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The Mayan Sign and Day of the Owl

Today is the first day of the 13-day Owl Trecena. So, in the spirit of today, we are sharing one of Fatih’s videos on the Mayan Sign: Owl.

The Owl Trecena

Today – 25 November 2020 = 1 Owl / Cib (Yucatan) / Ajmaq (Kiche)

This particular day is described as:

Ajmaq is in part a day of the Otherworld.

As its trecena begins it is good to remember friends and family members who have passed away, and to light a candle or two in their memory.

If there is anything for which you seek forgiveness, today is the day to ask for it; the ancestors are listening, and incline themselves favourably to our affairs.

Altogether, Ajmaq is a day of reflection, a day of communication with the other worlds which lie all around us.

The Mayan Sign: Owl

The Owl is the sixteenth sign in the Mayan ‘zodiac’. It is also known by the names Cib, Ajmaq, or Wisdom.

If your main Mayan sign is Owl, or you have it somewhere in your Tree of Life, the following video will be particularly interesting for you.

Fatih shares:

The Owl is the sign of Wisdom.

As an owl person, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This wisdom doesn’t come without a price, it’s a high price.

The Mayans actually believe that the Owl person has a lot of incarnations from before – A lot of past lives if you believe in re-incarnation – and this brings this wisdom of many lifetimes of experience.

But, it also comes with a karmic load, if you look at it from an Indian perspective. Things that are happening to you right now, have reasons from before. They’re not all happening because of what you’re doing in this life, but they may be from previous lives.

So your life is full of obstacles and problems, and you can feel like you’re burning some karma all your life. But you need to smile about it… because the more you do it, the more your life will be an amazing journey for you…

Smiling in the face of challenge

As an Owl sign myself, I found Fatih’s video really interesting.

And I must agree, I have found many challenges arise in my life, many many challenges. And over the years, from thinking “Why does life need to be so challenging?” I have, through facing these challenges, slowly come to realize how much value these challenges have been in my personal growth.

I often remind people, when they’re going through a challenging time, that from my personal experience, the toughest times are our biggest opportunities for growth. These are the times when we realize what we want and don’t want, where we dig deep and find inner strength, where we get creative and become incredible problem-solvers, and where we realize what is important to us.

And so, if you’re an Owl sign and find that there are many challenges coming up in your life, I hope that you find comfort in this video too.

Fatih continues:

Through this, you will be a very wise person.

You can guide other people, and be a very good consultant in spiritual or psychological terms.

One of the things I recommend is that you try to be forgiving. Try to forgive people that have done wrong to you. Or course, if it’s a serious issue, follow the path of the law. But whatever it is, don’t get psychologically stuck with this issue – realise that there is a reason for it happening, forgive the person, forgive the situation, and learn to let go and move on. This will make your job easier.

Another thing you can do is karma yoga. Work for other people who are in need. Whatever problems you’re often experiencing in this life, you could also be a very good guide in this area as well. A good example is addictions – You have a nature that is very much drawn to addictions. If you are able to free yourself of an addiction, this is something you can help others overcome.

Are you an old soul?

If you’re an Owl sign, I’d encourage you to check out the full video and discover more about this sign, and why you’re an old soul.

And if you’re an Owl sign, let us know in the comments if any particular characteristics resonate strongly for you.

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