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Etznab (Yucatan) / Tijax (Kiche)
Personality: Skillful, well-organized, can be a mechanic. Social, but has difficulty in intimate relationships. Conciliatory and self-sacrificing, but suppressing anger.

The knife is the mirror of reality. You create the sparks of divine intelligence, just like a flint stone. You are social, brave, skillful and hardworking, filled with divine intelligence, talented and have great ideas. You are known to be polite, accommodating and selfless. The ability to separate emotions from reality, like slicing with a knife, is your innate ability. Since you are very detailed oriented, again like cutting with a knife, you are more interested in technical subjects. You are skillful in solving mechanical problems as well as you could be a good craftsman. You can even be a virtuoso for musical instruments because you can use your hands very good [...]

Being a Knife, you have a competent perception of the dualities of life. You tend to see the world as black and white, or true and false.. Truth is something you have a deep passion for. This will bring about a strong sense of truthfulness in your heart. To be aware of contrasts means to see the world as an arena of conflict. To choose one reality over another means going into a conflict and being a warrior. This painful awareness makes this sign a potentially difficult one. One of your positive features is; your approach to seeing things as right or wrong results in looking at and correcting yourself first [...]

On a negative tone, because of your honesty and bluntness, you can be hurtful at times. You might often hear from people around you, or even your loved ones, that you are violent, unkind, or too much straightforward. Your voraciousness may not be digested well by those who listen to you [...]

The Mayans say that the Knife people are healers and this sign is related to healing. A knife can be a weapon to kill but it can also be an instrument of healing in a healer's hand. So the solution is to become the scalpel in the hands of a surgeon instead of a knife that wounds people around you. In order to do this, you must know what to cut and what not to cut [...]

Challenge: Being stuck between thinking about self-interest or sacrificing self.
Remedy: Allowing others to take leadership

Appropriate professions: doctor, gynecologist, surgeon [...]

Celebrities born on this day: Jude Law, George Harrison, Che Guevara, Terence Mc Kenna, Nikola Tesla, Paul Simon, Napoleon Bonaparte, Miles Davis, Martin Scorsese, David Lycnh, Sophie Loren, Britney Spears, Benito Mussolini
Signs you get along with: Knife, Cane, Night and Rabbit.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Knife, Jaguar, Wind, Death and Dog.

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The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20-day cycle and this is called the Day Sign. The Day Sign shows your typical attributes. It is also called the Adult Sign. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around 12-13 years of age, so this sign starts to influence you by this time. Before that, it was mostly your Youth Sign, influencing your life.

When you are 26 years old, until 39 years old, your Day Sign will have the maximum impact on your life. And when you are 52 years old, it is the time of the Mature Sign, to take on the stage.

Your life evolves mostly around what your Day sign offers to you. According to the Mayan Dayekeepers, your higher self chooses your Day sign before you are born into this world. You took into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your Day Sign provides you with your life mission, which also brings certain strong and weak aspects of your personality. Naturally, you have no idea about all of these aspects the minute you were born. The purpose of this reading is to hold you a mirror, and remind you about why you came to this life, and why you have chosen this Day Sign, as well as other signs surrounding it. Remember, your Day Sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.

Complementarily, your Galactic Tone and the Trecana Sign also shape how your Day Sign is. There are 13 different combinations of your Day Sign and the Tone you were born tells you, which one you have. Additionally, this Tone determines during which Trecana (Mayan "week" of 13 days) you were born. Your Trecana Sign also has an impact on your Day Sign. It is like the background of your character, influencing about 20-30% of it. Your Day Sign, however, is like the foreground and influencing 70-80%  of your character.

Your Tone



* Bridge
* Pure creative energy
* Ascension
* Spark of understanding
* Connection to source
* Remembering

Here we are at the final stage of evolution, the completion of all things. Tone 13 represents equality among all members of the group. You have the sense of collective consciousness, strongly believing in unity and equality among humanity. You are holding the space for other minds to merge until there is no other left out [...]

Your nature is tolerant and sophisticated. You have an unlimited motivation to overcome your obstacles and transform yourself. Your will to grow and evolve is strong. Reaching the top of the mountain does not mean the journey will end here [...]

Your Trecana Sign


Cimi (Yucatan) / Kame (Kiche)
Personality: Security conscious, materialistic, self-sacrificing and helpful. Curious about the community and politics.

You might be uncomfortable or even a little scared by the name of this sign. However, let me ease you by being direct. For the Mayas, the Death sign is seen as one of the most fortunate signs [...]

You are a catalyst, of change. Transformation is the key meaning of your life. You either transform yourself by some internal or external force, or you love to help and facilitate the transformation of someone you are in touch with [...]

You have a soft and feminine character and you are also smart, wise and romantic. Your politeness attracts abundance like a magnet and you manage to reach your goals. Your strong psychic abilities and emotional intelligence will bring success [...]

Naturally, subjects like death, life after death and mysticism always interest you. Do not suppress this curiosity but get guidance from competent and trustworthy people, like those belonging to the Jaguar sign [...]

Challenge: Having faith, to give up being a victim.
Remedy: Being beneficial to society.

Appropriate professions: philosopher, judge, spiritual healer [...]

Celebrities born on this day: Charlie Chaplin, Jane Fonda, Paul McCartney, Mae West, Sid Vicious, Ingmar Bergman,
Signs you get along with: Death, Monkey, Owl, and Crocodile
Signs that contribute to your growth: Death, Jaguar, Knife, Wind, and Dog

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