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Going on an Enlightening Mayan Vision Quest

Robert Shrewsbury - March 2, 2021 - 0 comments

Going on an Enlightening Mayan Vision Quest

I was invited by some Mayan Priests and Priestesses (of the MOM Clan) in Guatemala to attend a very sacred ceremony on their New Year’s date of 8 B’aatz. This was a yearly acknowledgement and communication with the Deity on 8 B’aatz (Money), in their 260-Day Sacred Tzolkin Calendar.

It turned out to be one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I have ever had.

Mayan Vision Quest

What I learned there is still with me and in use to this very day. However, it would take me writing a book to do justice by what I learned and came to understand then.

To get there, I flew from Las Vegas Airport to Guatemala. As I flew over the Southern-most part of Mexico and then into Guatemala, I looked over and down at the clouds under us from the aeroplane window and saw many Holograms form, where clouds turned into Mayan Glyphs. And later, I was shown what their civilization actually looked like when it was alive, intact and well, on the surface of the ground, when we were doing ceremonies at Tikal.

During that Eight B’aatz Ceremony, standing near the other participants, suddenly the area was filled up with a view just like it was when the Maya/Toltec were there in ancient times, alive and going about their daily activities! Strangely, I was the only one that could see this custom-holographic view. We did the Ceremony close to the Step-Pyramid shown in the image above.

Later, I found out that Satellite Images show a lot of underground tunnels at Tikal.

Maya/Toltec Vision Quest

Sometime after my experience with the Maya in Guatemala, I knew that the information they gave me on the protocol of the Vision Quest was info they gave me “in passing” so to speak, a mild and incomplete reference.

I wanted to do this Vision-Quest myself and believed that I had a good chance of pulling it off and I well observed them doing their ceremonies on how they were done.

According to the Mayan Priests, doing a Vision Quest would not only enlighten a person, but would develop them in ways that would usually take fifty (50) years to acquire normally.

In the Mayan Vision-Quest, we were to go to our Custom-Quintessence, laid out in a particular Geography in a grid (with a custom Quintessence about every 200 miles) and covering the entire planet.

For example, I was born 11 Tooj (Water) in the Maya Tzolkin Calendar and so I was to find my Tooj-Quintessence in the particular location (Geography) that it was at. The situation was that my wife and I work very closely (together) on and in Spiritual matters and on my way back from S.L.C., Utah I was told that my wife could find my Tooj-Quintessence on a Utah map and mark it and that she did. Of the 20 Mayan birth-signs there is Quintessence to facilitate all twenty Maya signs for everyone’s needs.

Definition of Quintessence

1: The Fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies.

2: The essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form.

3: The most typical example or representative.

I experienced my Vision Quest, on 11 TOOJ at a Quintessence place of Tooj. 

I did the ceremony first and then felt a very clear, smooth, serene, uplifted spirit. However, it took a little while for this to build and reach full saturation in my being. This feeling and awareness intensity lasted for approximately 14 days and I did not sleep for a second in all of that time. I was not tired or sleepy at all, but during my normal sleep hours, would just lie in bed and focus on many things. Finally, this enlightenment began to recede a little at a time over another week or so, although about 12% of it has stayed with me permanently.

Initially, in this condition of more enlightenment, I could know anything I focused on (as there was no veil of blindness over me) and I was able to see anyone’s thoughts, history, present and future. 

After my spiritual experience, I worked to find other Quintessence places and then worked with 8 other people, sending them on to their Maya Vision-Quests, at their custom Quintessence places.

Out of the eight individuals I sent on to their Vision Quests, only three of them had a powerful spiritual experience. Thinking on it, I re-rehearsed the ceremony with three of those that did not connect, waited for correct timing and resent them once again to their Quintessence place. Then they had a very powerful (life-changing) experiences. Two other individuals were not so interested and so did not make a second attempt. I am very much aware that many Amerindian Tribes have their version of the Vision-Quest, however, the Mayan one I did was nothing less than awesome! 

The Mayans say that 20 days before your birthdate each year, you will start having problems. You can also have resistance doing a Vision Quest. Also, consider these possibilities – One person who went on a Vision Quest mentioned she was told not to do them in places where metals bridged the area, like a metal bridge of a road, or near big power-lines. You also had a better chance of making a connection out in the open, than in a building with electricity. You want quiet. 

I hope you found this article interesting and that it has sparked thought. Share your comments below.

In the Spirit of Enlightenment, Robert

Contributing Writer Robert Shrewsbury
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Robert Shrewsbury

Robert is a husband and father from Utah, USA. After spending two years growing up in Chihuahua Mexico, he developed a keen interest in spiritual topics, ancient history, archaeology, science and religion, and obtained a degree in Amerindian Theology. As an avid researcher, Robert enjoys sharing his discoveries with other like-minded explorers.

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