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My Journey of Self Discovery with Palm Leaf Libraries

Many years ago I first learnt about palm leaf readings, and recently I got my first proper reading. It has been a special experience and I wanted to share it with you.

The first time I heard about the palm leaf libraries was over 10 years ago.

My yoga/tantra master was talking about it during an evening talk on the tropical island on which his school was based.

It was a fabulous subject, like a modern-day fad.

An esoteric fad, which turns on the Indiana Jones in me. According to the legend, there were some palm leaf libraries in India, in which people’s destinies were written on palm leaves.

Why palm leaves?

Because they were written by some enlightened Rishis, about 3 to 5 thousand years ago.

You can imagine, that long ago they did not have an advanced paper system. They accessed the akashic records and wrote down everything on palm tree leaves.

These Rishis accessed the Akashic records of 1000s of people.

After accessing the Akashic records, these Rishis wrote down everything about them. From the names of their parents to their occupations.

It is amazing as everything about each person is crystal clear. And then there are also recommendations for their future – how to work out some of their problems, how to make the journey easier. They even know who will come and at which time that they will come to this library.

It’s pretty scary, right? However, it’s also very interesting.

So, after what I heard about it, I just kept it in my mind. I didn’t go after it. I was so busy with other quests in my life.

Years later, the palm leaf libraries show up again in my life.

Then, about five years after hearing about these libraries for the first time, I started working with a doctor in India.

So I would go and see this doctor a couple of times every year, and it turned into a friendship as he’s quite a spiritual person too.

And one day, out of nowhere, he told me about these palm leaf libraries. I told him that I’d heard about them and he said Okay, come see me tomorrow. I’m going to bring you to one.

It sounded very interesting.

But, the next day came and went without us even talking about it because it’s a very, very busy day. This is usually the case: he’s very busy. He’s a world-class doctor and he has 1000s of patients all around the world. And I was also facilitating some procedures for some of his patients, so we were very busy, and it was my last day in his town in Puna. So, I didn’t even mention this. He’s quite old and I don’t want to take his time, so I didn’t insist, and it is forgotten.

Once again, the palm leaf libraries return, and this time I took action.

Fast forward another three to five years.

Here I am, just three months ago. I turn on my Facebook, which I rarely do these days because I’m off Facebook mostly. I just check in to see something, and my newsfeed comes up and the first post is from a German friend of mine, whom I know from this yoga school back 10-12 years ago.

And he had posted something about the palm leaf libraries, inviting people to message him if interested.

I’m like, of course I’m interested!

So he got back to me with an email saying that he has access to one of these palm leaf libraries and I can get a reading.

Getting my first palm leaf reading.

This was a very interesting experience.

After a couple of weeks, after applying the procedure immediately, I had my first meeting with the library.

The procedure starts with a fingerprint. I sent him my right thumb’s fingerprint. If I was a female I would have used my left hand.

Then we get on a Zoom call with him and two people from the library, all from the south of India where the library is.

There’s one person who doesn’t speak English who is with the palm leaves. These palm leaves are in the ancient Tamil language, and he can read all these palm leaves. And then there is a translator, who translates them into English.

The process of the reading.

Okay, so there is a specific procedure that is followed.

Based on your fingerprint and on the astrological timing that I applied, they check the whole library and they find a bunch of palm leaves.

Because, allegedly, these Rishis actually knew when I would go to this library, and therefore the palm leaves are categorised according to this. It’s a very complex system and I don’t know exactly how it works as I haven’t been there. This is all happening from a distance, but this is the idea.

So, they retrieve a bunch of palm leaves and they start asking me questions. Is this the name of your mother? Is this the name of your father? Is this how you spell your surname? Are you working for the government? Are you married? Do you have a sister?

As they ask many different questions, I answer yes, no, yes, yes, no, no, no, yes.

When it is “no“, they just skip the leaf saying “okay this is not your leaf”. Let’s try the next one.

The matching procedure.

This so-called “matching procedure,” took about two hours for me.

I’ve heard that for some people it takes longer, while for others it takes less time. And some people will never find their leaves, and the initial fee that you pay for this library is refunded in this case.

So, after two hours they found mine.

My first name was there, along with my surname, my mother’s name, my father’s name, and even my wife’s name. At the moment we are still married on paper, although we are not together anymore.

My first general reading begins.

Once they found my palm leaf, I then have my first general reading.

And here’s the interesting part.

While there were many interesting parts, I want to tell you about the most important one first: It says that my marriage is not moving forward.

It shares that it is not a harmonious and good marriage because it is a karmic debt that I’m paying through this marriage. And that, two lifetimes ago I was a very successful doctor or someone who was helping people with their health. I was allegedly living in South Goa in India and at some point, I turned dark and started abusing people and misusing the information that I had. So I knew yogic techniques and Ayurveda, and I was an expert and was helping people. But I turned to the dark side. At this time, my current ex-wife was a student of mine. She’s young and I tell her that I’m going to get married to her. So I convinced her to have sex with me and after that, I just left her. I didn’t get married to her, and she had a lot of rage towards me. She was really angry with me, and she comes and finds me in this lifetime. And so we go through these challenging aspects.

The palm leaf says that we will never have good communication. We will always misunderstand each other. And that’s a fact – we do always misunderstand each other. We used to misunderstand each other much more.

It’s more than just a reading.

After this reading, some things have changed for the better with me and my ex-wife. This is because this palm leaf reading is not just a reading.

Apart from the reading, there is also some support and blessings that come from Maharishi and they do recommend some remedies. Like fire ceremonies (homas) that are done in a certain way. As well as other remedies that they recommended that will help me and alleviate my pain.

These remedies aren’t meant to resolve these challenges completely, but they’re here to help make it a bit easier. And I think it works.

Now, after three months of doing these remedies, I can say that our relationship is a little bit less painful. A little bit less prone to misunderstandings and conflicts.

It’s a karmic thing.

So, this is the story, and it’s very interesting.

I couldn’t have found anyone else, I had to get married to her. I had to choose her. I always feel that it’s not the best choice but it’s a karmic thing, and it is how karma works.

If you have some karmic problem in your karmic body, it will cloud your thoughts. Your mental mind is one body below. This is the theory of Pancha Kosha, the five bodies according to yoga. So the fifth body, the karmic body, is overpowering the other body’s – emotional, mental, physical and pranic.

Also, there is a lot of rage coming from these people and families that I misdirected and abused two lives ago. I don’t remember what exactly I did, but this is the story.

It gave me a lot of awareness and a lot of wisdom.

I felt liberated, to some extent. I felt a lot of freedom.

During the reading, I had some activation of my crown chakra which is related to this karmic body. And I felt Maharishi (Saint Augustine) helping and supporting me.

It was a eureka moment. “Oh, this is just karma. I can just accept it and work on it”.

This acceptance and recognition of what I did two lives ago, and all other things I heard, liberated me. It empowered me. I feel better now. I feel I can handle this.

“I know what to do” kind of liberation.

Confirming the authenticity of my palm leaf reading.

Of course, there are many other details too that came from my reading.

And one of the other interesting details that I want to share with you is that in this reading I was also told that there is a difficulty coming from one of my great grandparents.

One of my grandparents did something wrong and this energy is increasing very much in a negative way. Actually, not just for me, but also for my brother. And this is a fact. In the last one or two years, my brother has had major health issues, although he’s very young.

And this was revealed in a family consultation session two years ago. It was more or less exactly the same thing that came up in this palm leaf reading.

So this was scientific evidence for me at that moment. The palm leaf readers cannot be cheating on me – It’s impossible that one of the people I had that consultation session with two years ago in Turkey, could have contacted this library and told them this information about my family. It is just not possible.

In this palm leaf library, I’m only in touch with my German friend and he doesn’t know any of my Turkish friends who might have been in that family consultation. So this was definitely scientific evidence that these readings are accurate.

Maharishi has written he can help me with these challenges. And that also has been true.

Recently my brother, who was very angry with me and had turned against me in a strange way – nobody could understand why – called me just five days ago. And we had a phone conversation for the first time in four years. There has been a lot of really strong negative energy between us, mostly from his side. And now he was on the phone asking me how I am, in a peaceful way.

Going deeper and reading more chapters

In the palm leaf library, there are 13 more chapters for each person.

The last two chapters are about your past lives and remedies. I chose these chapters, which is a general recommendation.

There are customised remedies for each person, based on their current situation in life. I have been told to visit a lot of temples in the South of India, and just give praise and worship to a lot of deities, including Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Laksmi, Vishnu and Saraswati. A lot of goddesses.

I was also recommended to visit a lot of other temples – like the Ganesha temple, and others related to the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter – and to just improve my relationship with these planets.

And finally, I was recommended to go to another temple and accept Patanjali as my guru.

So it’s a whole pilgrimage route and formula given to me with more than 10 temples.

I want to go there immediately, but COVID hinders me from doing so because nobody can visit India with a tourist visa at the moment. The weather is also getting really hot, especially from the end of February. The best time to go to the South of India is in December, January and February.

So I don’t know what will happen. But there are other things that could be done and we have done them.

There were two Homas recommended – fire ceremonies in the traditional Indian way. I watched these ceremonies on Zoom and received the energy.

Also, there’s another procedure including some pujas being performed daily for 49 days for me, with a certain mantra. So there are all these Vedic scientific remedies that are applied, and they are helping a little bit, as I told you before.

So, these will all continue somehow.

Final thoughts

I wanted to share this experience with you, and it is an amazing source of reading.

I’ve never gotten such an accurate reading about myself and about my future. There are also warnings given to me, and well as other chapters that I’m still getting. So it’s an ongoing journey.

I recently got a chapter about my future marriage and another one about my business and career. I applied for another two chapters that are about problematic areas, one on children and another on siblings. The siblings chapter is very relevant because of the mystery with my brother, as mentioned above, and it’ll offer support in that direction as well. Of course, there are more chapters.

At the moment I am waiting for the readings for these chapters. I just wanted to share this story with you, and when I have these additional chapters I may share more about them with you.

I encourage you to check the palm leaf readings out. And if you want to try it out yourself, you can click here to get your own palm leaf reading too.


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