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Darkness Before Dawn: The Lights Along the Way (Part 5)

As we go through intensified global change and energy shifts, this thought-provoking series – Darkness Before Dawn – could not have come at a better time. In it, Jacques explores the transition we’re going through and the greater impact of the position of the earth.

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The Seasons of the Yuga Cycle

Just like with the Maya cycles, the 24,000-year Vedic Yuga Cycle consists of fractals, which are smaller cycles within the larger ones. In both frameworks, it’s important to be cognizant of the smaller cycles too because of their influence on the larger ones. 

A Vedic Yuga Cycle contains two smaller cycles within it, namely a Subyuga cycle and (within it) a Subsubyuga cycle [1]. This provides for a blending of energies, causing each Yuga to have energy ‘seasons’. These seasonal energy-blends determine to a large extent the nature of human consciousness. 

The Current Energy-Blend

From the years 1900 to 3900, the Bronze Age energy of Dwapara Yuga is the dominant energy of the Yuga Cycle. It’s during this age, also known as the Electric Age, that human consciousness experiences a growing awareness in relation to energy. That was exemplified in how modern civilization’s fossil fuel foundation had its formation around the time when the first commercial oil-wells went into operation in the late 1850s, just a few decades before the commencement of the Dwapara Yuga ‘Electric Age’ in the year 1900. 

The second strongest energy of our current season is the Iron Age energy of the Kali Subyuga. This 200-year sub-season is active between the years 1900 and 2100. Each main energy season has four sub-seasons and we are presently in the first sub-season (the Kali Subyuga) of the main energy season (Dwapara Yuga). 

The impact of the above energy blend on human consciousness is that although people have become very energy-aware since around 1900, that awareness has predominantly been a materialistic awareness of energy accompanied by darker traits such as greed and competition. For example, many of the energy-related geopolitical wars that have been waged since oil became the main driver of modern civilization, are manifestations of that. 

Yuga ages contain the same sequential progression every time from low energy to high energy (from dark to light, and equally from material to spiritual) as they transition through their seasons. The first season is Kali Yuga (the Iron Age), followed by  Dwapara Yuga (the Bronze Age), after which comes Treta Yuga (the Silver Age) with Satya Yuga (the Golden Age) at the top. That sequence would apply to sub-seasons and sub-sub-seasons too. 

An Important Shift Took Place in 2020

When we zoom into the current Kali Subyuga (1900 – 2100), we find that in 2020 we shifted into the Satya Subsubyuga, which is the Golden Age segment of the Kali Subyuga (and the Kali Subyuga is the Iron Age segment of the main Dwapara Yuga). The Satya Subsubyuga will be active for 80 years between the years 2020 and 2100. 

Energy Shifts-Fig1_Dwapara_Yuga_and_Fractals_-_EnergyShifts
 Dwapara Yuga Half Cycle Fractals Sub-Yugas and Sub-Sub-Yugas

The implication is that in 2020 we entered the highest, brightest, and most spiritual segment within the darkest, and most materialistic sub-season of the main energy season. This is a very significant juncture in time because the darker, denser, and lower vibrating energy of the Kali Subyuga will be tempered with an inflow of higher resonating and brighter energy.  

One of the potential implications of this shift, which should build momentum during the coming years, could be the illumination of a lot of the darkness that is currently featuring in our world. What could subsequently be the result is the falling away of many illusions through unexpected revelations. However, just how strong the shift will be, remains to be seen. 

The Significance of the 2020 Subsubyuga Shift

In 2020 energy started to transition from the Treta Subsubyuga (1960 to 2020) to the Satya Subsubyuga (2020 to 2100). This transition from a 60-year energy season to an 80-year energy season is still in progress because energy transitions usually take a few years to complete.

It’s worth noting that the reason why the Yuga ages (and their seasons within) are incrementally longer in duration as they progress from one to the next has to do with the distance of each segment to the common barycentre (explained in the previous chapter, The Big Picture View). The nearer to the common barycentre – which is a consciousness amplification zone – an age is, the higher is its consciousness (25% higher each time [2]) and the longer is its duration. 

The transition between the above two subsubyugas should take around 6 to 8 years because shifts typically take 10% of the time span of the seasons before and after it. The halfway stage of this shift should, therefore, by rough estimation, be reached sometime during the years 2023 and 2024. 

Towards the end of 2027, or the beginning of 2028, that transition should approach its completion stage. By the end of 2028, the energy of the Satya Subsubyuga should be fully active. While keeping this in mind, we need to zoom out momentarily to consider some of the larger phenomena currently in progress. 

The Dark Rift Transit

The years 2027 to 2032 will also be the midpoint of the winter solstice sun’s 145-year transit through the Cygnus Rift region of the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which is an exceedingly rare, once in 26,000 years event (mentioned in Part 3 – Preparing for the Hero’s Journey). The darkness associated with that transit symbolically refers to a journey through the mythological underworld, which comprises transformation, rebirth, and renewal.  

Energy Shifts-Fig1_Dwapara_Yuga_and_Fractals_-_EnergyShifts
 Maya and Yuga Cycle Fractals and Dark Rift Transit (Hero’s Journey)

The Great Shift and the Greatest Shift

The Great Shift refers to a once in 5,125 years shift, i.e., the Maya Fourth World to Maya Fifth World shift, while the Greatest Shift (in the parlance of this essay) refers to the once in 26,000 years precession of the equinoxes shift, marked by the Dark Rift Transit. The Great Shift and Greatest Shift coincide only once in 26,000 years, which is why the significance of this transition period that we are currently in cannot be understated. 

Although quite a lot is known about the Great Shift through the ancient wisdom of the Mayas (more on this in the next chapter), relatively little is known about the nature of the 26,000-year Greatest Shift, but clues can be found in the doctrines of some of the long-established esoteric mystery schools that had meticulously collected ancient manuscripts of lost civilizations over the centuries. 

The Transition of the World Soul

Many of those mystery schools hold that there is World Soul, or a World Spirit, or a Logos that embodies, defines, and determines the consciousness of the world (and its manifestations) during a given Cosmic Day. That Universal Soul contains all the seemingly separated human souls, although all human souls are actually unified within the Universal World Soul [3]

The World Soul is not considered to be a constant or permanent manifestation [3], but rather it waxes and wanes in accordance with the Cosmic Days and Nights, which are large cycles of time. Towards the end of a Cosmic Day, the World Soul (and all the human souls within it) would go into hibernation for a time, before it emerges again as a newly born World Soul that energetically manifests for the entirety of a new Cosmic Day until the next World Soul hibernation period comes around again. 

Even though the Cosmic Days and Nights could span eons of time, the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes cycle qualifies as a fractal of a Cosmic Day, and so does a 5,125-year Maya Great Cycle. In other words, the same principle would apply in terms of the natural dimming or down-turning of consciousness as these coinciding cycles wind down into their hibernation periods and that’s what’s happening right now. 

These large cycles are energy cycles and as the energy wanes, so does consciousness. That’s not to say that the majority of people would be aware that consciousness is dimming, because the effects are very subtle, yet a deterioration in consciousness can be observed in how human behavior has changed in recent years (more on this in the next chapter). 

The Light Arrives at Midnight

The most important aspect of the full activation of the Satya Subsubyuga by around 2028, is that as humanity shifts into the deepest and darkest region of The World Soul Transition, it will be met with the ever-growing, incoming Golden Age energy of the Satya Subsubyuga and, as this truth-energy starts to come online, it should increasingly illuminate the deepest darkness of this transition. That should happen in the outside world and the inner world because as indicated in the previous section, there would be an element of introspection to the process.  

The adage of “what we focus on, is what we become aware of”, could be pertinent in this regard, because those who anticipate the incoming light – and prepare for it – could also become the first receptacles and carriers of that light. It is indeed during the darkest of times that people seek out light the most and as will be illustrated in the following segment, there will be ample new light for those who want to connect with it. 

The Nature of the 2020 Vedic Subsubyuga Shift

The Silver Age energy of the outgoing Treta Subsubyuga (1960 – 2020) is mostly intellectual and mental energy that is oriented towards thinking and reasoning, while the incoming Golden Age energy of the Satya Subsubyuga (2020 – 2100) is an energy that has powerful spiritual and metaphysical qualities. 

In Vedic writings, the Satya Yuga Golden Age has been described as an age of truth and enlightenment; an age of virtue and righteousness; an age where humans are devoid of wickedness; and age where humanity is in harmony with cosmic law [4]. Thus, a significant change for the better in terms of how humans experience spirituality and truth could be expected once the Satya Subsubyuga is fully active. 

That said, it’s important to bear in mind that this shift is not a Yuga shift, but a Subsubyuga (fractal) shift, meaning that the underlying Kali Subyuga (1900 – 2100) will continue to have a materialistic impact on human consciousness for another 80 years until 2100. Moreover, the main Dwapara Yuga energy will continue to have the strongest influence on human consciousness well into the future, until the year 3900. 

It is only when the Kali Subyuga is finally left behind after the year 2100, that the main Dwapara Yuga age (the ‘Electric Age’) will come fully into its own right. In other words, we are currently still in the initial materialistic (and immature) phase of the main Dwapara Yuga age, defined by its Kali Subyuga segment, but this materialistic youth phase will be fading out slowly from after 2020 onward until the end of the Satya Subsubyuga in 2100. 

The Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle Revisited

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor [5] is considered to be one of the most important prophecies for indigenous peoples across the Americas, including the Maya people. In the first chapter of this series, it was stated that prophecies such as The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and The Hopi Prophecy don’t have specific timelines attached to them due to not being specifically embedded within any calendar frameworks, making it difficult to know when they would manifest. 

It was suggested that attention should also be paid to prophecies that are specifically related to energy time-frames within the Maya Short Count Calendar (which is the Prophetic Calendar, also known as the Maya Katuns Cycle). Subsequently, in the second chapter of this series, the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau (from 2012 to 2032) was analyzed and interpretations were presented. 

In this chapter, and the one before it (The Big Picture View), the Vedic Yuga system has been analyzed and presented as a comparable and compatible energy framework that could be used alongside the Maya Calendars to evaluate incremental energy shifts during The Greatest Shift. 

Coming Full Circle

We now arrive full circle and back at the subject of The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and its profound relevance for the tumultuous times that we have entered. 

That prophecy says that in terms of human consciousness, a time will come when elements representing the brain, such as the rational and the material, will come to be reunified with elements that represent the truths of the heart, such as the intuitive and the mystical. 

When reflecting on the nature of this expected new consciousness that is described by The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, it’s hard not to notice its resemblance to the consciousness that could be expected to arrive during the Satya Subsubyuga. The nature of that shift (as described in previous segments) indeed seems to bear a strong resemblance to The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.

The Rising of the Fifth Sun

“First, it’s going to be like a very dim light, that barely shines. But as time goes by, this will be increasing and increasing. There will be the children of the fire, the children of the sun.” – Elizabeth Araujo (Spokesperson for Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj in the film Shift of the Ages[6]

The most well-known and respected Maya elder, who is the elected grand elder of the Mayas, Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, president of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, stated that the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor would manifest during a time of great turmoil. This was in a documentary film called Shift of the Ages, dedicated specifically to the subject of The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. 

Don Alejandro’s main message in the Shift of the Ages film is that we, the people of the world, are one in spite of all our differences and that we should put aside our differences to protect and preserve the planet, because we have contaminated everything, including ourselves. 

Another part of the message is that the people of the center should bring the peoples of the North and South together. In the context of the Americas, the people of the center are the Maya people and other indigenous communities in Central America whose role is to unify the peoples of South and North America. 

An additional meaning that could also be applied to the above message is that those who have already connected their minds with their hearts and are therefore already centered within should work towards bringing balance and harmony to humanity and to the world at large, which is an activity anyone so inclined could participate in, no matter where they are on the planet. 

Old Darkness Obstructs New Light

We should additionally note that the cycle of the yugas does not proceed in a uniform way but through a series of transformations, which can have a destructive side. So, struggles between the powers of light and the powers of darkness can heighten even in an era of generally increasing light, such as we see today [1]. – Dr. David Frawley, – American Institute of Vedic Studies 

Dr. David Frawley, the founder of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, explained in a detailed article published in 2016 [1] on the subject of the subsubyugas that just before an important energy breakthrough is about to be made into a higher and brighter energy age, an accumulation of dark energy attempts to obstruct the light from breaking through to the other side, which could explain some of the current events in the world. 

The Maya Venus Cycle

At this stage, it’s worth considering the Maya Venus Cycle, which is one of the oldest cycles known to have been used by the Mayas [7]. Although they don’t use it anymore, it continues to remain relevant and is still observed by other groups in Mesoamerica.

A detailed discussion on the Venus Cycle is beyond the scope of this essay, but in short, every 52 years is called a Cycle Round in the Maya calendars and every 104 years is called a Venus Cycle. In a very general sense, aspects of the energies that were active 52 and 104 years ago would be active now. One can thereby get a very general idea of the nature of the current ‘energy atmosphere’ by looking back at how things were 52 and 104 years ago (and anybody can do this by simply consulting world history.) 

None of this means that history will repeat itself exactly or even in the same way, it just means that the general time period that we are currently in has at least in some respects, a semblance to the atmosphere of 52 years and especially 104 years ago, and that’s worth factoring in.

Breaking Through to the Other Side

In conclusion, a revival in terms of a newly found interest in spirituality and the metaphysical is almost certainly on the cards during the next 80 years and more evidence of that will be presented in the next chapter, but that development would probably be accompanied by people trying to hold on to the old, outgoing paradigm, mainly because that’s the only paradigm they know. 

On a metaphysical level, the changing energy seasons could be compared to changing energy frequencies, with the frequency rising higher with each shift; those not attuned to the higher frequencies will most likely not want to shift along, which is why there is a divide forming (more on this in the next chapter).

The Lights are about to Flicker On

As can be seen from the long-term evolutionary trend in the overall Vedic Yuga Cycle, the energy flow is relentlessly upwards, because we are on the ascending arc of the Precession of the Equinoxes Cycle.Energy Shifts-Fig 3_Maya_Five_Worlds_Cycle_-_Yuga_Cycle_-_Precession_of_Equinoxes_Cycle_-_EnergyShifts Maya Five Worlds Cycle, Yuga Cycle, Precessions of Equinoxes Cycle[/caption]

The current drop in metaphysical energy is only a temporary phenomenon that takes place during major transition phases, but this temporary decline should bottom out during the period from 2027 to 2032. 

It was over on the other side of the Precession of the Equinoxes cycle, more or less at the same position on the descending arc of the overall Yuga Cycle, that the higher lights of consciousness and truth were flickering off just about 3000 years ago, but the contrary is now set to happen. 

Energy Shifts-Fig 4_YUGA-BLUE
 Yuga Blue – Lights Coming On

It would, therefore, make good sense to align oneself with the incoming light, to become one of the early conduits for it. By doing so, the individual lights that are already flickering on early, are lighting up the darkness along the way and are actively facilitating humanity’s transition into the light of the New Sun. How that could be done consciously will be explored in more detail in the next chapter: Navigating the Greatest Shift.

To end off, here is a relaxing music video inspired by the lights in the dark.

Written by J.J. Montagnier

Contributing Writer Jean-Jacques

Note: The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.

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