after fifty, they need to watch out for excessive drinking which they might adhere to because of a need to numb their sensitivity, melancholy, and resentment (as a possible side-effect of their Mature/Future sign Road). Instead, they need to focus on the service, help, and guidance they can easily offer, knowing that healing from those negative emotions is already to be found in the process of their diligent effort and contribution.

Are you a Mayan Seed/Lizard/Net sign? If so, share your discoveries in the comments below.

Duru - Contributing Writer at My Mayan Sign

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  1. As the Mayan Seed/Lizard/Road sign … I have life experiences that have taught me to not hold on so tightly, that life does pass into death, and people leave. I’ve learned that not getting it right in the end is not as important as I believed it to be, once upon a time. I’m in my Road sign now and see so much truth in the words of creating give and take and win-win solutions for all. I do focus on benefits for my community, my family, the environment and the larger aspects beyond myself, as I see the world unfolding daily in chaos and order. One issue that truly is troublesome is this question. Why are children the vessel into which lower-frequency-life adults pour their poison into? This is adults believing they own them, and can do as they like. It troubles me and I’m seeking liberation from this emotion.

    • Thanks for your feedback on my article and also for sharing your personal journey. I enjoyed reading your evolution. The question that unsettles you is one of my main ones which has the same effect on me. Hence, I’m an antinatalist and only believe in adoption and I also believe that only some select people needs to adopt. Cheers to a better world, nonetheless…

  2. Thanks for your feedback on my article and also for sharing your personal journey. I enjoyed reading your evolution. The question that unsettles you is one of my main ones which has the same effect on me. Hence, I’m an antinatalist and only believe in adoption and I also believe that only some select people needs to adopt. Cheers to a better world, nonetheless…

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