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Full Moon August 2020: Let Your Light Shine Bright

Cheyenne - August 5, 2020 - 0 comments

Full Moon August 2020: Let Your Light Shine Bright

We had a full moon on 3 August, 11:58 am EDT. During this moon phase, our contributing writer Cheyenne Jahn – an astrologer and energy interpreter – shares some thought-provoking insights.

During Full Moon August 2020 Bring Your Light

Aquarius-Leo Full Moon: The Opening of the Lions Gate

August 4 – 11, 2020

One message that is coming up strongly is to lessen the focus on the world stage.

The restructuring of the powers that be will happen and is happening.

Inner wisdom rises from clarity and peace, not confusion and fear.

See within and beneath the surface of reality.

Incubate until all is transparent, clearing the way for growth and wisdom.

Sabian Symbols

“An evening party of adults on a lawn illumined by fancy lanterns”


“On a vast staircase stand people of different types, graduated upward”

Let this imagery trickle down from your mind into your body. Be inside the image.

This cycle of time marks the identification of unique self-expression within the whole of humanity.

Each person’s inherent capabilities and natural state of being are an entirely necessary part of the whole. I emphasise on the word natural.

There are many people existing in an artificial and unnatural state, counterintuitive to their personal truth. This state of artificial being can arise when we try to follow a path that is not uniquely ours.

We may follow a path of normality or safety out of fear or confusion. We may push down our true nature which has been deemed wrong or silly and conform to another’s idea of life.

Do not let another’s judgements or beliefs alter your true nature.

There is a divine magnifying glass asking us to remove the doubt about our unique gifts and quirks. There is an energetic sword piercing the truth of our individual creative expression.

Another person’s fear, judgement or opinion is reflective of their own individual consciousness. On a larger scale, collective ideas, thoughts and creations are not ours but a build-up of majority beliefs.

It is a heavy burden to believe that our fear-based actions will “fix” the world. We are being asked to detach from the collective mayhem.

Each of us is a lantern of the most glorious colours and light, illuminating in our own special way.

We blend and reflect with others, to create a kaleidoscope of existence. The night sky would not be the same with only one star.

Bring your power back to this moment, to your Self.

My Mayan Sign Contributing Writer Bio Cheyenne-Jahn

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Energy interpreter and astrologer specialising in reality overlays and multidimensional weaving. Offering private readings, you can find me on Instagram as plutosflower.

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