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Palm Leaf Reading


The palm leaf libraries in India contain manuscripts that are hand made copies of originals that were written by Rishis (saints) in India 3000-7000 years ago. The highly developed Rishis had the ability to look through time and wrote down the individual lives of a few million individuals on palm leaves. These manuscripts were stored in the palm leaf libraries which are basically mystical schools and temples. The life span of these manuscripts is a few hundred years and they were copied multiple times by hand. The art of reading those palm leaves is often passed down from generation to generation.
The traditional name for palm leaf reading is Nadi Jyotish. Or simply “Nadi reading”
The Rishis also predicted at what point the individuals would come to the libraries to ask for their leaf.
Why did the Rishis write the leaves?
The palm leaf manuscripts are meant as guidance and support to face certain challenges in our life by understanding the bigger picture and applying certain energetic remedies that are also mentioned in the leaves. The palm leafs were written by 7 Rishis and over the millenias dispersed in many libraries mostly throughout southern India. Therefore there might be up to 7 different versions of your palm leaf that all more or less contain the same information.

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