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Connecting the Dots for Our Soul’s Journey: Wind

In this series, our contributing writer Duru Yücel-Tofei will be looking at how we can connect the dots of our soul’s journey using insights for each of the Mayan sign’s directions of Past/Support/Youth, Adult/Day Sign and Future/Maturity/Guide Sign.

The content of this series will be taking into account only these directions with an aim to interpret the transitions of our soul in the context of a human’s life stages; past, present and future.

The Mayan Sign Wind/Ik/Iq

Credit: Oil Painting by Walt Sturrock for the book ‘’Aesop’s Fables’’

It’s important to understand the past we’ve come from and been through and also the transformations we go through with regards to understanding our current and future selves. Thus, it’s meaningful to talk about why certain signs have certain “Past/Youth/Support” signs and also certain “Maturity/Guide” signs.

We can explain the reasons for these alignments in the mathematical sense within the Mayan Calendar. However, for us to really understand what they mean, we need to grasp the deeper truths regardless of whether the meaning contained in them led to these mathematical and systematic alignments or the other way around; the mathematical/systematic alignments led to those deeper truths.

The necessity comes in understanding what we signed up for as a soul when we chose to exist. Thus, we can take better advantage of our “stories” and even have the chance to “choose our battles” and pick much better-suited, truthful aspirations and goals during our specific journey here on earth. This understanding can directly help us deal with our challenges in a much wiser way as well. 

Wind/Ik/Iq is the second sign of this series. Here is Part 1 on the Crocodile Sign.

Wind/Ik/Iq – Past, Present and Future:

The Past/Support ~ Jaguar/Ix/Wizard

In its tree of life, the Mayan Wind/Ik/Iq sign has Jaguar/Ix/Wizard for the “Past/Youth/Support” sign.

Jaguar as a Support sign endows Wind with qualities of extrasensory perception, reading people’s hearts, love & respect for and deep connection with nature, wizardry skills, extreme spiritual acuteness, an awakened and wholesome high intelligence combining logic and common sense, accessing spiritual truths existing anywhere in any corner of the earth, sensitivity, following and knowing one’s heart, healing and soothing people’s psychological wounds, feminine energy at its best and a very strong and in-depth observation skill, compassion, valuing freedom and being able to provide it for themselves and others, being energetically and mentally free from societal pressures and lies, valuing and searching for the essence in all things and people, capacity of waitıng for the right moment to act with restored and accumulated power, wanting to heal the planet earth, being curious just like a feline is, respecting and expecting authenticity in situations and people, having a gift for arts, being soulful, enchanting, never wanting to hurt someone intentionally. Also, dexterity, wisdom, patience, perseverance, being able to block and purify negative energies. 

When we delve into the mystery of why Jaguar happens to be Wind’s Youth Sign, we see certain things.

From Reserved to Communicative

Having “gone through” the sign of Jaguar, Wind has certain needs and tendencies.

Jaguar’s sensitivity can feel stifling at times, mainly and first-and-foremost to himself/herself. Then, to others around him/her. For this reason, Wind knows what it is to be sensitive to the bone! This can already create in itself a need to break away from this, giving way to being mentally oriented as a person since there’s no need to re-learn what has been accomplished in the area of sensitivity. Wind, therefore, can feel safer with winds in the form of thoughts, blowing inside and outside its mental space.

Under Jaguar’s effect, Wind spends his years till the age of 13, in a much more secluded and reserved fashion but after 13 years old, he/she becomes more open to outer influences and feels more like wanting to engage in the outside world and socialize.

In socialising, Jaguar’s gift of alluring and enchanting others effortlessly can really support them. When it comes to Jaguar, inclination towards seclusion and a reserved attitude are stemming from his/her resourcefulness which makes him/her find many of the things he/she searches for, within himself/herself. When the Wind takes the center stage, however, he/she feels more of a need to inquire what is happening outside of its own world and what other sources can be found in people and life itself to add to his/her own resources.

Wind becomes less of a know-it-all and more questioning of beliefs and ideas he/she used to have a stronger grip on. Jaguar’s introversion and being reserved in general, which is also a byproduct of its extraordinary sensitivity, slowly changes itself to being communicative and open.

One of the Wind’s main qualities is self-confidence and this helps to overcome the baggage of extra emotionality brought by Jaguar as a Past/Support/Youth Sign. This doesn’t mean Jaguar/Ix/Wizard lacks self-confidence, it’s just that his/her introversion and extra sensitivity makes Jaguar less of a social and “out-there” type of a person compared to Wind/Ik/Iq.

Wind finds relief from carrying super-developed feminine energies and sensitivity and starts to feel a lightness of being after the age of 13, as Wind is also associated with being intangible.

Wind/Ik/Iq finds itself more direct and in a way “man-like”, that is why Wind days in Mayan Calender are said to be perfect for getting in touch with masculine energy within. This means having more male qualities and masculine energy for a male Wind sign. And for a Wind woman, it means having a much more open and direct attitude associated generally with men in most of the cultures. 

From Secretive Wisdom Bearer to Intangible Spiritual Messenger 

Wind is spiritual as well, yet, it’s different from the Past/Youth/Support sign Jaguar.

Jaguar’s deep connection to the spiritual world and the magic spells of various kinds existing in all corners of the earth, combined with its sometimes overwhelming sensitivity and introversion, carries in itself secrecy which leads to being a bearer of these things. So, they’re energetically ‘’heavier’’.

We need to also remember that, what we carry but share much less of, creates an accumulation and a type of burden inside us.

Wind means ‘’Prana’’, the life source, the breath of spirit/something higher or you may call it the breath of ‘’God’’ going through each and every living thing to bring them strength and vitality.

Thus, Wind people are this divine breath itself that they happen to carry, and they carry it through as well with their actions, attitudes but mostly and maybe most visibly with their words and communication; through writing or speaking. Thus, along with being more open to the outside world and being more communicative than their Youth Sign Jaguar, they naturally prefer to share what they know.

Actually, it is more like, Wind can’t help but communicate! Most of the time, they just spill out what is on their minds as they don’t feel like they need to take refuge from the outside world anymore in terms of what to conceal and what to give away; like they used to do during their Jaguar years till around the age of 13.

That’s why a soul chooses to come to earth as ‘’Wind’’, with a fundamental need of going from inside to the outside

From Feeling Betrayed To Trusting Themselves and The Spirit

Another important thing to consider is trust issues.

Jaguar feels less trusting towards people and life. This comes from its quality of reading hearts and mostly seeing not-so-pleasant stuff.

Sure-footed in the ancient truths as well as nature’s ways of being, in his heart of hearts, Jaguar exists beyond the maze of human construct. So, he/she believes that the truths of a higher order and nature’s ways of being should have prevailed in what we call ‘’life’’; not these egotistical ways of operating and being.

Betrayal is a word Jaguars need to look deeper into as their hearts feel betrayed and lied to by this world we live in. This is the main reason why Jaguar is also associated with being ‘’heart-broken’’.

Wind’s take on spirituality is different from Jaguar.

Knowing those depths it had carried before, Wind came into existence with a much more light-hearted approach to life and it is really what a Wind soul needs. Associated with simplicity, Wind really can make life simple for itself and others. Therefore, after the age of 13, slowly, the divine breath it has within takes on the same quality of simplicity and lightness, making Wind turn into a weightless, carefree spiritual being from Jaguar’s spiritual-wisdom-bearing.

Wind’s divine breath combined with its light-hearted approach and communicativeness brings a transmitter type of quality; transmitter of truth, knowledge, ideas, goodwill, ideals and inspiration.

Jaguar used to hold back and separate itself, now, Wind craves for connection and transmitting what he/she is being informed by Prana; the divine breath. This way, that quality of heart-brokenness coming along with the sign Jaguar can slowly heal itself.

Wind is a ‘’pure’’ soul and seeks purity in others’ souls as well and because Prana endowed him/her with self-confidence and lightheartedness, he/she naturally finds himself/herself to be trusting life and people much easier, but not blindly at the same time.

Wind believes in the power of purity he/she feels strongly running through his/her veins and this is very fulfilling to him/her. For this reason, he/she knows on a subconscious level that his/her being pure is already enough to live in this world and connect with people, regardless of how the world and people are. He/she knows that his/her very being can bring and create the purity, the goodness he/she desires to see in the world.

Wind gradually learns to trust that Spirit operates both inside and outside of him/her. No need to be heartbroken anymore, or to seek seclusion and feel bitterness since there’s the Spirit working through him/her.

A Soul Set Free! Time To ‘’Get Loud’’!

We can think of Jaguar as a man of the cloth and Wind as the message he carries.

This analogy might help you grasp better the difference between that heaviness which might come with being a bearer and the lightness of the pure message itself.

And you know how careful, discerning, secretive and even fearful an ecclesiastic can be in an ironic way contrary to the message he carries or maybe we should say, is supposed to carry. Wind feels freer because of that: finally, the man behind the veil or under the cloth, reveals himself and sets his soul free to join life and flow with it because there’s no cloth to hide behind and take refuge in.

Wind comes to this life much naked, armoured only with truthful messages it is here to communicate, and the power and simplicity of the Spirit. The more the Wind person remembers this, the more chances he/she will have in life to be able to remain unbroken throughout the journey. 

Without fully losing Jaguar’s love and feelings of belonging towards mother earth, in an interesting way, Wind becomes much of a city person and starts to enjoy cities, buildings, modern structures much more: A result of less seclusion and more openness to and oneness with modern life.

Another novelty for Wind is being eager to show his/her true colours! When I say colours, I mean the talents and authentic ideas, especially the artistic ones. Jaguar is endowed with artistic qualities but now, Wind feels a different kind of confidence bringing itself the quality of being full of his/her own gifts. This is something most probably he/she hasn’t felt in the earlier years or even if he/she has felt those things inside, he/she simply hasn’t felt like sharing them with ‘’a cruel society made of lies’’.

Now, Wind, filled with so much inspiration, a finely honed perception of aesthetics and a desire to create beauty in various forms, cannot and doesn’t even feel like stopping himself/herself from transmitting and sharing his/her gifts with the world. He/she is here to get loud, times of seclusion and calculating the perceived ‘’risks’’ are over! And in a good way, his/her heart-centred approach resulting from having Jaguar as his/her Youth/Support/Past sign becomes more of a mind-centred approach as he/she transitions to Wind/Ik/Iq. 

Everyone talks about living from the heart and following it, honouring what it desires. This is valid and true for each and every sign, just like it is true for every human being. So, of course, nothing changes when it comes to Wind but this is mainly about reaching a place of balance. Heart space is already conquered, understood, lived by and taken into account thanks to Past/Support/Youth sign Jaguar. And now, becoming more mentally oriented is needed to balance not only the fears, the feelings of hurt and separation but also the basic human right of staying true to one’s inner self.

Sole emphasis on the heart above all else creates an indirect result of passivity and introversion to a point of undermining one’s talents and contribution to his/her world and to the life itself at large and brings along with itself a heaviness which is explained above. Thus, in order to overcome this withdrawal, more emphasis on the mind comes as a necessity for Wind. 

Stagnant Energy Dissolves Itself in Embracing the WINDS of Change

This is a more difficult aspect to understand of Jaguar, but nevertheless, it is relevant and necessary.

Stemming from a need for security, not wanting to be hurt as well as not to hurt anyone else and also sheltering from the outside world, Jaguar can be afraid of change and try to avoid it as much as possible by holding too much on what is tried and true or familiar for him/her.

Yet, this can even manifest itself in not being able to say goodbye to a job, country, city, house, object, person, cause, desire or goal long after it becomes dysfunctional. Although this attitude drains Jaguar’s life force slowly, in general, he/she realizes what has been going on much later than necessary and this also causes many other complications and hardships in his/her life as things happen in a chain reaction.

Wind, as you can already understand from its name, has much of a mobile quality to it and this is a blessing which makes Wind more and more aware of what to leave behind as he/she matures because you cannot blow with a weight attached to it. Realizing what is ‘’rotten’’, Wind goes blowing somewhere else to create a new, beautiful ‘’summer breeze’’, with lightness and acceptance.

Compared to his/her Past/Youth/Support sign Jaguar, being more mentally agile, confident and with less heaviness in his/her heart, Wind accepts the truth of the moment without the fear of moving forward, embodying another byproduct of his/her aforementioned masculine quality of taking charge and pushing ahead.

Regardless of Wind/Ik/Iq Mayan sign owner’s gender, masculine energy is a balancing effect because of having one of the most feminine signs in Mayan Astrology as a Past/Support/Youth sign. 

Last but not least, Jaguar’s way of handling freedom is more tangible and somewhat dramatic. It’s more of a search, whereas Wind finds freedom right where it happens to be at any given moment because just like air, Wind’s freedom already comes with itself being ‘’wind’; it is everywhere and accessible at any time, under all circumstances. Wind people do not have to seek for freedom and instead just breathe, have a calm moment of realization and move forward in the direction they are informed through their high levels of intuition.

They need to listen to the Spirit and that will be more than enough. 

The Day Sign/Adult Sign/Present ~ Wind/Ik/Iq

Mayan Sign wind woman in white
The South Wind (The Breezy Day), 1917 by Charles Courtney Curran

After looking at the past which led to Wind’s current traits and existence, now we’ll solely dive deep into its present.

Starting with the age of 13, when the Adult/Day Sign takes the center stage in gradually increasing effect, this is what to expect:

Mental alertness, a quick mind, a vivacious approach, strong and lively imagination, communication skills and being able to make what is intangible quite tangible through communication of various kinds, telepathic communication, being a bridge between Spirit realm and the world we live in through the messages it carries, having a soul which is always pure and which can never get dirty at its very core no matter what, ability to bring out the purity inside people and also to create it in the society by acting as a purifier, being able to feel higher octaves and various nuances of the Spirit more than the other signs, ability to bounce back and forward from life’s possible hardships and trials, increased mobility, an abundance of energy, high inspiration, ability to see things from Spirit’s perspective, a childlike liveliness and the ability to look at things from the pure lens of a child’s perspective, highly developed sense of aesthetics and in general having a great taste in fine arts, being artistic, the ability to know how everything in their environment looks like without having to look at them directly, knowing what is in and what is out especially in fashion, receiving guidance in the forms of thought and image, ability to discern the truth of the moment and people, being free by its very existence, ability to drift like the wind either physically or imaginatively, being a source of inspiration just by existing on its own, being an idealist, impressionable, multifaceted, changeable, carrying a sense of romanticism, ability to be convincing when they speak, having a whiff of vanity, being ‘’cool’’, quickly adapting to changes, having a voice which is beautiful or pleasing to listen to. 

They can be great to be around thanks to their liveliness and lighthearted attitudes. They can be great communicators and storytellers you might want to keep on listening to. Life generally won’t be boring around these people. They value honesty and they’ll mostly tell the truth to you even if you’re not ready for it. They prefer to choose honest people as friends also.

They have and bring a freshness to things they come into contact with as they can ‘’air the room’’ like the wind!

Their life can constantly be subjected to various kinds of changes and they are mostly willing to embrace them. They can burst into tears or yell out of anger or laugh hard all of sudden. They are changeable and from time to time they are very expressive with how they feel. They don’t want life to be stagnant and things to be kept forever the same and they’ll demand the same approach from everyone around them. They like to travel and the beauty of the places they visit will feed them immensely. They like having fun and small talk sometimes as well. Too much seriousness feels stifling to them most of the time. 

They can be great with children and they find their own purity reflected in little children. So, playing with them can be a great activity for Winds.

They won’t be with a partner whose mental and communicative side is not compatible with theirs. A partner who desires the constant stability of routines and scenery won’t be fitting. They are romantics at heart but can sometimes have a cold appearance. This is generally when their “mental concepts” are keeping them busy.

They can bring beauty to everything they touch and create and already, this is a deep desire within them. They need to wait for situations and things they created to ripen first, before starting to deal with the next one. In general, they need less solid and more intangible things in life in order to be satisfied.

They have a need to be guarded against and be away from the harsh, heavy, complex aspects of life. They are people of simplicity inside out. They like to experience things and people without carrying them to the ‘’next moment’’.

They need to learn to live inside their own skin and less in the world of ideas and ideal situations. Dance or any other way of getting in touch with their senses and bodies that will satisfy their inner sense of aesthetics can do them good.

Possible Negative Traits

Wind/Ik/Iq has an agile mind and is a quick thinker which is a great attribute when used wisely.

His/her prolific mind can do wonders in many areas of life. He/she is an entertaining and inspiring conversationalist to be around for family and friends and will become more and more skilled in his/her verbal and written expression especially after the age of 26 when Jaguar steps back much more prominently and leaves the stage of life for Wind to perform.

When Wind can call the shots and really channel his mental powers and abilities without getting scattered and bored quickly, the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved.

Meditation, especially with repeated mantras chanted out loud, would help him/her let out some of the verbal expression Wind has in excessive amounts and also to become more grounded in his/her thinking. Otherwise, bouts of depression and anxiety can take place resulting from an unstoppable (or ‘’unstopped’’ – when it had to be stopped) chain of negative thoughts and scenarios which might have nothing or little to do with reality.

Wind has a propensity to live in its own head, detaching from reality. And although this can be used creatively very well, for the sake of the mind’s health, having a constant check on reality is crucial.

Whenever they are stuck, it’d be good to take a walk or go running or start dancing. Or if not, read a book and go into that written work’s ‘’reality’’ rather than their own faulty perceptions which can sometimes wreak havoc on their psychology. The best choice will always be to do something physical, in order to move the Wind from where it got stuck to a blowing mood. This will surely change their perspective and they’ll immediately feel healthier afterwards or even right when they start moving!

Another important thing is to keep their windows of communication open so others’ breeze can come through their windows and fill their minds and psyches with enough oxygen and air so that they have various reference points regarding what is real at the moment about any given issue.

If nobody is around to talk to, it’s good to always remember to call their loved ones. Their communication skills will always come to their rescue. 

‘’With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’’

They have skills for telepathy and in order to not turn telepathic communication ability into a somewhat ‘’constantly busy phone line’’ state inside their heads, they need to pay attention, again, to be mindful and aware and not let their minds slip away since sometimes they can also confuse the “voices in their heads” with their own authentic voice and become a people pleaser, losing touch with own ideas and needs in the process.

There are various methods of mind training and practicing one of them would be great for their somewhat monkey-mind so that they’d use this prolific ability of telepathy, only when they need it.

They need to be wary of their use of Spirit’s strength they’re endowed with. This is their biggest test in life.

We as humans are often confusing our powerful emotions and desires with the ultimate truth and we believe we’re entitled to act accordingly. However, out of all the signs, especially Wind needs to be very careful of not mistaking its ego-based intentions and impulses with the actual actions and decisions which will benefit everyone involved, including themselves.

They need to be very careful to not let their vanity get the best of them. The sign Road/Eb can present them an example of humbleness and selflessness. They don’t have to exactly take on the style of Road people but observing their orientation of service might help Winds tone down their egotistical traits.

Winds generally feel motivated and can accomplish much. However, they need to avoid bragging and competing. Their innate purity is always at their disposal, so, why not use it when Wind has an impulse to brag or compete, remembering that it is not ‘’pure’’ to do so, therefore, “it is not them’’ to do so. They can use this remembrance again to feed their ego, which would actually be a good psychological trick!

They can think like:

I AM PURE, PURITY IS WHAT I AM, so, I can’t brag, I can’t compete, ’cause then, I WOULDN’T BE ME.’’ 

Another important thing to remember is not using words as weapons of destruction both when their inner chatter is on and when they’re addressing others because they can end up being quite destructive.

The reasons why they are given oratory skills in the first place are for uplifting others and bringing good ideas and messages to the world.

Remember that no power is given for free or without a purpose. Every attribute is given to each and every one of us so that we serve our part “in the stage of life” to make it a better and fair ‘’play’’ for all!

Always remember to be like a sweet, much needed soft breeze touching the skin on a hot day. Use your words and energy for good deeds! Spread goodness, wisdom and uplift others with what you communicate and create as much as possible and know that you’ll always be rewarded with much brighter, expanded and powerful energy surplus in return!

Just because they carry the innate purity in their souls doesn’t mean that no matter how they behave towards others or be self-destructive, their purity will still stay intact as if nothing has happened. Just like the abundant mobility and energy given to them, the rare gift of purity shouldn’t be tossed away. They need to know that it is their responsibility to keep their purity as intact as possible by their own deeds and honesty. Otherwise, in time, they’ll really become ‘’dark’’ and lose their main purpose and quality of existing!

Just because the world and people are letting them down or playing cruel games doesn’t mean that they have to take it personally and use their adaptability for ‘’adapting to the dirt of this world’’. They better walk their path of purity remembering that they are special and unique and everyone is responsible for their own karma in life.

If there happens to be a test of resilience for their purity, they should never trade it for something which they’ll soon learn to be ‘much cheaper than’. Resisting this world’s various temptations will give them things, soon enough, beyond their wildest dreams because this is how it’s designated for Wind people and they can always trust that! 


Their ability to drift like the wind, shouldn’t give way to being a drifter in all aspects of life.

One of the biggest pitfalls lie in their repulsion and being afraid of commitments and promises. They may hate getting married, becoming a parent, long term relationships, giving promises, having to go to an informal or formal place/event just because it is a necessity (sometimes even when they need to support their loved ones) and the list can go on…

They may take it too far and perceive everything as a threat to their freedom of movement but they need to learn that not everything is about doing whatever you want to do in the exact moment you desire to do it, instead, the maturity expected from them is to live life less on the side of skipping the surface and more on the side of going into the depths and layers of things and relationships. Only then, can they grow and learn what life really is about and who they really love, what they truly enjoy doing, where they really desire to live, how and in which profession they deeply enjoy working in…

If they don’t teach patience and endurance to themselves, they might even stay as a laughing stock and never be taken seriously. And worst of all, they can always be the ‘’persona non grata’’ who is avoided by business collaborators, various circles of people and maybe even by their own family. This can happen if they prove themselves to be fickle over and over again by never really showing up and being there till the end for people, tasks, projects, plans, promises etc.

The good news is, ironically, once they do this, they’ll discover a freedom they never thought was possible along with the truths about people, life and themselves. They’ll understand the fact that those truths will actually SET THEM FREE! The way to do this is hidden within a piece of advice generally given to Winds: Follow the truth of the MOMENT you’re experiencing and be grounded in that truth. You’ll immediately see that the moment passes by without leaving any heaviness on you so that you continue to experience what is next fully! 

Mayans say that Wind people have a tendency to be too detached from home, drifting from place to place. They need to remember to secure a home base to come back to and rest. Otherwise, they might end up insecure around real estate issues. They don’t need to be at home most of the time but to know that they have a place of their own will make them feel much secure as they go on being active. 

Being Obsessed With Looks  

I know a Wind woman with the highest expression of this sign (Tone 13) who is extremely obsessed with how people look. She judges everyone accordingly, and if they’re ‘’less than’’ her standards, she feels like rejecting them even as human beings! This doesn’t apply only to her love interests, but happens constantly whenever she watches anyone on tv or in a movie, whenever she meets new people, whenever she just looks at any person, this is mostly all she sees!

This is a very extreme example of Wind signs but the danger is there!

This needs to be avoided not only so that they won’t be judged as shallow people, but also for them to not be entrapped by their visual sense and skip the true value of things and people. Because, as Wind gets busy or becomes allured with visual aspects, they might overlook the deeper truths.

Wind’s gift of awareness and sense of fashion and aesthetics regarding everything and everyone around them needs to stay as a ‘’gift’’ but for this, they need to embrace, honour and channel it consciously by using it in their hobbies or professions. 

Possible Career Choices 

Breath coach, storyteller, spokesperson, translator, interpreter, tourist guide, PR person, interviewer, language teacher, animator, scriptwriter, painter, voice coach, working with children, dialect coach, author, tv show host, presenter, singer, illustrator, graphic designer, curator, cartoonist, printmaker, art critic, installation artist, art gallery director, fashion designer, editor in fashion, fashion consultant, interior architecture, sculptor, style coach, anything to do with visuals and styling, industrial designer, advertising, teaching visual arts, modelling, photography, cinematography, make-up artist, working in stage design, costume design, artist in any fine arts field and many other avenues like these can be great.

If they are not sure in which of these they can stand out, attending courses and finding out might be necessary. During those courses, they might discover engaging with these only as a hobby, which is still good for them.

Whatever they choose as a profession, they need to make sure that it provides them with an exchange of communication and ideas, sociability, mobility, and some form of unpredictability and change.

I want to point out a specific combination of the sign Wind/Ik/Iq which is ‘’Wind, tone 4 with the trecena sign Storm/Cauac/Kawoq’’. These people happen to be great artists and I came to this conclusion through observing that many examples of Wind artists especially with this combination abound. Here are some examples: Chris Martin, John Cusack, Michael Jackson, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman, Romy Schneider, Marion Cotillard, James McAvoy, Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Somehow, compared to other Wind sign combinations, this one stands out among the artists. So, if you happen to be a Wind person with the tone 4, you can really consider getting into the field of art in some way. 

The Future ~ Dog/Oc/Tz’i

Decisive, Tranquil And Dependable

The future is much more solid and stable, especially in growing effect after the age of 42.

Years of constant mobility and sometimes indecisiveness about which things and who to choose to stay with, leaves its place to being more decisive and tranquil. They also become more of a homebody than before, just like the animal dog needs someplace to belong to. They become more stable and loyal, as loyalty is one of the most prominent traits of Dog/Oc/Tz’i.

Now, especially after the age of 53, they become much more dependable and have much less trouble keeping their promises. They don’t get itchy when they need to stay on something or with someone for extended periods of time and they are much more eager to take on things and bring them to fruition. They understand the value of staying power and endurance. 

They support and protect people more and more, just like the animal dog itself. This also comes from their lessons in relationships as they learned the value of love and what true love means. They also tend to love more unconditionally, opening their hearts to others and creating a safe haven for others to do the same. That’s why Dog/Oc people are called as people ‘’who emphasize the heart’’.

They learn the value of a partner in the true sense and are much more eager to build a family. This shows itself in groups and causes as well. They want to be a part of groups and communities much more. They generally won’t like being alone. 

From Mental to Sensual 

Wind’s constant mental clutter and chain of thoughts become more subdued. In the literal sense of the word, they become less mental and more inside their own skin, as if the spirit (Wind) finally entered into the body (Dog).

They find themselves enjoying simple pleasures more without skipping and overlooking these aspects of human life. Just like the animal dog, they somehow find some fun in most situations. They can become even better actors if they chose this as a profession. Winds will become very playful and less bitter with age.

Wind likes to and has a tendency to live life through mental experiences. Now, with transitioning to Dog, they find themselves enjoying and gravitating towards sensual experiences such as massage, using body oils, enjoying the things they eat more, wanting to be surrounded with beautiful smells and textures. They also enjoy the lovemaking experience and the sense of touch much more as they’re now grounded within their own body.

They need to be careful about these though, as they might have a tendency to become promiscuous and too open in terms of their sexuality. They need to blend sensuality with loyalty, and also bodily experiences with meaning and soul-aspect if they don’t want to find themselves having been drawn to partners and sexual experiences they’ll later look back on and regret. This can happen because they can also attract people who are only capable of appreciating and enjoying their sensuality. There’s nothing wrong with this if Wind people are totally mutual on this. However, they can get too involved with sexual exchanges and lose themselves or neglect other dimensions of life, their personalities and their relationships with others.

The key is to not let yourself be minimized to your sensuality, whether it be practices of nutrition, drinking, drugs, sleep, beauty and self-care routines, sex and etc. If they let Wind help Dog by balancing sensuality with mindfulness, then Wind people will achieve a great balance and combination. This way, they won’t be in their heads like they used to be until their maturity years and also they won’t totally surrender to the excessive side of sensuality with Dog sign in their mature years. 

Winds will become more loyal, understanding, supporting and fun to be around partners mainly after 42 years old. So, most probably they’ll find the one during their maturity years if they haven’t already.

Dog/Oc/Tz’i makes them good parents as well if they’ll want to have children because they grow in the area of taking responsibilities.

They value partnerships and friendships more and they can mend the ties if they have broken a few during their ‘’Adult’’ years.

As authors, they can find themselves at the peak of their writing skills with Dog as their Maturity Sign. Also, being a detective would suit them so well ‘cause just like the animal itself, these people can ‘’smell’’ anything. 

Becoming Faithful & How to Use Their Huge Need For Justice

Stability of income is also a much more expected thing during their later years compared to the time before 42.

They can better find the balance between work, travel and just relaxing and taking their time out. They’ll be able to appreciate the value of these times more. They will be able to find more people who will support them through thick and thin and get lucky in terms of ‘’helpers’’. Their heart-based approach will draw people towards them. 

The Wind is multi-faceted and with Dog on their side in their later years, they’ll be able to bring this trait to life much easier because Dog is a lover of searching for and creating variety.

Another important thing will be faithfulness because Wind people are more of a sceptic as a result of too much questioning and much less coming to conclusions and this hurts them when it comes to finalising and following things through. Now, as a Wind under the guidance of the Dog sign, they can finally find the strength and courage in their hearts to truly believe in something and follow it till the end no matter what. This will be another newfound strength for Wind people and they’ll feel like they’re much more in touch with the world they live in and they’ll enjoy making contributions of various kinds.

They need to watch out mainly for emotional maturity though because Dog has a tendency to stay immature. They need to always take time to grow spiritually. They can choose a method of meditation or a teacher to lead them and they’ll find this easy since Dog has the capacity to be loyal and follow someone.

The immense need of justice is a very strong trait of the sign Dog/Oc/Tz’i and instead of falling into the potential trap of feeling resentful because the world is full of injustice, they can turn it into helping themselves grow in maturity by always asking before they act ‘’What is the ethical and fair thing to do in this situation now, both for myself and everyone and everything involved?’’. Practising this, they can hone their emotional aspects towards a good level of maturity and Wind being their Day Sign, can definitely be of help with its mental agility and pure way of handling issues. 

Health & Exercise 

They can enjoy anything that has to do with satisfying their sensuality like types of dances requiring two people, types of yoga allowing them to get in touch with their sensuality, breath work, definitely, since they’re ‘’the Wind’’. Running is also good, as it allows more ‘’wind’’ into the body. 

Also, the sign Wind always needs to make sure they have enough fresh air daily. They need to check their breathing patterns and form a good breathing habit since their lungs can be more open to negative effects. It’s wise if they never smoke. 

Are you a Mayan Wind sign? If so, share your discoveries in the comments below.

See you next month where we connect the dot’s for the Mayan sign: Night.

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