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The Mayan Sign and Day of The Storm

Sian - July 31, 2020 - 0 comments

The Mayan Sign and Day of The Storm

Today is the first day of the Storm Trecana. So, in the spirit of today, we are sharing one of Fatih’s videos on the Mayan Sign: Storm.

The day of the storm

Today – 31 July 2020 – is 1 Storm (Kawak/Cauac).

This particular day is described as:

Kawoq is one of the most important day signs of the principle of the Divine Feminine. It is also known as the day of the Universal Community. This makes sense, for home is a community in itself, homes are the center of any community, and woman is the center of the home.

In some Mayan languages, notably Yucatec, the word for “home” (na) is the same as the word for “mother.” But this day sign is also called the Celestial Home of the Gods, for our earthly home is modeled on a more heavenly abode.

Today, turn your home space into divine space. Be the mystic in ordinary life.

The Mayan Sign: Storm

If you’re a Storm Mayan sign, the following video will be particularly interesting for you.

Fatih shares:

If you’re the sign of the Storm, you’re blowing like a hurricane. You’re very enthusiastic, very alive, very youthful. And you like you actually jump into the experience and learn form the experience itself. Like when you’re learning how to swim – you like to actually dive into the water and learn how to swim when you’re in the water.

This makes you a quick learner, and a very good student of life. But also, you can sometimes hurt yourself here and there, like a child. But that’s okay because this is who you are. Don’t stop jumping into the experience, but just be careful.”

The Sign of Society

Apart from the many insights, one stood out to me – In some Mayan ways, this sign is not called the “Storm”. Instead, it is called the “Society”.

This makes Storm the sign of the community, society and family.

Fatih continues:

If you’re a Storm sign, the group of people you were born into is very important. You always have strong connections with them, even to the larger circle. And they will support you, especially your family, so that you can come to a very good position, a place of authority.

But remember, this place of authority to to serve others, to serve the community and society. It’s not to abuse these powers. So remember, this is your spiritual purpose, so don’t abuse this power.”

Check out the full video to continue learning about this sign.

And if you’re a Storm sign, let us know in the comments if any particular characteristics resonate strongly for you.

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