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The Mayan Sign and Trecena of Cane

Today is the first day of the 13-day Cane Trecena. So, in the spirit of today, we are sharing one of Fatih’s videos on the Mayan sign: Cane.

The Cane Trecena

Today – 22 March 2021 = 1 Cane / Ben (Yucatan) / Aj (Kiche)

The 1st day of the Cane Trecena is described as:

Long ago, when the Hero Twins were ready to begin their journey to the Underworld and challenge the Lords of Death in a game of handball, they planted a cornstalk in the middle of First Grandmother’s hearth. They said, “If it withers, you shall know we have failed. If it flourishes, you shall know we have conquered.”

This day sign is that cornstalk. The word “aj” denotes authority or mastery; it is that within us which triumphs over obstacles and which, like the corn returning in its seasonal round, is reborn again and again and again.

And it grows in the centre of the hearth. That is important. This day sign, above all others, symbolizes “hearth and home.” It also symbolizes all those who inhabit or participate in that space we call “home.”

This is a day to give thanks to all our family members. A day to give thanks for our physical home and for everything that constitutes a part of it. This is a day to give thanks for our pets, our critters, our housemates, our plants and our gardens – everything we call home.

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The Mayan Sign: Cane

Cane is the thirteenth day sign in the Mayan sign system. It is also known by the name Ben, Aj or Reed.

If your main Mayan sign is Cane, or you have it somewhere in your Tree of Life, the following video will be particularly interesting for you.

Fatih shares:

The Reed (another name for Cane) actually symbolizes the trunk of The Tree of Life, which is a very central theme in Mayan mythology.

So, imagine that you are the trunk of The Tree of Life. This brings a lot of strength and integrity to you, and you have high personal power.

You can also carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. You are like the central column in a large building, which means that you are the centre of the family, the centre of society, and people look at you and take strength from you. So this is a very strong sign.

You like to educate yourself, you have very strong logic and your intellectual capacity is very strong. Both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are from this sign, which means that you can lead your own field in science or in any kind of studies. Of course, when we look at them, they have a very strong mind, but they also understand the subconscious mind too.

The Cane sign doesn’t have so much access to the subconscious mind, as you are a very logical person. But in your Tree of Life, your Mayan horoscope, you have other signs like Crocodile which give you access to the subconscious mind. So if you look into your directions a little bit, you can be a great psychologist or coach.

But the best way to say it is that you can become a great leader – a social leader, a spiritual leader or what resonates with you.

Accessing the subconscious and strengthening your power.

In this video on the Cane sign, Fatih brings up such an important point – the benefit of learning more about your other signs in your Mayan Tree of Life.

Your main day sign sits in the centre of your Mayan Tree of Life. From this point, the four directions include the Youth (Support), Male, Female and Mature (Guide) signs.

For the Cane sign, its Youth sign is Serpent, its Mature sign is Crocodile, its Male sign is Deer, and its Female sign is Storm.

Each of these four signs influence you in different ways. So, while the best place to start your Mayan journey is to learn all about your main day sign, afterwards you can then start learning more about each of these other four signs and how they influence your life.

This will give you more perspective and will enable you to understand yourself even better. And it’ll give you insight on how to work with your energies in the most beneficial way – for yourself and those around you.

Ready to work with your power in the most beneficial way?

If you or someone you know is a Cane sign, check out the video to discover more about this sign and why learning flexibility is your major lesson in this life.

If you’re a Cane sign, let us know in the comments if any particular characteristics resonate strongly with you.

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