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Is this Really the End of The Mayan Calendar?

Fatih Keçelioğlu - June 29, 2020 - 0 comments

Is this Really the End of The Mayan Calendar?

We are very close to October 28, 2011, the end date of the Mayan calendar according to Carl Johann Calleman. A date that I also propagated for years. Within the last few months many people have asked me questions about this matter. What will happen? Can we feel the changes? Is this really the end of the Mayan calendar?

Those who have followed me or Calleman might have been locked in now to the October 28, 2011 date. However this is not the case for me.

Except for discussions with Calleman in recent weeks, I haven’t paid much attention to this matter of October 28. You might wonder why this has been the case. Or you may wonder why my perspective has changed and how one shall look at the time ahead of us?

Let me try to answer these and similar other questions.

The value of inner transformation

Firstly I should mention that in the recent years I gradually became more aware of the value of inner transformation. And instead of following the Mayan calendar closely, I spent my time in meditation retreats and yoga intensives. And I spent time going through life and living the transformations that I need to go through.

For those who have been following what I am writing on my blog, this should not be a big surprise.

The “Calleman model”

But let us come to the question of why I lost my trust to the shift points of the Mayan calendar. Which I call the “Calleman model”.

As you know, Calleman gained a lot of interest after accurately predicting the 2008 global financial crisis. After this, he claimed that he was expecting a deeper economical crisis. A collapse and fall of the American Dollar at the Sixth Night of the Eight Wave. This was supposed to happen between November 8, 2009 and November 3, 2010, but it didn’t.

Nevertheless, after November 3, 2010, we were supposed to see much bigger transformations. As the Seventh Day began: “the fall of the hierarchies”. And by October 28, 2011 there will be the end of evolution. An emergence of the so-called sustainable, advanced “Garden of Eden”. Reference Article

I hope you’re aware of how big a miracle it requires for such a transformation to happen in 9 days.

A letter to Calleman

I questioned these and similar issues with an open letter to Calleman.

Calleman responded, but didn’t answer the technical questions I asked him in a scientific and objective way. Instead, he moved the discussion to a polarity.

He came to a level of perception where there is a battle between October 28, 2011 and December 21, 2012. And he put me on the opposite camp. However, I didn’t claim anything that would be make me in support of the December 21, 2012 date.

This situation revealed how far he is from the “Unity Consciousness” that he is propagating. Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming that I have established myself in the “Unity Consciousness”.

However we agreed on one matter. This was that as humanity “we are behind” the Divine Plan, meaning the schedule of global transformation according to Calleman. Therefore the dates that were seen as shift points did not or will not bring the predicted changes. Including October 28, 2011.

He tried to explain this situation by the fact that the atomic bombs of 1945 have been influencing our psyche for decades.

I couldn’t stop asking:

If you mean that the Mayan calendar is about the effects coming in many years based on changes happening now, why are you talking about the risks of believing December 21, 2012?

Why have you been claiming that all the seeds will give their fruits in the Seventh Day?

Since he did not answer these and similar other questions publicly, I see this discussion as incomplete. And I don’t want to go on more about this matter.

Making objective observations

You might ask “you also have supported his views for many years, why are you conflicting now?” Or you might say “do you mean you also have been deceiving us for all this time?

These kinds of questions definitely deserve some comprehensive answers.

First of all I have to say that I supported Calleman’s research and hypothesis. Mainly because they had a scientific, objective and empirical base.

Many times both he and I have expressed the appreciation we have for objective observation.

My approach to or moving away from his theories have been on absolute objective observations, rather than an emotional basis.

However, lately Calleman’s approach has moved away from that scientific and objective framework which he has been praising so much. Today it has become almost like a belief system, including its fanatics in the picture.

Because of this and several other reasons that I will suggest, I have to state that I am neither supporting nor following his dates about the Eight and the Ninth waves. Nevertheless the first seven waves and the evolution of consciousness which he explained in his books still are within a logical framework. One can easily see that the miscalculated dates in large time cycles do not make a huge difference. On the other hand, the predictions about Eight and the Ninth waves had missed the target badly and so many errors in this prediction system demonstrate the existence of a fundamental mistake.

The disagreements that I have with Calleman’s theory have a history as well.

The first time I was in doubt about it, was in the year 2007. That year was coinciding with the Fifth Day, which was supposed to be the “brightest day”, and huge breakthroughs in the human consciousness were expected. 2007 was not a year to fulfill these kinds of expectations.

However, as 2008 being the Fifth Night has brought big support to the Calleman model. Big financial crisis beginning in the U.S. and its similarity with the Great Depression that happened through the previous Fifth Night (1932 – 1952), has been the supporting evidence.

However, as I mentioned above, the Sixth Night predictions did not come true throughout 2010 and naturally doubt returned.

Around September 2010, I declared in my blog that Calleman’s predictions are not coming true and it was time to question these things. Also, on October 28, 2010 I mentioned the disagreements that I have with Calleman, while being a guest to the famous Turkish TV host, Saba Tümer. Consequently, it is obvious that these thoughts of mine are not a last minute U-turn, as some people claim.

On the other hand the 260 days Tzolkin calendar of the Maya and the Mayan day signs are completely out of this matter. As Calleman also accepted recently, Tzolkin is never going to stop and its wisdom will keep guiding individuals.

Hence, I feel that I clarified my stance about the date October 28, 2011 and how I came to this conclusion.

And so, what is going on in the world?

Now let us look really to what is happening now and try to understand what is going on in the world.

A show of comets

These days the agenda is filled with a show of comets – Honda, Elenin and Levy – which is coming soon.

Especially Elenin, which has gained interest in the media. And for some this comet is the Nibiru. The interest in Elenin is also due to the fact that its shortest distance from Earth is around October 16-20, 2011. And these dates are very close to the October 28, 2011 date.

However, Calleman pushed the envelope a little bit more and said he “intuits” that the 3 days of darkness that is prophesized by the Mayas and by some Christian mystics, will be happening during the close passing of Elenin.

I am publishing this article on October 20 which means Elenin is closest to the Earth now. When you read this article, you can see with your own eyes if this intuition is correct or not. If there would be no 3 days of darkness during October 18-19 and 20, it won’t be difficult to see that Calleman is wrong. Not just scientifically, but also intuitively.

Huge social changes

Let us focus now on the massive protest demonstrations.

I think it is certain that we are going through big social changes and there will be more.

The capitalist system is losing ground and generally, there is a huge resistance against oppressive regimes.

But the question is, could it be possible to link these events directly to the Mayan calendar? And an even a more important question is: will these social changes lead humanity to a truly Unity Consciousness based world order?

I can hear the New Agers yelling “yes!” to this question, which is an act of a fixated mind. You either believe in October 28, 2011 or in December 21, 2012.

It looks like these kinds of huge social changes cannot be just a coincidence as we come close to the end of the Mayan calendar. Some people might even explain these events with the cosmic rays or the photon belt.

I wholeheartedly wish that the Wall Street Occupation, worldwide protest events happened in October 15 and the realized revolutions will end with the beginning of the Golden Age, an extremely bright era of spirituality for humanity.

Revolution does not always mean evolution

However it is proven by history that as much as idealist foundations are present in these social movements, they don’t necessarily bring the best results. Revolution does not always mean evolution and there are many examples of this in the history.

What do I mean?

Even if we are aware or not, our world is going through major changes. Or there are big wars or events of social turbulence happening every 11 years.

These changes are sometimes medium sized, but other times they are very big.

However what is more important is that these events have not been happening in random times, but during periods which scientists call solarmax.

In other words, the secret of large social changes is not in the photon belt, nor in any distant source. The secret is in the sun which warms our planet.

But what is solarmax?

It is the period when solar activity and the number of sunspots come to a peak level. Our sun changes its magnetic poles every 11 years and during this shift its activity increases dramatically and the plasma that it produces reaches a very high level. The huge amount of plasma that is filled with electrons and proton reaches our planet and it excites our planet.

As we human beings are made up of atoms, meaning electrons and protons, our energy increases with this huge amount of plasma.

The increasing amount of protons with their plus load and the electrons with their minus load, results with an increased flow of electricity in the human body.

This is called the awakening of the Kundalini, in the Yogic language.

Generally this situation results with increased creativity and it might generate some spiritual awakening. But, on the other hand, it provides a basis for conflict and aggression.

The correlation between solar cycles and mass human activity

A prediction of increased social events and revolutions depending on increased solar activity was made possible. This was based on the research of Russian scientist Chizhevsky, founder of “heliobiology” (study of the sun’s effect on biology).

About one hundred years ago he discovered the correlation between the solar cycles and mass human activity. Almost all of the social revolutions and big conflicts happen in the solar maximum periods which come every 11 years.

Here are some examples:

1776-1783: American Revolution,
1788-1791: French Revolution,
1914-1918: First World War,
1917: Russian Revolution,
1939: Beginning of World War II,
1967-69: Czechoslovakian uprising/USSR invasion, Woodstock and height of hippy movement,
1989: Revolution in Eastern Bloc, dismantling of Berlin Wall,
1989-1992: Glasnost process, Communist Party coup in Russia fails, The Gulf War, 2001: Attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon; and the beginning of War on Terrorism.
Reference Article

According to the measurement, we’ve been in the solarmax period since August 2011. And the predictions show that this will last until around late 2013.

Needless to say, big solar flares happen during the solarmax. So it could be stated that all these seemingly big (but ordinary from a historical overview) current world events are just the results of solarmax.

A brand new world

It might be that at the end of this process, there will be a revolution in the USA. Maybe there will be huge revolutions in many countries of the world.

And when, in 2014, everything settles down, we will be living in a brand new world.

But remember that this has happened many times before.

The 1778 French Revolution, 1917 Russian Revolution, all of the important events happened during 1967-69. The fall of the Eastern Bloc in 1989-1992; after all of these events “the world as we know it” was renewed.

It was like waking up to a new world.

But look, Russia didn’t turn into a “Garden of Eden”. Neither after the 1917 Russian revolution, nor after the 1989 revolution that came as a reaction to the former one.

The miseries of the world are still going on despite these idealistic revolutions.

Therefore it means that revolution does not mean evolution. And any revolution that happens without a certain level of evolution is not so much beneficial. In this case, nobody can guarantee a collapse of the monetary system or something else will be “illuminating” for humanity.

I think what we see here is that it’s impossible to talk about a clear and absolute prophecy for 2012.

Then what should be the message for the near and far future?

First of all, I suggest to not blindly or automatically follow any belief system. Especially the New Age theories that that are becoming more and more inconsistent in these days. I encourage you to use your doubt to filter out these people who are propagating these kinds of ideas.

If you are wearing pink glasses that result in a perception of “Everything is nice, beautiful and good”… Take them off.

If you are wearing dark glasses that result in a perception of “Many bad things are coming and it will be the end of the world”… Take these off too.

Put on the glasses that help you see the truth and don’t look outside but look within. Instead of making a comet or a cosmic event an object of fear. Or relying on an outside event for something good… Look inside and put your insights in the center of your life.

As Jung says:

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Final words

It is more common sense not to support violent social movements, but the ones that are non-violent. One should remember Mahatma Gandhi, who was seeing social revolution as one with spiritual enlightenment.

One needs to stay strong spiritually.

I encourage you to live far from prejudice and heart-centered. And not excluding any kind of worshipping but still questioning the dogmas.

Remember the Mayan Elders; Don Alejandro said that

“We should pray to our Creator during 3 days of darkness”.

With love and respect,
Vajra Fatih Keçelioğlu

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