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Carl Calleman’s Response to Mayan Predictions

Fatih Keçelioğlu - June 19, 2020 - 0 comments

Carl Calleman’s Response to Mayan Predictions

Here are the Carl Calleman’s responses to my open letter to him regarding Mayan predictions and theories.

For the sake of simplicity I will put his replies to the 10 questions in the same order as per my open letter. Below each of his replies, you will also find my response.

Also, since I decided to keep everything tranquil and open, below is what he wrote to me in the email and response to it:

Hi Fatih,
I cannot say that I feel you have the best intentions with what you are doing. But here are the answers that I feel you should introduce at the places you have posted your article.

I don’t think you can accurately evaluate the intentions that I have since you are responding from a highly personal standpoint.

But you should know that my open letter to you has received many positive responses and thoughts in a similar direction.

These are people who work with the Mayans or have done work to introduce the Mayan calendar. Such as Ken Johnson, Steve Copland from “The Shift of the Ages” film, Birgitte Rasine from the Mayan Calendar Portal, and Fondas Peace who is a translator for

I feel that I have been voice for many people who have similar thoughts and feelings. And maybe you are responding from a fear-based feeling rather than continence. And I have to say this is not what I am taking as a guidance into Unity Consciousness.

Carl Calleman’s Responses

So here are Carl’s responses to my questions. Along with my answers below.


Carl Calleman:

I have often pointed out that in addition to some amazingly accurate predictions that I have made, some have failed.

The most clear one is the expectation of a dollar fall in 2009. Whether the prediction of a collapse of hierarchies after November 3, 2010 was an error is more debatable. I would say that the Arabic revolutions in some of the world’s least democratic countries could be seen as as going in the direction at least of an end to hierarchies. But if you are interested in making me wrong you can count that as being an error.

I would still consider these errors as minor, especially if you consider that the advocates of the December 21, 2012 date like yourself do not make any specific predictions at all. So who are you to criticize?

Regardless, there are two possible reasons for such errors in my predictions.

One is that my own individual perspective has been too limited or colored by positive thinking and I have not been able to see what is truly coming. The other is that the evolution of our planet has taken a wrong course or in other words that humanity has made some very serious mistakes that has led it off track so that the cosmic plan will not be fulfilled here.

One thing I can think of in this context is, for instance, the American atom bombs over Japan. That may be something that we will have to pay the consequences of even today. The psychic effects of this have been disastrous for more than sixty years and we may come to see more of it.

The ultimate fate of our planet is not something that is decided by what people may think or do at this very moment. It is decided by actions way into the past that predisposes future actions and so on.

My response:

Just a quick correction of a misunderstanding at this point. I’m not an advocate of December 21, 2012 and I never was. I wonder how you jumped to such a conclusion.

I’m just questioning the logic behind saying 28 October, 2011 is the “correct” end date but 21 December, 2012 is the “false” end date.

If you are so sure, you should be having more solid supporting evidence. Otherwise this is proving yourself with your own words and nothing else.

Coming to November 3, 2010, which event do you think that happened at that time makes you believe that this is debatable? I just want to know and understand. I am not interested in making you wrong.

How can you be wrong?

You are a human being as you are. You are not wrong, but your ideas and theories that you are so much identified with, are sometimes wrong. And my job is to reveal them, if I can.

I am not making predictions because this is not my intention.

It is interesting to see the way you respond to me, just because I don’t make any predictions.

Indeed I did some predictions (only to my Turkish audience) depending on your predictions and some of them came true and some did no. My lesson out of this was that it is a big responsibility to do such predictions.

And my intuition led me to be in more in touch with the indigenous and authentic resources in this matter.

I appreciate the fact that you admit your shortcomings, such as being clouded by positive thinking. I appreciate your humbleness. The only problem is that it is sometimes difficult to see whether it is true or not.

But your second apology is even more interesting:

“The other is that the evolution of our planet has taken a wrong course or in other words that humanity has made some very serious mistakes that has led it off track so that the cosmic plan will not be fulfilled here.”

So because humanity didn’t follow the Divine (or cosmic) plan according to your opinion, humanity is wrong, not you?

In the following lines you give examples of how some events may have long term consequences, like the atom bomb. Should I conclude then, that events happening around October 28, 2011 will be showing results sometime in 60 years?

So why are you promising the Garden of Eden now?

Do you mean 28/10/2011 will be another seeding period that will continue with some other time cycles?

I thought you wrote in your books that time (actual “time”) will disappear with 28/10/2011, right? Are you now saying that we have to wait some 60 years to see the effects of what is happening? I am confused…


Carl Calleman:

Possibly partly for the reasons given to question 1, it certainly does not look like there will be a Garden of Eden on October 28, 2011. Even if the ninth wave culminates then and establishes a field of unity consciousness.

What it looks like is more of a collapse, chaos and a long process of setting things right accordingly.

If people on a larger scale had been aware that the true end date is October 28, 2011 and not December 21, 2012 they would have been better prepared for what is to come. And what would be required of them.

As it now stands, in the large scale of things, people are completely unprepared. And they do not have a sense that the fate of our planet has been guided by a divine plan or how it is now to be steered.

My Response:

Carl, are you asking yourself: Why, if the Mayan calendar with its end date 28/10/2011 is the Divine plan… Why the heck people had not been aware of the 28/10/2011 date on a larger scale, before 28/10/2011, despite all your efforts for all those years?

What is missing in the divine intelligence that you are not missing?


Carl Calleman:

There is nothing to indicate that the true end date could be a 4 Ahau energy like December 21, 2012.

See also the answer to question 8 below.

My Response:

As I said before, I am not arguing that the December 21, 2012 date is the correct one.

I just want a simple, empirical, tangible proof that October 28, 2011 is the correct end date.


Carl Calleman:

I doubt that I would be able to do this for the ninth wave.

It seems even questionable if it can be done for the eighth wave.

As these high frequency waves are entering, you get a more chaotic picture.

It is also true that this chaos has been more accentuated with the days of the ninth wave than with the nights. Already in this the wave it is different.

It is however possible that when everything is said and done, in the future that it will be possible to identify clear trends.

It should be evident to anyone who reads the Purposeful Universe that all the lower waves very clearly follow patterns from seed to mature fruit.

Overall the evidence is massive, and probably includes many things you do not know of. But at the high level of the eighth and ninth waves, it is very questionable if it is possible.

My Response:

As someone who has read your books and held countless presentations on them, I know well that most of the evidence you provided on the patterns of the lower waves are clear.

I am not thinking that all your research should be thrown in the garbage bin.

You have insights and interesting findings that I appreciate.

However, I believe there is something missing and/or incorrect about the dates you are providing about the last two waves, and the meaning of the end date. Or something is missing in the big picture.

I think you have a blind point. Possibly because your outlook is limited with positive thinking.

Depending on some actual Tibetan prophecies, I personally think humanity needs to go through a couple of centuries before reaching a golden age.


Carl Calleman:

I did not claim to have supporting evidence. I presented a hypothesis that pointed to some conspicuous coincidences with the Ninth wave.

My Response:

The difference between Chizhevsky’s research and yours is that, his is purely objective and scientific. While yours is subjective.

You’ve even gone back and forth about the beginning of the 9th wave and the duration of its periods. Reference Article.

Could it be that you had a much bigger error that you are not aware of?

And more importantly, what if the world events that are happening during current solarmax, are just and only related to solarmax?

Maybe there will be a revolution in the US. Maybe there will be big revolutions in many counties of the world. And in 2014, everything will be settled down and we will be living in a different world.

But this has happened many times before. We are going through such times every 11 years. The 1778 French Revolution, 1917 Russian Revolution, all of the important events happened during 1967-69, fall of the Eastern Bloc in 1989-1992. After all of these events “the world as we know it” was renewed. It was like waking up to a new world.

But look, all the miseries of the world are still going on. The fundamental problems of the world has even gotten worse despite all these idealistic revolutions.

So, no social revolution is a direct indication of a spiritual evolution. Therefore nobody guarantees that the collapse of the monetary system will be “illuminating” for humanity.


Carl Calleman:

I am not saying that the tzolkin will come to an end.

If you read my most recent article and the blog at Mayan Calendar Portal, I discuss it as a possibility. There could not be in any evidence in this matter because we have nothing to go by yet.

My Response:

I agree that there could be no evidence on this. Except for the words of the Elders that have been carrying this tradition for 2500 years.


Carl Calleman:

Don Juan Moreno and several others.

Elizabeth Araujo was also present in addition to a group of Aztecs.

My Response:

We know well that Aztecs and the Mayas are very different ethnic groups. And that Aztecs have only followed and adopted the Mayan calendar.

Elizabeth Araujo says she was present there only as a translator. Since she was the only bilingual person and neither she nor her husband Don Alejandro acknowledges you in this way.

I googled Don Juan Moreno and found nothing.

But more importantly you have no proof that the staff was given to you by the Mayas. It was given to you by Aztecs.

What is the meaning of being recognized by Aztecs on the matter of the Mayan calendar?

For me this is no different than what Jose Arguelles does. Going to the Pope to ask for recognition on his work with the Mayan calendar.


Carl Calleman:

As far as I know Don Alejandro does not support the October 28, 2011 date. And I have never claimed this. Don Alejandro however, as late as in April 2011, specifically rejected the December 21, 2012 date as wrong.

My Response:

Therefore his rejection of the December 21, 2012 doesn’t support the October 28, 2011 date. Simple logic.

He doesn’t do anything good to support your date Carl. Are you aware of this fact?


Carl Calleman:

Of course. Do you think it would be possible to set up a filming like this without permission?

Don Alejandro also approved of the ready DVD as it was uncut and totally reflected his views. It is still the only document that has been made where he presents his views in a coherent ways.

Don Alejandro has also benefitted economically more than anybody else from these sales. You have a undertone of being out to discredit me, but these things can be checked.

My Response:

I didn’t ask you if you had permission to film him but I asked if you had the permission to release the DVD.

I have a completely different story from Elizabeth Araujo about this. That it was only for the friends of the cameraman or the director, not to be released as a DVD.

There is one way to find out the truth. Could you prove how Don Alejandro gained merits out of the sales of this DVD. If you prove right, I will have to get back to Elizabeth and ask why she mislead me.


Carl Calleman:

If I have ever misquoted Don Alejandro please let me know where and when.

At Esoguru in Budapest Don Alejandro claimed that there might be 40 or 60 years until the shift. I have conveyed his views several times publicly including in writing to my list.

I also clearly disagree with his view that the calendar ends in such a distant future. It seems you instead are for the December 21, 2012 end date that Don Alejandro specifically rejects.

Is this respecting indigenous wisdom?

My Response:

I didn’t say you misquoted Don Alejandro.

But you don’t quote him with all of what he is saying. You quote him when he says things that supports your theories, or you think they support you. But actually they don’t (i.e. rejecting 21/12/2012) and you never quote him on things that conflict with your theories.

According to the principle of Satyam in Yoga, saying partial truth is not saying the truth. Since you have a much wider audience than him, people get to know Don Alejandro mostly from your words. And you cannot expect him to level his communication power with yours to be able to correct what you are saying.

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