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6 Tips For Online Tarot Readings You Should Know

Tarot card readers can help you to find direction in your life, as well as deal with unresolved trauma. Unfortunately though, the ‘psychic industry’ is overrun with fraud. There are many so-called psychics that do it only for money and have no psychic gift at all.

If you are interested in getting a tarot card reading done, then you need to make sure that you do everything you can to avoid scammers.  Avoiding such individuals is easier said than done, though.

This post will tell you six tips that you can use to find a genuine tarot card reader online:

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Expert Guides

One of the easiest ways to find a tarot card reader is to read an expertly curated guide, ideally, one that features the names and contact information of various different psychics. The best thing about such guides is that they are often ranked, with the best featuring at the top of the list. You can find a real tarot reading at Timesunion.com, using their guide.  Something else to note about guides is that they provide information about the different psychics featured, highlighting their skills, talents, and the things they aren’t so good at. Many tarot card readers featured on internet guides offer online services, as well as in-person ones. Decide whether or not you want online or in-person sessions before selecting a psychic.

Customer Feedback

Something else to consider is customer feedback. Before you can go ahead and sign up for a tarot card reader’s readings you need to read their online reviews. Reviews can help you to determine whether they are worth your time or not. You should always avoid reviews published on-site.  Naturally, no business is going to post negative reviews about itself on its website. Because of this, on-site reviews are usually biased. The best place to read a psychic’s reviews is on their Google Review or Trustpilot page. If they do not have such pages, then you can go a step further and research them online, so you can get in touch with former customers.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/1t2Kjo4Smpc

Online Research

Thanks to the abundance of forums, online communities, and chat rooms, researching psychics has never been easier. All you need to do is to key a psychic’s name in on a search engine, followed by ‘forum’ or ‘chat room’ and you should start seeing reviews or posts made about them by former clients. Then, you can sign up for the forum or chat room the post was made on, and reach out to the individuals, asking them for their assistance.  If no information is available about the psychic you want to work with, then make a post on a psychic forum.

Having An Interview

Once you have researched a psychic and are confident that you want to work with him or her, then you can have an interview with them. An interview gives you the option to sit down, explore your problems, and discuss the psychic’s techniques. One of the main reasons that you need to sit down with them is so that you can decide whether or not they are a good fit for you. It doesn’t matter how qualified and experienced a psychic is, if they are not a good fit, then they aren’t worth working with.

Free Sessions

One strong indicator that a psychic is truly gifted is if they offer free sessions. Gifted psychics often offer free sessions so that they can demonstrate their talents. By offering free sessions, psychics are able to attract people who are interested but wouldn’t pay out of fear of being scammed.  Phoney psychics never offer free sessions, because they have no gift, and therefore holding a free session would just show that they are a liar, and they wouldn’t get any return customers. When a genuine psychic gives away free readings, it nearly always leads to customers returning.

Being Sceptical

Finally, make sure that you approach your reading with an open mind. Unfortunately, psychics have a very bad reputation in society today. Most people discount them as thieves, frauds, and conmen. This is not at all true, though. Some psychics truly are gifted and can help to change people’s lives for the better.  If you go into your reading with preconceived ideas or notions about the psychic’s intentions (i.e., you believe that they are just trying to scam you) then you will never benefit from your interactions with them.  Scepticism is fine to a degree, but don’t let it ruin your experience.

If you want to have a tarot card reading, then you need to find a genuine psychic, who isn’t just out to steal your money.  Following this post’s guidance will help you to find one such individual. Take each point into consideration, so you can find the best psychic that you can, and get the most out of your reading.