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A Tool for Transformation: Indian Palm Leaf Reading

These days, many are hungry for personal transformation and are searching for tools to use to help them evolve into the best version of themselves. This personal transformation is a journey of discovery, and it’s worth exploring many different strategies to see what resonates with you.

One such tool is an Indian Palm Leaf Reading, which is super interesting to learn about. India holds much ancient wisdom, in many respects, and so it’s worth taking the time to dig into these Indian Palm Leaf Readings as you may just discover or realize something about yourself that further ignites your personal transformation.

What is an Indian Palm Leaf Reading?

Indian Palm Leaf Readings have an interesting story.

Basically, thousands of years ago there were a group of Indian sages – in classical philosophy, a “sage” refers to someone who has attained wisdom in some form.

These Indian sages could perceive the lives of people living through all ages, and they transcribed these life stories onto palm leaves.

Ancient sages with an ability to see through time

A “Rishi” is a Vedic term for an enlightened person, and that is why this group of Indian sages are referred to as “The Rishis“.

The Rishis are said to have lived for hundreds and thousands of years. As enlightened beings, they could see the journeys of many souls living ahead of their time, up until the year 2005.

To preserve this deep wisdom, they wrote what they perceived onto these palm leaves – including guidance on how each soul could live his or her most meaningful life.

More specifically, these specific palm leaves from Mypalmleaf were transcribed by Saint Agastya.

These palm leaves are now kept in palm leaf libraries found mostly in southern India.

Your thumbprint holds wisdom

When you decide to search for your personal palm leaf, all you need is your thumbprint. The left for women, and the right for men.

There are up to 108 thumbprint patterns, and the palm leaves are organized within the libraries based on these.

That is why, to initiate your palm leaf search, all you need to submit is your unique thumbprint.

Searching the ancient palm leaf libraries

Once you submit your unique thumbprint, the search for your personal leaf begins.

This thumbprint usually leads to a specific bundle of palm leaves within a library. And then, hopefully, within the bundle, you will find your specific leaf that speaks to your soul’s journey.

A say hopefully as your specific leaf is, on the rare occasion, not found. However, most of the time it is.

Palm leaf reading -  Finding your bundle

Finding your bundle of palm leaves

You can imagine, with so many leaves, it takes a little dedicated time. And it’s fascinating to learn about the journey to finding one’s personal leaf.

With your thumbprint in hand, the palm leaf reader starts the search, visiting the various palm leaf libraries. The librarians at the libraries, who are also priests, use the thumbprint to initiate the search. As mentioned above, the bundles of palm leaves are categorized based on the different thumbprint patterns.

But, what’s also interesting is that the bundles of palm leaves are also further categorized by the time period that the seeker has come to search for his or her palm leaf. How interesting is that?

With these two bits of information, the priest will find your bundle of palm leaves. However, sometimes he will discover hundreds of bundles that could contain your leaf. And when this happens, he will perform a secret divination ritual which will help him narrow the search and pick a few select bundles.

Reading the ancient language of Tamil

Once your bundles of palm leaves have been found by the priest, he hands them over to the palm leaf reader.

These palm leaves are written in a symbolic and poetic ancient Tamil language. As mentioned above, Saint Agastya was the Rishi and Author of these specific leaves. And it is said that he gave the first grammar to this Tamil language.

As you can see in the images within this article, this is a very specific language. Unlike English, it is a sound-based language. And what’s more, the poetic way the palm leaves are written is quite unique.

This is why you need these highly trained palm leaf readers to read the palm leaves, and the translator to translate them into modern English.

Once your bundle of palm leaves has been found, you then join your Palm Leaf Reader and a translator on a Zoom call.

Narrowing down your personal leaf

Together they will read out simple descriptions of the person each palm leaf is describing. And you will be asked to answer yes, no or I don’t know.

For example, they may say “You have 3 siblings” or “You are married”.

When you answer “No” to any of the statements, that leaf is turned over and put aside and the next one is read.

When you answer a clear “Yes” to all the statements, your individual palm leaf has been found. What is amazing is that oftentimes this leaf even contains the names of your parents or other relatives… And they do say that when you find your leaf “you will feel it“.

Reading your chapter

At this point, you can sit back and listen as you are red your chapter from your personal palm leaf.

In this reading, you are read your general chapter, which shares an overview of your life in all areas. This reading takes about 40-45 minutes.

Opening the door to your soul’s journey

This palm leaf reading offers an opportunity to gain insight into your personal life path, and many discover valuable insights to help them move forward into a greater sense of self.

On the website Mypalmleaf, they put it very well:

Mypalmleaf intends to be a portal of time, that is helping us to connect with the timeless grace and guidance of the saints and sages. May it help us to transform old Karma and understand our life from a higher perspective.

These palm leaves are based on the Vedic sciences and Tantra. And this refers to Tantra in the ancient context, where everything is energy and run by energetic principles. And so, these readings also share energetic remedies that can help you move forward through Karmic obstacles.

Continuing your journey

After this initial reading, there are ways you can further your journey.

However, one of the first bit of advice is to Integrate and Digest. While it’s easy to want to jump into more information, this first general reading will give you much to process and think about. Afterward, you get an audio recording of the session, and it’s worth re-listening to it and soaking it in.

From this place, you can also then request to read more chapters, specific to other areas of your life. There are up to 13 different chapters such as Relationships, Career, and Previous Birth & Old Karma. When you request these, they are searched for individually in the libraries. However, the process is quicker than the original search for your general chapter.

At this point, you can go deeper into various energetic remedies to further your transformation. You can perform some rituals by yourself, or request guidance.

Are you interested in finding your personal ancient palm leaf?

I hope that you find these Indian Palm Leaf Readings as fascinating as I do. If you’re passionate about your personal transformation and spiritual evolution, this is a unique and soulful tool to try.

If you’d like to explore getting your Indian Palm Leaf Reading, visit this page for more information.

Are you considering getting your reading done? And, what other tools are you using to further your personal growth? Please share in the comments.

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