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Mayan Dog Sign & Trecena

Today is the first day of the 13-day Dog Trecena. So, in the spirit of today, we are sharing one of Fatih’s videos on the Mayan Sign: Dog.

The Dog Trecena

Today – 30 October 2020 = 1 Dog / Oc (Yucatan) / Tz’i (Kiche)

This particular day is described as:

Upon this day, the beginning of the trecena of Tz’i, it is important to remember the earth for Tz’i is one of those day signs which is said to be a guardian of the world of nature.

In nature, there is a justice that goes beyond mere human laws; it is cosmic justice. Tz’i is the sign of spiritual law and justice as well, and during this trecena it is of benefit to set to work on social causes we believe in.

The Mayan Sign: Dog

Dog is the tenth day sign in the Mayan ‘zodiac’. It is also known by the name Oc or Tz’i.

If your main Mayan sign is Dog, or you have it somewhere in your Tree of Life, the following video will be particularly interesting for you.

Fatih shares:

Dog people are very similar to the dogs themselves. This means they have a strong sense of loyalty.

This sense of loyalty is not referring to loyalty towards your partners or your one partner. It’s generally about surrendering to the divine. Like loyalty to spiritual purposes and principles.

Dog people also have a strong sense of justice and discipline, that is most often inspired by this feeling of faith.

You have a very strong faith. and even in the Mayan mythology, the Dog people are seen as the guides into the light from the darkness by this strong sense of faith.

And of course, there are other aspects of Dog people that are also similar to dogs. If you are a Dog person, you like to have joy in your life, you’re a very simple person and you like to love.

Simplicity, joy and an open heart.

This sign is quite easy to understand when you consider the general characteristics of dogs. Especially the idea of unconditional love.

When you think about the dog, unconditional love is one of its primary characteristics. It’s actually quite beautiful how, no matter what happens, no matter the situation, a dog loves you fully, deeply and unconditionally.

This characteristic has always been something I’ve most appreciated from the animal, and it’s a quality the Mayan Dog person embraces too.

Fatih continues:

Connection and communing with other people is very important to you. I could almost say that your life purpose is almost just to experience unconditional love in this world.

So you don’t like to go into very complicated theories. You like to have a simple life, and just open your heart and be in love with the people around you. These are your strong qualities.

Of course, when we talk about simplicity and joy, like a dog, you might like to enjoy the pleasures of life too much.

Of course, it’s beautiful to just run behind your tail and make fun of situations that are so simple. This gives you a positive attitude and you can reach the joyful state very easily. But sometimes, too much pleasure-seeking can make you addicted and stuck there.

Check out the full video to continue learning about the qualities of this sign, and how you can find better balance between seeking pleasure and keeping connected to your faith in the divine.

And if you’re a Dog sign, let us know in the comments if any particular characteristics resonate strongly for you.

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