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Your Special Kin Maya on the Tzolkin Calendar

In simple terms, “Kin Maya” refers to your unique day on the Mayan Calendar. And if you’re starting your journey exploring the Mayan sign system, this is a great place to start.

The meaning of “Kin Maya”

The Mayan family has many different languages, somewhere around thirty. Three of the main languages are Yucatec, Kʼicheʼ and Itzaʼ.

When you get a Mayan reading on our site you’ll notice these languages referenced. For example, I am the Owl sign. And in my reading it displays Cib (Yucatan) / Ajmaq (Kiche).

The word “kin” means “day” in Yucatec Maya.

Yucatec is the Mayan language spoken in the Yucatán Peninsula and northern Belize. Yucatán is one of the states of Mexico. Belize is a Caribbean country located on the northeastern coast of Central America.

With “kin” meaning “day” in Yucatec Maya, it’s not surprising that the word “tzolkʼin” means “count of days”.

“Kin Maya”” is not an actual phrase though, it’s just a search term people used in google search.

In simple terms, your “kin Maya” is your special day on the Tzolkin calendar, which is your date of birth. And if you’re new to the world of Maya, this is a great place to start your journey.

Your special Tzolkin Mayan day

The easiest way to work out your kin maya is to use our free Mayan calculator.

Simply enter in your date of birth, and you’ll get your primary Day Sign and Galactic Tone. This combination is basically your unique kin maya, aka your unique day on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.

Here is an example using my birthday is 13 June 1983:

Find your kin Maya with our free calculator

So your Kin Maya is essentially made up of your primary Day Sign and Galactic Tone. For example 10 Owl, 6 Seed, 3 Night and so on.

Your Mayan Day Sign

Within the Mayan sign system, there are a few calendars that fit together like cogwheels. And if you want to go deeper, check out this post on how the Mayan calendar system works.

Keeping things simple, when you use our Mayan calculator, you’ll get your Mayan tree of life reading. And in the centre, you’ll see your Mayan day sign.

Here is an example, showing my Owl day sign:

Your Mayan day sign is your core sign. This is the primary sign you are born into.

Your Mayan Galactic Tone

Within the Mayan sign system, there is also a 13-day cycle called Trecena. Each of these 13 days has a unique vibration and are called “Tones”.

The different calendars work together, creating unique combinations of the 20 different Day Signs and the 13 different Tones for each date of birth.

In your Mayan tree of life, you’ll see that under each sign, is a Tone. A dot represents 1, and a line represents 5. So for example, one line and one dot would be Tone 6.

And under your Day Sign is your primary Tone.

See below for an example showing my Owl Day Sign with the Tone 10 underneath:

And that’s essentially your unique kin Maya:

[Your Galactic Tone] + [Your Day Sign]

Your specific day on the 260-day Tzolkin calendar

If you’d like to go even further, you can also refer to the chart below. Using your Tone + Day Sign you can then work out what specific day you were born on the 260-day Tzolkin calendar.

In the below image, find your Mayan day sign in the right column. Then, move along the row until you find your Galactic Tone in brackets. For example, using my 10 Owl, I can discover that I’m born on day 36 of the 260-day Tzolkin calendar.

What is your unique Kin Maya?

Now it’s your turn.

If you’re new to exploring the Mayan sign system, it’s time to use our calculator and discover your Mayan day sign and galactic tone. This is your unique kin Maya.

From there you can learn more about your day sign and your tone, and it’ll open up many doors of self-discovery.

Let me know in the comments what your kin Maya is, I’d love to know!

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