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2nd Letter to Calleman on Unity Consciousness

Fatih Keçelioğlu - June 22, 2020 - 0 comments

2nd Letter to Calleman on Unity Consciousness

This is a second letter I wrote to Carl Johan Calleman. I wrote him this first letter. He’d then responded. And here I continue with an apology, additional questions, and some focus on Unity Consciousness.

However, before moving on with an apology and asking Calleman some new questions…

I’d like to clarify a few things:

  • I’m neither defending the December 21, 2012 end date, nor I am in the same camp with any New Age “prophets”.
  • I am not taking the Mayan Council of Elders or any Mayan elder as the absolute authority for understanding the world.
  • I’m not just somebody criticizing Calleman’s work, without reading or understanding his theories. I read all of his books and most of his articles. Since 2004, I held many presentations to public, wrote articles, talked to newspapers, radios and TV channels where I explained Calleman’s understanding of the Mayan calendar.
  • I am not claiming in any way that I am a Guru, enlightened being or an expert in Unity Consciousness. As I’ve said in my previous messages, I am a simple person questioning Calleman’s theory. I also admitted that I don’t have the perfect integrity and although I see many transformations in myself during the last couple of years, I am aware that I have a very very long way to go, to be able to accomplish the final goal of evolution.

After clarifying these points I want to move on with this discussion.

An apology to Carl and the public

Firstly I have to apologize to Carl Calleman and the public because of my false claim on the issue of the “Mayan New Dawn” DVD.

The claim that I received was that the release of the DVD had been without permission. And now it seems much or less clear that this is not the case.

Dismissal of this item from the open letter to Calleman (it was the 9th question), does not mean that the rest of the questions of the letter are to be dismissed.

What is Unity Consciousness?

Currently we are in a situation where Carl simply labeled me as having murky and obscure intentions and stopped answering my questions.

I would have to say that he is simply not helping anymore with revelation of the truth.

Since I apologized for a false claim of mine and explained that I am not with any camp of thought, I see no reason why this mind-opening discussion should not continue.

On the other hand, the absurd responses that I received from Carl’s followers on his Facebook profile led me to ask a new question.

So I am adding this question to my list to Carl: What is Unity Consciousness?

Elaborating on this, I have to say tell you a simple story from the Sufi tradition that carries an accumulation of hundreds of years of experience on the path to unity of consciousness, which is far greater than any New Age teacher or school of thought has.

The 4 Gates of Tasavvuf

Before the story I need to explain that there are 4 Gates of Tasavvuf (Sufi Mysticism).

And these are:
1- Gate of Sharia
2- Gate of Tariqa
3- Gate of Marifa
4- Gate of Haqqiqa

The Sheikhs of the path have say that one must pass through these gates before reaching Oneness Consciousness, or Allah.

The Sharia is the law; these are the rules of the contract between Allah and mankind. Tariqa is the path; this is the way that one approaches Allah more closely. Marifa is direct knowledge; when Allah brings His Servant closer. And Haqqiqa is the experience of The Divine Reality.

A story to explain these 4 gates

Here is the story that explains the meaning of these four Gates:

One of Rumi’s disciples asks him:

“Master, I don’t understand this matter of 4 gates very well. Could you explain it to me in the language that I can understand?”

Rumi says:

“Go to that seminary over there and you will see four students all curved into their lecterns. Go and slap four of their napes and come back, I will tell you then.”

Rumi’s disciple goes into the seminary:

He slaps the first student’s nape. The student stands up immediately and knocks down Rumi’s disciple with an even stronger slap.

Although disciple loses his courage to continue he trusts his master and continues with slapping the second student. And he immediately stands up and raises his hand as well. Just about to hit back he backs out and sits down to his place.

Rumi’s disciple continues with slapping the third student. The third one gazes at him shortly and continues to study.

The fourth student doesn’t even get disturbed by the slapping and continues to study.

When his disciples come back and tells Rumi what was happened, he smiles and says:

Here are the examples you asked for…

  • The first one was someone who was not able to pass the gate of Sharia. Because the rule in Sharia is “eye for an eye”, when you slapped him he stood up and returned it to you.
  • The second one is in the gate of Tariqa. When you slapped him he stood up and when he was just about to hit, he remembered the promise that he has given in the teachings of Tariqa: “do a favor even to someone that does harm to you “. Therefore he stopped and sat down.
  • The third one has passed the gate of Marifa. He knows and believes that the good and evil comes from only one Creator. Bu he thought “which devil is made an instrument to this misdoing by the Creator”, and he could not stop his curiosity and just looked at you.
  • The fourth one has passed even the gate of Haqqiqa. He knows by heart that the goodness and badness has only one master and they are the same. So he was not even bothered to turn his head and look at you…

Which state are you before you reach Unity Consciousness?

In the light of this story I am inviting Carl, myself and whoever follows this discussion to ask a simple question: “At which state I am at, before I reach to Unity Consciousness?

In Sufism, what matters the most is the sincerity. So you don’t have to answer it for someone else, just for yourself.

Nevertheless, looking at the examples of the discussion on Carl’s profile. I see that we are mostly still at the first gate and we have to pass 3 more gates to reach to the Unity Consciousness.

While this is the situation, how realistic and honest it is to expect that the whole of humanity is going to reach the Unity Consciousness in only 20 days?

Look, even we are not there – the people who claim to support the idea of Unity Consciousness. More tragically, or in a tragicomic way, Carl Johann Calleman himself, is not there obviously and it is not even debatable.

Because it is called the Unity “Consciousness”.

You either have this level of consciousness or not.

True masters that I’ve seen who have the Unity Consciousness are not subject to fights or conflicts like these. However violent I might “test” them; they will calm me down, make peace, and open my heart.

Please don’t take me as someone who thinks he is preaching as the “Guru”. If you have that opinion, please go back to beginning of this letter and read my fourth clarification about myself.

So the question remains: “How can a blind man lead another blind man?”

Another article that may interest you is Nisargadatta Maharaj on Oneness Conscioussness. In this article you’ll discover Maharaj’s intellectual understanding of what “Oneness Consciousness” is, using an excerpt out of his book “I Am That”.


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