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August New Moon 2020: Traveling The Winding Road

Cheyenne - August 19, 2020 - 0 comments

August New Moon 2020: Traveling The Winding Road

The month’s new moon takes place today, 19 August 2020, at 02:41 UTC. During this lunar phase, our contributing writer Cheyenne Jahn – an astrologer and energy interpreter – shares some thought-provoking insights.

New Moon 26 Degrees Leo – Traveling the Winding Road

As a child, my family spent many years neither here nor there. We explored the countless places my parents had chosen on their maps. Whether the maps were followed was a different story. My father was often aloof to the detailed eye of my mother. I watched new scenery pass by from the bus window that my parents had created as our homey vessel. I felt excited about where each new path would take us, waiting for the moment my little brother and I could run off bare-footed to explore.

My youth sign was Road.

The memories of my early years in the world are dipped in nostalgia. Collecting experiences like an old man collects stamps.

We are currently in the Road Trecena. This nudges humanity to become an empty vessel for new philosophies, ideas, places and cultures to permeate our seemingly fixed identities. Step by step we travel a new path, quietly observing a natural balance and beauty.

This brings me to the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon.

“The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky”

The Road can take us many places in our psyche’s. Some of which we may have preferred to avoid in hindsight.

Times like these take a certain inner strength and allowance. Mars’ ego assertion is joined with Eris the goddess of discord, stirring us, rubbing us in all the wrong ways.

But what is chaos if not to show us where the cracks are?

The hairline fractures that when ignored shatter our entirety. These ravines turn into gullies, akin to the wisdom lines on a woman well past her maiden and mother years.

Where water has passed through a place over and over. These are the repeat experiences and ways we grow, sometimes stubbornly at first.

And so the experiences of the old crone lead us during this time. The false Leonine pride of a young one does not serve us now. A roaring protectress fending her livelihood seems more appropriate.

Remember the unfailing truths that run like water through us, engraving unique rifts and patterns into our soul-skin. Truth does not wither or change with the seasons but only grow stronger with time. 

There is a seething beneath the surface taking place that is not a meagre boundary of salt to unwelcome devils. This cycle is fervent. Some things have revealed themselves to be deeply dissatisfying on the soul level. So be tempted, enter this fruitful and dark womb. It is encouraging our divine discontent to sprout crowns from the tops of our foreheads. A mental cycle dissolves, making way for something.

We all have our symbolic treasures collected as memories or talismans along our journeys. They are reminders for where we have been and how we came to this present moment. These reflections are welcome guests. We are in this quality of time now.

Through whispering, verdant hills and tiresome, sublunary intersections of the Tzolkin Road, we are nevertheless led to the radiant jewels of new perception.

The road has not been well lit thus far, but like they say it is darkest before the dawn.

My Mayan Sign Contributing Writer Bio Cheyenne-Jahn

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