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Tzolkin Birthday

Tzolkin Birthday

Today is your spiritual birthday.

The energy of the day you are born is fully active. Today you are in the day of $(burc), and $(number) , and also week of the $(trecanaName) . This is a very special day that comes around every 260 days. Therefore, today, life seems very meaningful to you. You are at a day that strongly reminds of who you are, why were born and what your life mission is. You can take big steps towards spiritual development by understanding yourself and your spirit. Take time off for yourself today and celebrate…

Have you ever wondered? Sometimes you celebrate your birthday and you just don’t feel or experience anything special. And at other times, you live a very special day but it is not your birthday. Perhaps these kinds of days were your birthdays according to the Mayan calendar. So today is an ideal day to come together with your loved ones and have a party.

What you are living today tells you about your life purpose and why you were born into your sign $(burc) . You are also given messages and signs that remind you of your spiritual essence. These messages may come to you in various ways such as visions, intuition, dreams, symbols, something you read, in a conversation with someone, in a moment of decision, etc… The universe can give you a message in any way today and when it does, it is a good idea to take some time to reflect on it by meditating, taking a walk, going in to nature etc… The least you can do is spend a few minutes to reflect on what message you have received today before going to sleep. Do this with the awareness that you have received something valuable and meaningful in your life that can make a difference.

Today is the day to correct your course of your life. If you are not living a life that serves your life purpose, the universe may try to steer you on to the right route and this can bring some painful lessons. But if you know your route, you can go a long way using the energy of today.

An ideal way to start your day is to listen to your intuition and create new beginnings. Start anything that will be good for your soul like a new job, project, education, hobby or relationship. To create new intentions and make important decisions about your life is very beneficial for you. Any new beginning you make today will be fully supported by the universe. The seeds you plant today will grow in 260 days and become fruitful trees.

It is an incredibly ideal day to receive any form of advice, counseling or healing.

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