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The Mayan Sign and Day of The Road

Sian - August 13, 2020 - 0 comments

The Mayan Sign and Day of The Road

Today is the first day of the 13-day Road Trecena. So, in the spirit of today, we are sharing one of Fatih’s videos on the Mayan Sign: Road.

Mayan Sign Road Trecana

The start of a new journey

Today – 13 August 2020 = 1 Road.

This particular day is described as:

A 1st day is always a new beginning.

Since it represents the Road of Life, the time has come to begin yet another journey upon that road. Where are we going?

It is also said to be the sign of our destiny, and the word “destiny” is related to the word “destination.” We walk the path that leads to the fulfilment of our life purpose. Sometimes our purpose may be difficult to discern, and we lose the straight path, wandering elsewhere.

A 1st day is focused and clear; the right road may easily appear.

The Mayan Sign: Road

Road is the twelfth day sign in the Mayan zodiac. It is also known by the name Grass or Eb.

If your main Mayan sign is Road, or you have this it somewhere in your Tree of Life, the following video will be particularly interesting for you.

Fatih shares:

The main quality of this sign is that you like to be on the road, to travel, to explore different cultures.

This is almost your life purpose. And you may even be happier and more successful in another country, from where you were born.

The Sign of Exploration and Humanity

It makes sense that the Road sign embraces exploration. From travelling around the globe, to simply learning about topics from where you are.

This makes you open and conscious of the world around you. You explore and embrace the diversity of the world, but you also recognize that we are all together, all unified, on the planet. And this gives you a lot of natural humanity and a desire to work together to make the world a better place.

Fatih continues:

As a Road Sign, you will understand that we are all one as humanity. We all live together on this planet.

As a human species, we are going through a challenging time. And one of your desires is to help people in need – any part of society who you feel is disadvantaged. Or you may be very concerned about the ecology. Because, in the essence, according to the Mayans, you like to think about the 7 generations ahead. So you need to work hard at making this world a better place.

You’re also very hard-working, but you don’t like to be known for it. This makes you a very humble sign. You have a strong humanitarian personality.

Check out the full video to continue learning about the qualities of this sign.

And if you’re a Road sign, let us know in the comments if any particular characteristics resonate strongly for you.

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