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The Soul Incubator – Challenging Times Spark Personal Growth (Part 1)

2020 has been a particularly challenging time in the world, with many people asking the question “What on earth is going on in the world today!?”

And so, we’re delighted to share this new thought-provoking series by our contributor Jean-Jacques. For those of you thinking about the extreme state of the world, this is the perfect series to explore deeper.

Part 1 of 3: In this series, we are exploring the purpose of polarity and the nature of truth.

The Purpose of Polarity

It is important to know that the universe contains both polarity (duality) and non-polarity (non-duality) at the same time.

Non-duality, in the form of harmony and stability within societies, is usually the ideal that is aimed for. Duality has the purpose of acting as a catalyst for aspiring to, and for striving towards, unity (non-duality.) Polarisation, as a manifestation of strong or extreme duality, has a purpose in that it can act as a powerful evolutionary mechanism.

Unity, balance, order and harmony are all results of aspiring and working towards non-duality. The less balanced things are, the harder we have to work towards balance. Polarisation can result in a powerful reordering or reshuffling of things which otherwise could or would not have come about.

The Inca civilisation in Peru, for example, honoured both non-duality and duality as having sacred value [1], because in a dualistic paradigm everything always has an opposite. The ancients knew that sometimes stability and order were dominant – and at other times instability and disorder were dominant.

The Mayans, for example, understood that the dominant energy in each age ‘ruled’ in the sense that it strongly influenced people’s behaviour and events to the extent that each age took on specific characteristics. They also observed that these ages returned time and again after having been absent for specific time periods – and they recorded these cycles in their calendars.

Purpose Of Challenging Times

The Yin and Yang Balance of Forces

There are always counterbalancing energies at play in every age, notwithstanding the dominant energy of the particular age.

In times of polarisation, oases of calm can always be found; however, during stable and orderly times, hot-spots of conflict can always be found, too. This phenomenon is symbolised in the Eastern Yin and Yang sign with its smaller dark and light spots being present inside the larger dominant opposites.

Even during prolonged times of peace – as has been the case in North America, Western Europe and parts of Asia – there has always been an almost constant dichotomy (an oscillation) between duality and non-duality. This manifests in many spheres of life as a societal tension between the opposites. Some examples are the tensions between the individual and the collective, between integration and separation, and between the political left and the political right.

It is – perhaps, ironically so – exactly the tension-causing polarities that enable the potential for balance, because balance cannot exist without the tension of opposites. It is finding the right balance first and then maintaining it which is the ongoing challenge. If there were no polarity, one could not aim for stability. If there were no duality, one could not aim towards unity.

Once unity or stability has been achieved, it never seems to last for very long. It is this phenomenon that is often experienced as one of the most frustrating factors of life which seems to have no obvious purpose or explanation. (For a case study, please see: Unity in Diversity vs. Disunity in Ideologies.)

An Incubator for the Soul

The earth was created to bring souls to their divine destiny; it is carrying a heavy burden.

Paramahansa Yogananda (World Crisis”) [2]

The purpose of shifting energy can be further understood by considering a spiritual perspective held by some of the most ancient civilisations regarding the real purpose of this planet that we live on.

It is believed that we humans are here on earth to evolve and to grow – mentally and spiritually so. Said differently, we are here for personal development. The earth is a learning ground. It is a training platform. On a higher level, it could be described as an incubator for the soul. Which platform and level we transition to after this one may very well depend on – or be influenced by – the level of development that we achieve here on this earthly plane, which is why fulfilling our individual purpose and destiny here is so important. (For more on this, please see: The Keys to Conscious Co-creation.)

The shifting energies throw up continuous challenges. Having to continuously rebalance and readjust to circumstances motivates and prompts personal development by having no choice but to work through the challenges in order to once again arrive at a balanced state.

If everything remained static, there would hardly be any development. As a rule, people do not voluntarily place themselves in difficult circumstances to purposefully prompt personal growth. Although they may do so a few times in their lives, the overall general objective of the majority of people is to be comfortable and to be happy, which usually means that they aim to create for themselves as much practical and material comforts and conveniences as possible.

Growth Stimulation

Being in stasis permanently would, however, eventually result in regression and degeneration for individuals, cultures, societies, nations, and – ultimately – civilisations. It can, indeed, be observed that over time, spiritual development tends to stagnate in nations once they are fully developed. A strong emphasis on materialism, combined with a loss of deeper values, tends to eventually set in.

In spite of all the modern progress and advancing technologies in the world, if humans are not also evolving themselves spiritually at the same time then they are not evolving at all. Spiritual stasis causes meaninglessness – and meaninglessness can lead to nihilism.

However, being challenged by circumstances that are changing continually and that are sometimes really difficult to work through, or at the very least not always very comfortable, can eventually lead to the discovery of one’s life purpose through all the struggles.

Living one’s life purposefully usually leads to living life more responsibly. Living life purposefully and responsibly can lead to meaning and fulfillment, which is the closest that one can get to experiencing genuine contentment and happiness. Two of the most renowned Western psychologists, Carl Gustav Jung and Victor Frankl, considered this tenet to be one of the most important observations about the human condition.

The Rise and Fall of Civilisations

If nations and civilisations did not rise and fall, there would be no growth opportunities for subsequent generations.

History has shown that, as a rule, generations tend to not learn very well from those that came before them. When similar circumstances come around due to the recurring nature of cycles and ages, the same mistakes are often made again. Every generation has to go through its own learning processes, which are often the very same learning processes that prior generations had to go through.

If energy and circumstances did not keep on shifting, our planet would cease to function as a learning platform for human souls.

The fact that energy cycles always return means that history very often repeats and that humans are given the opportunity many times over to learn how to resolve problems and to grow.

Wise people, cultures, and nations would, indeed, consult history and would try to not repeat the same mistakes again. They would attempt to do things differently the next time around – hopefully, with better results. And those who manage to improve on past efforts are, indeed, the ones who evolve.

By J.J. Montagnier

In the next chapters, we will continue to take a deep dive into how polarity facilitates human development and growth; we will consider how we as individuals can find our purpose and maintain balance within our polarised times; we will contemplate the nature of truth in a ‘post-truth’ world and we will consider how we can get ready for the incoming light of truth. Please subscribe to receive alerts for updates.

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Contributing Writer Jean-Jacques


J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer. He has been studying and writing about Maya calendar-related subjects since 2014. He traveled to Central America in 2015 to familiarise himself better with Maya culture and history.

Note: The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.


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